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Item #: SCP-055-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When SCP-055-PT-1 is in its idle state, SCP-055-PT may be stored in an empty locker. Only Level 2 or higher employees can interact with SCP-055-PT.

Description: When SCP-055-PT is in its idle state, SCP-055-PT is a lamp with a stack of books, a leather jacket and a dress. The books will quickly begin to merge, forming a humanoid entity (designated as SCP-055-PT-1). SCP-055-PT-1 will wear the jacket and dress as its clothing, while the lamp will be positioned as the head of SCP-055-PT-1. SCP-055-PT-1 initially has three to fifteen meters in size, but its height may increase according to the amount of books that are gathered under its dress.

SCP-055-PT-1 is sapient and can communicate as a human, even though it does not have vocal chords. SCP-055-PT-1's head works according to its emotional state, for example, when SCP-055-PT-1 is "sad", its head will be dimly lit.

When SCP-055-PT-1 is in its active state, SCP-055-PT-1 will have a "main purpose", which is to find any object that can be used as "pencils" as closely as possible. When the required object is found, SCP-055-PT-1 will start drawing everywhere; on the floor, on the ceiling, on the corners, etc. While SCP-055-PT-1 performs such activity, an expression of "happiness" is visible on its "face"; several "laughs" can be heard.

The drawings made by SCP-055-PT-1 will mysteriously create "life", becoming animated and aware of its existence. In a certain period of time, this drawing may be released, and the place of origin will not suffer damage after the "escape" of this drawing. The drawing will become "hungry" when it leaves its original location, and will feed on any material, but the most consumed source of food is humans.

Drawings that gain "life", when not finished, are considered by other drawings as "disabled", and the unfinished drawing will always be protected by a close drawing. The drawings are invulnerable to physical damage, but they expressed "fear" when encountered with specific materials (example: correction fluid, common or frame eraser). The "living" drawings meeting SCP-055-PT-1 will consider it as it's own mother.

SCP-055-PT-1 will always draw something harmless, like animals in a forest environment. SCP-055-PT-1 shows discomfort when someone tries to erase the drawing, but will not become hostile; SCP-055-PT-1 states that such behavior is "immature".

Addendum: Annotations of Experiments with SCP-055-PT-1.

Experiment A: SCP-055-PT-1 began to draw on the wall; in this wall a butterfly could be seen landing under a sunflower. The butterfly became animated and began to make escape attempts. The drawing was quickly erased by the researcher. SCP-055-PT-1 seemed to be unhappy and quickly began to run without ceasing; sounds of weeping could be heard.

Experiment B: SCP-055-PT-1 said it tried to make a self-portrait, but could not. When SCP-055-PT-1 tried again, no mark or scrawl appeared. On the next attempt, SCP-055-PT-1 made a bigger effort, and nothing happened again. The area was common and no anomalous property was found. SCP-055-PT-1 gave up trying again.

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