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Item #: SCP-057-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-057-IT is impossible to contain and thus must be monitored by Site Nettuno in its current location, which is approximately ██ km away from the coast of Sardinia. In the case of a containment breach, either due to variation in the central chasm's diameter or to the emergence of instances from within, SSM-II ("Legio Atlantidis") must be dispatched along with Submarine Unit 1; in parallel, Submarine Unit 2 has the order to surface as quickly as possible to maintain radio contact in any circumstance.

Any incident involving SCP-057-IT must be notified to the S5 Superintendence, especially in cases such as attempts of communication from SCP-057-IT-A instances and/or their leader. Concerning SCP-057-IT itself, SSM-II is authorized to conduct explorations around the anomaly and any shift in its architecture or urban layout must be reported to Dr. Giuseppe Pistillo, head of the Underwater Archaeology Division of Site Nettuno.

The surviving instances of SCP-057-IT-B are contained in the ERM-231 of Site Nettuno, equipped with a saltwater pool with the purpose of recreating their natural habitat. Such instances are to be fed at least once daily with seaweed, crustaceans, mollusks and small sea fish. Personnel wanting to communicate with an SCP-057-IT-B instance must speak atin and/or Greek; if necessary, they may apply for the use of an "Anderson-Sumire" Neural Translator Mk-II. Due to the low risk of a containment breach, simple regular checks from the staff are to be considered sufficient.

The Italian Branch of the Foundation actively collaborates with the French Branch since 2016 to trace other "cities" similar to SCP-057-IT or to its instances connected to the Cult of the Great Eye of the Mediterranean, supposedly responsible for the atrocities committed within SCP-057-IT.

Description: SCP-057-IT is a city located on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea at around 300 meters of depth. The buildings composing SCP-057-IT are built mainly with a mix of stone and seaweed, while the center of the city consists of the "mayor's" house and of a chasm. The latter is circled by stone statues circa 5 meters tall from which emanates a high intensity bright yellow light; these depict vaguely anthropomorphic marine beings that, according to the instances of SCP-057-IT, represent the deities worshipped at SCP-057-IT. At the time of writing, despite the number of explorations, the total numbers of residents of SCP-057-IT is unknown.

These "residents" are humanoid beings circa 1,50 m tall with webbed hands and feet, along with skin of an undefined green nuance and gills on the neck. Worth of notice is the absence of a nose. Lastly, their skin is particularly resistant to lesions such as slashes and abrasions thanks to the presence of scales on the upper and lower extremities.

The instances discovered and/or classified as "residents" of SCP-057-IT so far are to be divided in two groups: the SCP-057-IT-A group is the most numerous, comprised by at least 60 instances at the time of writing, who have showed themselves to be extremely hostile and to possess much thinner scales; on the other hand, the instances designated as SCP-057-IT-B are conversely friendlier and possess much thicker scales; this last group is composed at the moment of 24 12 individuals.

As they lack lungs, the instances of SCP-057-IT-A and IT-B cannot remain for extended periods of time outside of water2: when allowed to do so, the IT-B instances appear to be amused by the presence of SSM-II agents or of the research staff.
It is important to point out that, at time of containment, some instances showed wounds and signs of mutilation to the gills, hands and feet: most of these wounds have been mostly healed at time of writing, thanks primarily to the on-site specialized medical unit's support.

The birth of SCP-057-IT-B-12 on the 27/12/2017 at Site Nettuno has demonstrated that SCP-057-IT-B instances possess reproduction mechanisms similar to mammals. They give birth 6 months following mating, but it is to be noted how SCP-057-IT-B-12 possesses scales similar to SCP-057-IT-A, in contrast to its mother, SCP-057-IT-B-5: this indicates how thicker scales is not a shared genetic heritage or distinctive of the mild behaviour of SCP-057-IT-B instances. Even SCP-057-IT-B-8 and his brother, SCP-057-IT-B-11, present scales thinner than their parents', SCP-057-IT-B-1 and -3. SCP-057-IT-B-1 has revealed it is caused by some technology the offspring is not equipped with.

SCP-057-IT-B instances have a social and cultural evolution different from SCP-057-IT-A instances. They are very curious, adapt easily to changes in the environment and are capable of communicating in Latin. The oldest among all instances knows Greek as well. In 2017, it was noted that SCP-057-IT-B-8 and -11, 10 and 8 years old, have started to speak in Italian and that SCP-057-IT-B-12 can understand Italian, Latin and Greek.


Statue depicting one of the SCP-057-IT instances. Photo taken by SSM-II Squad B.

SCP-057-IT-A and -B instances tend to explore vast marine areas. The oldest among IT-B instances has stated to have seen "small grey things that were spreading in the Southern sea" and that these tried to attack them. It is theorized that the SCP-057-IT-A and -B instances migrated in different parts of the Mediterranean Sea before settling near Sardinia, and that they encountered SCP-044-IT-E during this time. Captain Lorenzini, chief of Naval Unit 1 tasked with containment of SCP-044-IT-E, has stated to have never noticed any instance of SCP-057-IT.

It is also supposed that SCP-057-IT-A and -B instances are the descendants of peoples that lived up to the 14th century BCE on the island of Nisyros before it was devastated by a volcanic eruption. Some of its inhabitants would have revealed capable of surviving underwater and, following various genetic mutations, would have become the first specimens of SCP-057-IT instances. This society would have become nomadic for unknown reasons and would have then wandered around all of the Mediterranean, building temporary cities, of which SCP-057-IT would be the most recent and perhaps the only one currently inhabited.

Discovery: SCP-057-IT was discovered in 2015 by a handful of divers from the diving club of [DATA EXPUNGED] following an aggression undergone by various instances. The account of this attack was posted on the club's social media, coming to the attention of SIR-I ("Aureæ Notitiæ"). All pictures were removed and amnestics were administered to all divers. Various expeditions by SSM-II have confirmed their account. SCP-057-IT-B instances were recovered by SSM-II Squad γ and brought to Site Nettuno. See below for the recovery log.

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