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Date: 2014.06.29
Poster: Leader of Information Surveillance Team, SCP Foundation General Affairs Office Will Hartman, Internal Communications Officer Lee Chan
Seal Omitted


Whatever your rank is - presumably over 4 since you made it here, it doesn't matter. Nor does it matter if you're here for citation or a regular checkup. You will regret this. So, listen carefully to every word I say before it's too late.
Leave this page, and don't look back.

This is not a simple word of caution; if you ever have the audacity to read further, you will, and I repeat this, WILL regret it. If your remote reading page number counts higher than now, the Foundation database security program will automatically track your location and immediately dispatch a response team, resulting in disciplinary measures from demotion to… termination, depending on the circumstance.
You may be wondering why I told you a "Response Team" will be sent. That's because, from the moment you decide to read this page further, you are presumed a threat to the Foundation's well-being. It's your choice, but you must be ready for the consequence you've wrought.
You have been warned.















I curse you. I curse you and despise you. I despise your high security rank and your unbefitting shallow curiosity. And I deplore at the destiny of the Foundation and the world you have doomed to quench that personal desire.

…Since things turned out this way, what's there to stop me? I'll tell you everything.1

As you already know, the modern man navigates amongst countless websites and hyperlinks. Let's see; it was… 2006 or some time near that. Oliver Lloyd, Oscar Stephan and Lex McNeill, MIT's three aspiring prodigies, constructed a 3-D model of cyberspace, similar to constructing a giant universe. While doing so, they discovered a pattern rather… peculiar, a pattern about the correlation of the real world and the messages/comments shared online.

I assume you're uninterested after seeing your fair share of all sorts of hideous SCP instances, saying, "What is this? Another one of those cyber-based reality-altering SCPs?" I understand. I was like that. That's precisely why I am having such a hassle.

Anyways, the McNeil guy started an independent analysis of that pattern. The results were horrifying. The apparent patterns alone counted up to the thousands. When 10% of the 3D network model was complete, McNeil checked the web pages that fit his "pattern". It looked like… McNeil originally named it "the Treeroot effect", from its name.

The "Treeroot" was rendering the world worse, more serious. Not all was known, but there was a statistically noticeable correlation. When the Treeroot reached a secret community of lowlives, sexual violence arrest rates of that country skyrocketed starting from the next month. When it reached the website for an environmental protection group, the rainforest of Malaysia started to disappear. McNeil felt something strange, but he didn't alert his colleagues just yet. He wasn't sure about the correlation just yet.

Then, one day, post-grad student and Foundation agent Mikhail Sergeyevich Fyodorov caught wind of the news. After meeting with McNeil, the two realised that the "Treeroot" was hiding the severity of the situation. To an aspiring biologist's eyes, the phenomenon looked like an amoeba or macrophage spreading about. He felt the need to make a model of this "Treeroot", no, "Amoeba" spreading. Mikhail instantly invited Mcneil and his friends to the Foundation.

I rambled on for too long. (The response team would most likely be yawning behind you. Isn't that strange? Actually, they are my direct inferiors. Keep calm and carry on.) This horrible amoeba, no, cybernetic macrophage reaches its appendages to random websites. When someone sees a specific scroll of a website 'contaminated' by SCP-056-KO, it leeches on their imagination and (possibly) strengthens itself, along with causing whatever it is written on the real world, to some extent. When it became clear that SCP-056-KO was behind multiple international events, it was given the class Euclid.

Now, you will realise, at least a bit, why I told you so desperately not to read the page. At first, the Foundation monitored creepypasta sites, SF author sites, horror novel contests, literature wikis, and other literature related websites of schools or communities, shuddering at the fact that whenever the root reaches its hands on such pages, there is one more SCP that the Foundation needs to secure. However, the Foundation forgot to monitor SCiPNET itself.

Maybe… I don't know, there might have been a security breach, or SCP-056-KO is simply too strong for SCiPNET to fight off. We've been backstabbed. Foundation researchers, wandering around countless [DATA EXPUNGED] and [REDACTED], conjured up all sorts of imaginations while seeing those censored parts. Yes, I'd have to admit. We could be researchers, containment experts, or et cetera, but at the same time we are authors who can imagine unspeakable things from censorship. Now the entire world is in danger, just because this thing gained access to SCiPNET. It was immediately moved to Keter, and its security protocols on the system were altered to ban access of personnel lower than rank 4. That thing's now "SCP-056-KO"2

The bastard would have devoured your imagination by now. The Foundation's best hacking programs and other resources attempted to attack but could not kick it off from SCiPNET.3 At least we were able to know a bit more about its physiology. One of which is "Personnel influenced by SCP-056-KO is predicted to experience a significant boost in imagination." Congratulations, sort of. And now, somewhere on this earth, innocent people are paying for your carelessness and shallow curiosity. I advise you to chew on your horrible imaginations in the past and watch the news every day to check on how it materialises. And if you see the victims on the news, I hope you pray with all your might for them.

