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Object #: SCP-056-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each specimen of SCP-056-DE must be enclosed in a completely shielding faraday cage with minimum dimensions of 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm to prevent accidental reactivation. Furthermore, it should be avoided to bring SCP-056-DE in the vicinity of electric fields if possible. Tests with SCP-056-DE may only be performed in a microwave-safe test chamber, with the exits sealed by aluminum or duralumin plates. This includes ventilation shaft accesses and the like.

If there is any suspicion of an active unit in the room, it is to be left immediately without raising suspicion and the security team must be alerted. The door to the room is to be opened as little as possible when exiting. At no time may suspicion be expressed in said room, neither verbally or in writing. After the notification, an airlock made of microwave-resistant materials must be placed in front of the door/one of the doors. The interior of this airlock is then to be monitored at all times using thermal imaging cameras and to be immediately sealed in the presence of the SCP-056-DE specimen. Simultaneously with the construction of the airlock, aluminum or duralumin panels must be placed in front of all other doors and windows in the room from the outside, completely closing them. After that, all openings in the room exceeding the dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm must be covered with aluminum or duralumin plates at least 1 cm thick. These plates may only be transported into the room through the airlock.

After the room has been isolated in this manner, personnel equipped with microwave-shielding protective equipment, thermal imaging cameras, and close-mesh nets made of a microwave-safe plastic shall be instructed to search the room thoroughly for the SCP-056-DE specimen. If they discover it, it is to be captured with the nets and immediately transferred to a microwave-safe Faraday cage. If the unit has been kept away from any electric fields for twenty-four (24) h after containment, it may be moved to a standard faraday cage. However, if no unit has been found after one (1) h of searching, the suspicion is considered unfounded.

Should storage of additional specimens of SCP-056-DE be deemed infeasible or unnecessary by the site manager of the facility designated for storage, the captured unit may be destroyed together with its faraday cage by a heavy scrap compactor. It should be noted that the scrap press may sustain minor blast damage in the process.

All specimens of SCP-056-DE encountered outside Foundation facilities are to be secured with an appropriate faraday cage, if possible, and to be transferred to Foundation custody with an indication of origin. Such units must not be destroyed because of their potential value as a source of information. However, if seizing them is not possible without loss of personnel, the specimen may be neutralized on site by appropriate means.

Update: 60% of the surveillance cameras at all Foundation sites have now been upgraded with thermal imaging cameras to aid in the detection of SCP-056-DE.

Description: SCP-056-DE designates a series of identical spherical drones with a diameter of 10 cm. All specimens of SCP-056-DE weigh 3.1 kg each and have a completely smooth surface. SCP-056-DE can remain continuously active for twenty-four (24) h when fully charged.

SCP-056-DE draws its operating power from electric fields in its environment. Spending ten minutes in electric fields generated by common household objects such as televisions or refrigerators is sufficient to fully charge SCP-056-DE. In addition, it can reactivate itself through contact with electric fields, should it fail due to consumption of all stored energy.

The outer shell of SCP-056-DE consists of an unknown alloy, the components of which have not yet been completely identified by the Foundation. This alloy is surrounded by an anomalous field that diffracts electromagnetic waves with wavelengths from 100 nm to 200 mm so that they travel around the object. As a result, SCP-056-DE appears completely invisible and cannot be detected by radar. With thermal imaging cameras, however, it is very easy to locate SCP-056-DE because the field also diffracts the thermal radiation emitted by the object in a characteristic way. On thermal imaging cameras, units are thus portrayed as "rings".

Furthermore, all specimens of SCP-056-DE are able to hover and maneuver freely in the air by a so far unknown mechanism. They are able to exert a force of up to five (5) N on objects in their way. SCP-056-DE is also capable of emitting extremely powerful microwaves that can vaporize any liquid with a dipole moment within ten (10) seconds.

Specimens of SCP-056-DE are very easy to break open by using a sledgehammer for example, but inside its hermetically sealed interior seems to be a substance that immediately explodes on contact with oxygen. This completely destroys the unit, and its hurled away fragments become dangerous shrapnels. The analysis of its internal structure is therefore making slow progress. However, enough clues have already been recovered from the debris to discern SCP-056-DE's purpose. It was also found that SCP-056-DE bears the logo of the Group of Interest Raptor Tech. Industries on its internal machinery.

