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Item #: SCP-057-PT

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, methods to fully contain SCP-057-PT cannot be applied due to the nature of the anomaly, SCP-057-PT instances, and it's geographical proportions. All civilians attempting to enter the internal area of SCP-057-PT must be extracted from the nearby vicinity. If any type of counter-assertion is demonstrated, the individual must be treated with Class-B amnestics. SCP-057-PT's provisional containment measures involve the installation of wall-cladding material thoroughly circulating the edifice, blocking any unauthorized individuals whilst protecting the integrity of the structure. The installation is currently located in a forest environment of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Although the edifice periodically moves in between locations, it has already been spotted by agents in three different states.

The entrance preceding the installations must be guarded by two agents equipped with medium-to-heavy military firearms. The same equipment must be provided to the agents securing the external perimeter, which must be guarded by seven agents. A state of high-alert must be maintained even throughout the night when the peculiarities pertaining to the installation become temporarily non-existent.

The reception area of the installation must be guarded by seven security agents armed with pistols — who are required to attend to the instances documented in Document-057AB. Every and any change that may happen in the secured areas must be communicated immediately upon notice; such as attacks or affronting changes in the behaviour of the instances.

Description: SCP-057-PT is characterised as a medical institution built in the year of 194█, with a structure fit to about three hundred and forty singular hospital beds. The structure hosts four pharmacies, thirty-five medical offices, five kitchens, one storage facility, twenty-five office rooms, and eight laboratories; the veracity of whether these facilities have been used to the performance of the activities they are destined for is inconclusive, although it is theorized that these rooms have been used for the conduction of experiments relating to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Of note, at the external gardens, there is a three-meter wall with a six-meter plat in which groups of six Prunus dulcis (almond trees) are displaced in segments of three, blossoming independent of the current season.

A significant amount of the installation's internal walls are covered by a rugous material analogous to a type of concrete; an equally relevant amount of surfaces are drawn with symbols of unknown exordium, though similar to catalogued arcane engravings, due to its innumerable idiosyncrasies. In the vicinities in which experiments were conducted, it is possible to observe a series of codes and names, cross-referencing one another and the engravings. These epithets are written in English, thus alluding to the possibility that SCP-057-PT may have been present in English-speaking countries.

The location does not display anomalies when visualised externally. Nevertheless, commencing the vespertine period, it is possible to notice the apparition of two sapient instances: SCP-057-PT-1 — a female entity taking on the role of a nurse; SCP-057-PT-2 — a male entity taking on the role of a scientist or, periodically, a proper medical doctor.

After this event, every individual with any type of ailment1 — physical or psychological — within a seven meter radius in the instances's line of sight will be transported to an illuminated room. In that room, the individual will be connected to a machine of unprecedented origin that will unravel the personality and memories of the subject, analysing and judging its previous actions.

If the subject has displayed an adequate and amicable relationship with the individuals that have been present in its life, it will be healed from all its ailments, including terminal diseases; these subjects do not feel discomfort or fear when whilst undergoing the probing events, considering the primary instances and the environment as "pleasant". Though, if the subject has displayed an inadequate and inimical relationship towards the individuals relevant to his life, it will experience great discomfort and aversion to both instances and the environment, undergoing a complete thaumaturgic-transmutative process that will transform the subject in one of the following secondary instances:

SCP-057-PT-3: Is characterised as a powerful light with a silver triangle in its centre, releasing rays of illuminating light with an intensity of one-hundred-thousand lumens. Anyone standing within a ten meter radius of the object is affected with extreme ocular discomfort (even whilst not maintaining visual contact), followed by temporary or permanent blindness.

Any exemplary of this instance must be dispatched by the STF-PT57-α, utilising the rapid-response high-opacity visual equipment at their disposal.

SCP-057-PT-4: Is characterised as a replica of the microorganism Streptococcos pneumoniae with thirty centimetres of height by twenty centimetres of width, and exactly one kilogram of weight. If a subject fixates its gaze or stands in the same unobstructed environment as SCP-057-PT-4, the subject will suddenly be whelmed by asphyxia and incessant, compulsory coughing, dying due to lung obstruction three minutes after the manifestation of the symptoms.

The organism is extremely fragile against excessive heat, for that reason, the STF-P1-α has been geared with controlled incendiary rapid-response equipment for deployment in case that terminating the instances with projectiles is not plausible.

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