Now… If you've read up to this point, you're at the end of my message. Tell the response team the following sentence. Lucy in a madras dress wanted to taste grandma's coconut soup again. In favour of your effort for reading my message, the response team will stand by and hand you an apology form. Fill this up and submit it to me in three days. You may rest easy now.

Oh, right. It turns out I can't accept your apology form. Your personal information will be expunged from the Foundation. This is my "justice" to hold accountable for the "problem of evil" prevalent in this world. You may be wondering why I would have tricked you. I told you, I curse you, and I despise you. So complain not, and rest in peace. Financial support for your family will be continued.

Will Hartman

Item #: SCP-056-KO

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Protocols:

[ Emergency revision due to SCiPNET Security breach ]

The statement below applies to all personnel of the SCP Foundation regardless of rank.

Accessing reports of this SCP entity including this page is strictly forbidden

Documents about SCP-056-KO are only to be distributed and viewed in written form. Access by personnel or Rank 4 or above is to be prevented with Leader of Information Surveillance Team Will Hartman's urgent notice at the top of the page. Four additional shortened warnings may be added in case of the reader ignoring the warning. After which, the response team under Will Hartman's direct command is dispatched, pinpointing and neutralising the reader, and request demotion on a case by case basis.

If the reader ignores all warnings and is exposed to SCP-056-KO, Will Hartman's response team will take necessary action regardless of the reader's rank, including immediate termination in the worst possible scenario.

15th revisal notice: Despite Foundation hacking programs and various prototype anti-cognitohazard "weapons" being used, SCP-056-KO does not seem to lose its influence on SCPiPNET. The latest tests done on D-Class with anterograde amnesia also had negative results. - Korea SCiPNET Database Manager (Deputy)

[ Archived Containment Protocols ]

A list of web pages affected by SCP-056-KO is kept to monitor their view count and accessing IP address. Foundation personnel are to disguise as college students conducting surveys and ask civilians who read the website about what possible dangers they can imagine. A rescue team is sent to the predicted location of disaster to minimise casualties. The page is to be shut down from the source level immediately after confirmation. When needed, collaboration with local culture or communication agencies can be executed.

To minimise its exposure to civilians and better understand SCP-056-KO's physiology and build a model of its proliferation of influence, Mobile Task Force Yota-100 "A Better World" is organised. MTF Yota-100 is composed of programmers and hackers dedicated to fight against SCP-056-KO. The unit explores attack routes by any means possible for potentially dangerous expansion of influence. In addition, the unit is to proceed with the establishment of cybernetic models and big data related to the activities of SCP-056-KO.

Description: SCP-056-KO is an entity believed to exist in cyberspace, which resembles an amoeba when visualised as a three-dimensional network of web pages and hyperlinks.

Currently, there are thousands of confirmed web pages affected by SCP-056-KO, and the number of people exposed to SCP-056-KO is unknown. However, there is an optimistic theory that there are people unaffected by the anomaly in certain conditions. Animal testing did not yield any data, at least from species other than human.

SCP-056-KO spreads its influence on a specific section of a webpage to "infect" it. People visually coming in contact with the page share their cognitive system with SCP-056-KO by means unknown, while copying of extracting creations of the viewer's imagination. Richer imaginations lead to more absorption, and more extreme imaginations cause more dangerous ideas to be absorbed. (This is an excerpt from Researcher Lex McNeill's thesis. However, the thesis is currently under peer review.)

SCP-056-KO is thought to have the ability to partially realise what imagination it absorbed. Thanks to prior research, links between the entity and individual cases of large-scale accidents, natural disasters and sensational events have been confirmed, but how much influence the entity has on mundane crimes or usual social problems is unclear.

The most widely accepted theory is that the entity has a physical form; some researchers even claim that the entity is a hivemind moving to fit a specific purpose. On the other hand, some claim that it is merely a series of events, and it is unnecessary to explain it as an entity, but rather it is a pattern misrecognised.