SCP-56-DE appears to be a surveillance drone. How it receives input from its environment despite its diffraction field is as yet unknown, however it is believed to be confirmed that it has a 360° angle of view in all directions and can sense sound. It is also equipped with an AI that allows it to detect and react to direct threats to its existence. In addition, it seems possible to program the AI to allow SCP-056-DE to attack certain targets with its microwaves when certain conditions are met (see Supplement 056-DE-1). Several attempts have been made to hack SCP-056-DE units via their radio links, but so far without success.

All active units continuously transmit encrypted radio waves. Decryption of the radio waves revealed that SCP-056-DE sends self-recorded surveillance videos with sound and requests new commands on a semi-daily basis.

Discovery: It is believed that SCP-056-DE first infiltrated the Foundation on ██/02/████. Over the next █ months, various Foundation facilities experienced repeated malfunctions in key electronics and deaths caused by heating all bodily fluids above 100°C. Targets were high-level agents and researchers, especially those involved in investigations of the Group of Interest Raptor Tech. Industries. However, the Foundation was able to recover a specimen of SCP-056-DE by accident on ██/17/████. Site-DE5 had suffered a massive power failure a day earlier due to a containment breach of SCP-016-DE which was not repaired until two days later. As a result, all of SCP-056-DE's units in the site lacked the ability to power themselves, causing their deactivation. Agent von Dorff later discovered one of these deactivated units when he accidentally bumped into it with his foot. This unit was transported to a controlled testing environment and closely examined after power was restored. After SCP-056-DE was identified as the cause of the malfunctions and fatalities noted above, all Foundation facilities were instructed to search their premises for additional specimens with the aid of thermal imaging cameras. In total ███ units were secured.

Addendum 056-DE-1: During a hacker attack on a server of the Group of Interest Chaos Insurgency, the following email was retrieved.

Sender: Unknown

Subject: Raptor Tec. Industries Newsletter


Raptor Tech. Industries presents:

The R.T.I. Sentinel

Espionage, sabotage and liquidation have several things in common. All three are effective means to harm the enemy. All three require long preparation in most cases. All three often pose a great danger to life and limb for the personnel carrying them out, since they almost always have to enter enemy territory to do so. And all three are accompanied by the risk of losing own personnel and information.

We at Raptor Tech. Industries understand the advantages of such actions, but believe that their disadvantages and risks are avoidable. Driven by this thought, we have developed a new product that we would like to introduce to you: The R.T.I. Guardian.

Thanks to our levitation drive, the R.T.I. Sentinel makes absolutely no noise while moving and, thanks to our new transparency alloy, it cannot be located by the human eye, cameras or even radar. Together with its size of just 10 cm, this makes it ideal for infiltrating enemy bases and units.

To do its job, the R.T.I Sentinel has a special camera without any blind spots and a microphone that reproduces all sounds in the vicinity of the drone in the best sound quality. Thus, with the R.T.I Guardian control console (included), they can monitor any enemy target you want in real time. Furthermore, we have equipped this product with the latest microwave technology. The R.T.I. Guardian is thus capable of eliminating any living target within seconds and can completely disable enemy electronics similar to an EMP. Our product also offers another means of attack by means of an explosive charge inside, which converts the R.T.I. Guardian into a fragmentation grenade if damaged.

Whenever we at Raptor Tech. Industries develop new products we pay a lot of attention to every possible detail. We are aware that it is difficult to power a drone in hostile territory, but the R.T.I. Guardian is capable of recharging itself for such situations using electric fields generated by electrical devices and power lines. Even without a power source, it can remain in continuous operation for 24 hours. In addition, to relieve the human operator, the R.T.I. Guardian has our reliable R.T.I AI. With this software, the drone can autonomously avoid threats, track targets and neutralize them immediately or at a suitable time if desired. We at Raptor Tech. Industries assure you at this point that the R.T.I. AI and therefore the R.T.I. Guardian cannot be compromised by hostile hackers.

The R.T.I. Guardian, quiet, effective, Foundation-tested and ecofriendly. Help yourself to one and elevate your warfare to a new level.

The sender of the email could not be traced so far. While analyzing the data obtained in the hacking attack, it came to light that the Chaos Insurgency ordered 120 units of SCP-056-DE from Raptor Tec. Industries.

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