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The file you are about to read requires a Security Clearance Level 5/055-PT.

Your access to the following files will be noted, archived, and monitored. In the event of unauthorised access, your terminal will become inoperable. Security team officers will be dispatched to your location in order to secure, detain, and accompany you for interrogation. Attempting to access these files from a computer not connected to the Foundation Intranet will result in immediate termination, non-obstant to your access level and permissions.

Item#: 055-PT
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Item #: SCP-055-PT

Object Class: Thaumiel

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: The elementarities behind the engineering of SCP-055-PT must be maintained under confidentiality whilst their statuses are considered particularly relevant for the continuation of the ATACA Project (Adaptive Tactical Armour for Containment and Assault) for and its protocols. The relation of the object's complex systems with subjacent and associated projects must be dissimulated through internal disinformation protocols.

SCP-055-PT Units and Operatives are currently contained in Site PT4, in the maximum-security sectors of the Department of Thaumaturgy, in the Thaumaturgical Office-Works, and in the Specialised Lodgings, respectively, under the protection and scrutiny of the Prometheus Protocol, enforced by the Stationary Task-Force PT1-ψ. Any exceptions to the standard operations must be protocoled by a liable administrative officer from the relevant team in order to exceptionate the effect of the Protocol's protective directives.

SCP-055-PT Units must not be constructed without direct ordinations issued by the Lusophone Directorial Board. Existing SCP-055-PT Units must be maintained inert in the Stasis Vaults whilst not deployed in the programmed operations conforming to the standard chronogram or relevant exceptional/emergency protocols. Additional components related to the maintenance, storage, and study of the systems must be maintained in the properly scrutinised inventory and stored according to the directives of the Prometheus Protocol.

The documents relative to the sub-project ATACA — Psion Operative establishes directives for the training and the eligibility of the Operatives, specifying significant qualifications associated to the character, psychological profile, loyalty, experience, psychophysical qualities and exceptional acuity/ability for dealing with psionic-thaumaturgic fields. Operatives are liable to be subjected to weekly psychophysical evaluations, and in the case of incompatibility, the effect of conditioning acts in accordance with the documented directives.

Description: SCP-055-PT is a system projected as a matrix in the form of highly-adaptive personal body armours designed to enhance the psychophysical performance of its user, essentially through the application of psionic-thaumaturgic engineering.

The components comprising SCP-055-PT are primarily based on the technology developed through the Project Oneiric, and singularised in a system completely energised by a nuclear-thaumaturgic nucleus. Oneiricweave1 is manipulated and programmed into components that are sensitive to the reception and operation of psionics and thaumaturgy, then integrated into a network codified to a specific Operative and their SCP-055-PT Unit.

These components are pre-programmed with standard resilience towards the stimuli from biological, chemical, nuclear, thaumartugic, psionic, memetic, ontokinetic, and physical agents; these resiliences are complemented by the autonomous adaptive capability possessed by the Oneiricweave reaction to stress.

SCP-055-PT Units are equipped with a supporting Individual Artificial Intelligence Module based in the breakthroughs occurred during Project Mel and Project Chamomile. These modules comprise artificial constructs that emulate human intelligence; that of an advanced computational unity synthetically.

The integrated artificial intelligence operates as an extension of the Operative, supporting activities through the micro and macro management of systems. These AIs are stored bi-partially between the Unit's module and the Operative's Psionic Network; this bipartition allows the Operative to access the AI even when alien to its armour. This integration promotes personal contact between Operative and AI, allowing for the efficient premeditation and communication of actions through bounding.

Each SCP-055-PT Unit is connected to a Psionic Network codified to its respective Operative. Psionic Networks are complex systems that store and transmit psionic information, based on an individual system similar to that of an intranet.


Characteristically, psionic energy is a volatile substance with thaumaturgic applications, fundamental to psiokineticism. The nervous system Psions (individuals with psionic ability) is intrinsically capable of generating psionic energy through cognition and relevant stimuli, forming a Psionic Network. The energy is naturally produced by Psions but may be reproduced and manipulated artificially by hardware that emulates the workings of a Psionic Network.

Due to the inherent adaptability of psiokineticism, the operation of psionics has a diversified range, similarly to traditional thaumaturgical abilities. Such as manipulatory manifestations (manipulating the physical characteristics and qualities of psionic energy), remote manipulations, ontokinetic manipulations (manifestation of psionic energy to "bend" the immediate reality through materialisation or transmutation of substance).

Moreover, extrasensory perceptions, as per the example of clairsentience (the ability to process factual specific information in the form of experimental or Qualia2 experience may be achieved through Psionics.

Telepathy is a complex field to be characterised. It is, usually, associated with the capability for communication through an anomalous cognitive mean within a systemic environment. Hence, my interpretation is that Telepathy is a type of engineering that manages and administrates psionic information.

— Professor Cinthia Rosabela, Department of Theoretical Thaumaturgics and Associated Research and Application.