[ Additional Content of SCiPNET Security Breach ]

How SCP-056-KO noticed SCiPNET and disrupted the security system is disputed. Researcher McNeil commented on this matter:

…My main concern is the possibility that someone imagined a fictional organisation like the Foundation, and the database storing it was attacked. SCP-056-KO grasped their image, used it to bypass all security measures, leaping straight onto our database. If we succeed in explaining the mechanism… I think we would have clues to how SCP-056-KO builds its influence.

As the SCiPNET security breach incident poses a significant threat to the entity's containment, the proposal to pinpoint the Foundation database, the SCiPNET itself as the centre of containment, has been accepted. As such, SCP-056-KO was re-classified to Keter. A scenario in which the Foundation's various censorship activities amplifies the imagination of personnel, ultimately leading to the end of the world due to SCP-056-KO's activities, has been proposed.


"Operation Apoptosis" Report

MTF Yota-100 "A Better World"

Operation Apoptosis

1st Operation Report: PLAN A

Goal: Expose specially designated personnel to SCP-056-KO, weakening its catastrophic anomaly to the level of Safe class entities or Anomalous Objects.

Contents: A specially picked D-Class personnel was trained for a year, boosting his imagination and forcing him to imagine a preset scenario compulsively. Conditioning of induced Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder was possible. The preset scenario included events such as SCP-056-KO's expansion stopping, its departure from SCiPNET, complete management of previously affected websites by the Foundation, and Foundation researchers throwing an outdoor party with chants of joy. D-10054 successfully finished the one-year-long training. He then proceeded to obsessively and compulsively imagine the scenario, dosed with high amounts of tranquilising agents and other neuroactive drugs.

Results: D-10054 was successfully exposed to SCP-056-KO's SiPNET page. However, the expected result did not happen. After a week of laborious search, the Foundation found out that A████ A█████, who detained and violently raped his younger cousin for three months, was arrested by the local law enforcement. The victim was stoned to death by her relatives as honour killing. Research of D-10054's past actions revealed that D-10054, imprisoned initially as a political prisoner, exerted sexual desires towards his younger cousin sister. The relevance between the incident and this operation is disputed. There is a possibility that the scenario D-10054 "thought of in the past" might have been true.

Analysis: Regardless of this operation's aftermath, the first operation did not bear any expected results.

2nd Operation Report: PLAN B

Goal: Expose specially designated personnel to SCP-056-KO, weakening its catastrophic anomaly to the level of Safe class entities or Anomalous Objects.

Contents: Nine children (age 4 to 6, eight times more than needed) of Foundation employees with security rank two or lower were taken without the parents' consent. The Foundation Cognitive Development Research Facility interviewed them, ordered them by vividness of imagination, and took the first. The child is then exposed to a similar scenario to PLAN A, in which SCP-056-KO was explained as comical and childish as possible. Inducing mental or emotional trauma to aid the process was unnecessary, but stabilisers could have been administered within an acceptable range of side effects when needed.

Results: Loss of classified information assets amounting over [DATA EXPUNGED] and 36 anomalous objects. No expected results reported in any way.

Analysis: The execution of "PLAN B" caused a tremendous loss of Foundation assets. Re-discussing any severe damage "it" caused in its rampage is deemed unnecessary. It was hilarious to see it sliding down a rainbow to Site-122 parking lot and eat cotton candy, but I would like to emphasise the comedy ended there. Plan Apoptosis failed. Amendments of exposed limitations necessary for further operations.

Dispatch log 056-KO-3

Dispatch Date: 06.04.2010
Personnel: Agent ██████ Kang and two other agents of the Information Monitoring team.
Coordinates: Longitude [REDACTED], Latitude [REDACTED]

A Level 3 warning "Serious" was issued during a Foundation web page monitoring. Three agents hiding their identities were dispatched and captured an amateur novelist named ███ ██████ (20 y.o.) at Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The team confirmed a record of the novelist accessing a page affected by SCP-056-KO. The team conducted a brief interrogation of the novelist and was given a copy of a freshly written chapter of a novel. The novelist didn't seem to have been directly exposed to any SCP entities. C-class amnestics were administered, and the novelist was released with caution.

Attached below are the title of the novel and chapter. The interrogation log is stored in the Foundation audiovisual archives. The Foundation is waiting for the results of a computer simulation based on the anomaly of SCP-056-KO as to what kind of catastrophe the imagination will bring to the world.

Title: Supernature Chasers of Pontius
Chapter 26: The Last Mission of S.C.P.

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