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Item #: SCP-055-IT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Given the spread of SCP-055-IT, definitive containment is currently impossible. The Foundation's efforts are principally focused on identifying all the populations on the Italian territory, monitoring them, and eventually eradicating them if they show signs of growth or establish themselves in highly populated areas. Every news regarding SCP-055-IT instances must be suppressed by SIR-I ("Aureæ Notitiæ") through standard obfuscation procedures.

Update: Experiments by the experts from Site Angerona showed that opening controlled rifts in reality can make SCP-055-IT instances converge towards them, making capture and eradication easier. After such discovery, the protocol "Piscator Vacui" has been approved on the whole Italian territory, with the opening of Areas used to create, control and study SCP-055-IT. Thanks to the protocol, the number of casualties caused by SCP-055-IT has been reduced by 92%.

Description: SCP-055-IT is a species of organism usually residing outside of the known reality which, when emerging, manifest themselves with a serpentine body, usually measuring between 50 cm and 4,5 m in length and weighing from 0,8 to 30 kg, and possessing two side fins. SCP-055-IT's musculature has a flaccid consistency and deforms easily, while the skin is translucent and moderately slimy, colored black or brownish, and covered in fine hair. SCP-055-IT's head is very large, up to one-third of the overall length, and possesses well-developed jaws, of which the lower can spread open with an angle of approximately 100°, fitted with conic teeth with a serrated edge, atrophic eyes (covered in skin in some specimen), and four pairs of vibrissae along the upper edge. Starting from the first half of the back, SCP-055-IT possesses a pale grey or beige-colored elongated fin that extends to the end of the tail, tensed between the posterior vertebral spines.

SCP-055-IT is carnivorous and hunts by suddenly emerging from rifts or areas where the space-time fabric is particularly weak. Exposure to our universe's laws of physics results in a "contraction" of SCP-055-IT's body that, in return, causes a force of suction ranging from ███ N to ██ kN, based on the specimen's dimensions. SCP-055-IT uses this effect to attract their prey to their mouth, stun it and wound it to prevent it from escaping while departing from reality.

It's hypotesized that SCP-055-IT's hair and vibrissae function as sensors to reveal the presence of prey and to find places to emerge, allowing them to plan the attack and spend less time possible in our reality: despite its adaptations to reduce the shock caused by the emersion, the effects of manifesting in our universe are deleterious and lead to the death of smaller instances in a few minutes, while bigger instances can survive for various hours.

There is not much information regarding SCP-055-IT's behavior and growth, given the impossibility to directly observe them. From the available data, it is known that small-sized instances move in packs composed by several instances, while larger ones are solitary and territorial, with a preferred emerging area; however, in case of a large number of preys, bigger instances can cohexist in the same area.

History of the anomaly: The most ancient sources about SCP-055-IT are from partial documents by the Ordo Iani dating back to VIII century, in which the anomaly's description and a summary of the studies on it are reported; in particular, it's been highlighted that most of SCP-055-IT's emersions took place in areas with independent anomalous phenomena, leading to the hypothesis that they are "attracted" in some way by paranormal events. Following documentation, dated to the second half of the IX century, revealed that the Order managed to develop a method to seal emersion areas and launched a campaign to limit SCP-055-IT's spread, especially in urban areas.

Although the measures' initial effectiveness, SCP-055-IT's population grew significantly in the second half of the XIII century, especially in Apulia and Basilicata; this attracted the CCSG's attention, who designated SCP-055-IT as a demonic anomaly1 and created a dedicated section to pursue their large-scale extermination, surveillance of their manifestation zones and their stabilization. Such operations had noteworthy effects and lead to a sharp reduction of SCP-055-IT's population on the territory.

With RIDIA's advent, both the CCSG and the OI lost the control they had over the territory, thereby leading to the degradation of the esoteric structures, and reduction of the extermination campaigns; this, alongside the start of the two World Wars and [REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE S5 SUPERINTENDENCE], caused a dramatic increase of SCP-055-IT's population. At the time of writing, is it estimated that around █ emersion phenomena with assaults on human beings happen every year on the Italian territory (particularly concentrated in Apulia, Basilicata and Aosta Valley), of which less than a third results in casualties. Data from Foundation's other Branches report that this phenomenon happens principally in Italy, France, and Switzerland, where most of these events occur.

Addendum 1: Following the development of the Reality Cell System, Site Angerona's Direction gave the authorization to open a controlled rift in high-security Section C to capture SCP-055-IT instances at various stages of development. To do so, the "Piscator Vacui" directive has been issued, which has dedicated ██.000.000 euros over the ten years of duration of the project, overseen by Dr. Claudia Barra.

Following are the most relevant documents about the project. A Level 3 or Higher Clearance is required for access.

Addendum 2: Below is a summary of the observations made during various autopsies of SCP-055-IT instances by dr. Baldini, researcher at Site Angerona.

Addendum 3: On 13/07/13, Site Angerona's sensors reported a large space-time distortion caused by a pack of several hundreds of SCP-055-IT instances, which is believed to have been attracted by the operations of the "Piscator Vacui" protocol, moving towards Italy from North-East; it is thought that they'll reach the country in 202█, but is also believed that the increase of specimens will be manageable by the currently existing structures. Therefore, the Superintendence believed it to be necessary to issue a directive to all personnel with Level 4/055 or higher clearance to handle the event.

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