Components of SCP-055-PT

Body Armour: A segmented set comprised of multiple levels of elastic plates and alloys made of hybrid nanofibres over an exoskeleton. These layers are maintained under compression to enhance the resistance thereof against kinetic penetrators.

This involucrum permeates the subjacent components comprehending SCP-055-PT's system. Additionally, thin layers of graphite are utilised for the absorption of kinetic energy created by impacts or vibrations. Once worn, the armour will be hermetically sealed by pressurised seals, and filtered by specialised sub-systems.

Helmet: Possibilitates for the complete neurological integration of the Unit's Individual Module, allowing total access for the management of the relevant control, interface, informational, sensorial, and communication systems present in the armour.

Thaumaturgic Fusion Reactor: Inert in the dorsal spine of the body armour. Protected by a specialised encasing, these reactors generate and store psionic-thaumaturgic energy to supply a Unit's systems with energy.

Inner Suit: An elastic bodysuit comprised of Oneiricweave that emulates optical nanofibres. Used for the efficient transportation of energy and information within the Unit-Operative macro, especially to enhance the operation of the sensorial systems and psionic-thaumaturgic abilities, virtually integrating the two parties synaptically and cognitively.

This enhancement occurs through the interaction with the Psionic Amplifiers segmented throughout its surface, amplifying the input and output of psionic energy, improving psychophysical capabilities in a factor of five.

Psionic Amplifiers: Based on the technology developed by the breakthroughs of Project Hexenherz, these crystalline micro-nuclei are integrated directly into the Inner Suit, superconducting the inputted energy through the nanofibres.

Hecate's Anchor: Based on the design and functionality of a Scranton Reality Anchor, this experimental component is a minute device that isolates the Unit and Operative within a thaumaturgic field that stabilises the immediate reality against ontokinetic stress.

Stasis Shield: A compact system that generates an integral stasis vault3 to guarantee the survival of the Unit and Operative in case of a catastrophic failure that compromises the integrity of SCP-055-PT. During the activation, all the energy generated by the Reactor will be destined for the maintenance of the vault.

Disruption Psi-Armaments: These artefacts incorporate paratechnology in the form of a portable armament; each integrated with its own minute Reactor and Amplifiers that can be connected to SCP-055-PT, permitting extensive manipulation as an extension thereof.


Inspired by ambitious designs and prototypes of magnetic weapons developed by the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal, this hybrid equipment integrates concepts from Directed Energy Weapons and Pulsed Energy Projectiles with anomalous technologies in order to create a product with extremely high performance.

Directed Energy Weapons, are armaments capable of emitting highly-focused energy electromagnetically. Since light is minimally altered by gravity in circumstances that allow humane action, it will usually travel with extraordinary speed in a nigh-perfect straight trajectory, and consequently, a high-precision paired with a quasi-infinite range that is only obstructed by a select number of obstacles.

Pulsed Energy Projectiles, are invisible electromagnetic pulses functionally analogous to projectiles. When in contact with a surface, these pulses cause ablations that create small quantities of explosive plasma, the pressure thereof is capable of stunning and staggering targets; the radiation resultant of this interaction affects corporal systems, causing intense and prolonged episodes of psychophysical deficiency.

— Doctor Silvério, Department of Bellicose Technological Development.

There are, currently, two active SCP-055-PT Instances, each distinctly specialised. Both Units are capable of operating in assault and threat containment.

Model Status Operative AI
Paladina Operating Leonardo Ferreira Warden
Armour Description
Specialisation Personnel protection and containment macros.
The resilience of the model has been expressively augmented through the implementation of regenerative blindage. The energy produced by the Reactor stimulates physical healing and the self-reparatory systems comprehending the Unit.
The Reactor is integrated in the Operative through surgical interventions mediated by the use of Oneiricweave.
The Unit is capable of generating barriers with the same characteristics as the Stasis Shield; these barriers may be plastically manipulated by the Operative and AI remotely.
Operative Description
About Former Captain of the Mobile Task-Force PT7-ϕ, specialised in the operation of heavy vehicles, riot contention and assault. Military graduation in Mechanic Engineering (Bacharel); former police officer from Florianópolis's riot police unit.
Excelling leadership and administrative systemic-analytic thought. High-sociability and honesty; shows high engagement rates towards designated activities.
Cervical spine replaced by a titanium-alloy and Oneiricweave prosthetic, integrating the Reactor in his body; this surgical intervention resumed his previously deactivated physical functions.
Artificial Intelligence Description
About Considers itself a construct of pure intelligence, atributting its idealisations and actions to its primary directive of providing support and protection to SCP-055-PT's operations.
Operative affirms that the voice from the AI is that of "an androgynous individual".
Established a relationship of personal companionship with the Operative.
Particularly stoic, even when subjected to great stress or disruption.
Particularly enjoys music and romantic literature.
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