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Item #: SCP-059-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of the appearance of an instance of SCP-059-FR, a message advising civilians not to leave their homes must be broadcasted on all local radios.

Foundation staff members dressed as rescuers and linked by a rope must patrol in groups of four or more in densely populated areas. They must not leave each other's sight under any circumstance. They must also be equipped with infrared detectors and heating suits.
Any civilian found outside must imperatively be brought back to a building.

People who survived or witnessed an attack of SCP-059-FR-1 should receive Class A amnestics.

Victims of SCP-059-FR-1 must be seized by the Foundation upon their discovery. If ever a body were to be discovered by a civilian, the attack should be attributed to wild animals and the case stifled.

Description: SCP-059-FR are small snowstorms (50 km in diameter) appearing in just a few minutes in regions above the █0 ° N parallel between early September and late March. Satellite images show that SCP-059-FR does not form above the sea unlike normal storms.

Conditions within an instance of SCP-059-FR are very dangerous and often limit visibility to less than 20 meters. These conditions include:
- heavy snowfall (100 cm / h)
- strong wind (> 80 km / h)
- a low temperature (<-30 ° C)

Instances of SCP-059-FR-1 appear in groups of three to eight individuals in SCP-059-FR.
Attempts to bring up an instance by artificially reproducing conditions within a SCP-059-FR have so far been unsuccessful.

SCP-059-FR-1 are intangible predators taking on the appearance of reptilian silhouettes approximately 1.5 m long. Instances of SCP-059-FR-1 do not have hind limbs except for a tail. Their forelimbs have at their ends three claws about 30cm long. They levitate by unknown means and move by undulating their bodies like a snake.

SCP-059-FR-1 specimens appear to move randomly without interacting with each other; but as soon as they spot an isolated large living being (more than a meter high), they will start to chase it.

SCP-059-FR-1 follow their prey for five to ten minutes, moving closer and closer, until the latter notices their presence.
At this time, the victim often shows signs of fear. If she tries to escape, the instances will pursue until they can turn around the victim. It has been noted that victims tend to circle around, probably due to the lack of visibility associated with the movements of SCP-059-FR-1.

When the prey is sufficiently exhausted, instances of SCP-059-FR-1 begin to attack it regularly with their claws, causing deep lacerations in the abdomen, before moving back to make room for another instance ( most often behind the victim's back). It appears that the areas affected by SCP-059-FR-1's claws are partially frozen, even through clothing. During their attacks, instances often emit reptile hissing and ice-cracking sounds.

The subject dies most often from exhaustion due to weather conditions and his injuries. SCP-059-FR-1 does not appear to take flesh samples from their victims, but continue to lacerate them even after their death.

To stop an attack by SCP-059-FR-1, you must take refuge in a building, a vehicle, neutralize all instances, or join a group of people.

Instances of SCP-059-FR-1 are insensitive to firearms and knives but have been found to be particularly vulnerable to high temperatures as well as blunt weapons. On their "death", the entities disintegrate into a cloud of powder.

Addendum: Transcript of experience

Presence of SCP-059-FR
Subject D-5248 equipped with winter clothes, a front camera and a radio.

<Start of Recording>

Dr. Adrian: D-5248, please move ahead.

D-5248: Alright doc, then what ?

Dr. Adrian: Continue until i tell you to stop

D-5248 travels through two hundred meters. No change noted.

D-5248: Doc, are you sure i should keep going ? It's cold and I'm starting to get really far away…

Dr. Adrian: Look around you, do you see anything out of the usual ?

D-5248: No.

Dr. Adrian: Good. Please continue.

D-5248 travels an additional three hundred meters then stops suddenly.

Dr. Adrian: D-5248, why have you stopped ?

D-5248: Did you see it ?

Dr. Adrian: See what ?

D-5248: Something just moved, damnit!

Dr. Adrian: Stay calm. How far away was it?

D-5248: I… around 50 meters.

Dr. Adrian: Alright. Turn around and get back here, calmly.

D-5248: Thanks doc.

D-5248 takes the way back for two hundred meters then stops again. An SCP-059-FR-1 passes approximately three meters from the subject. The anomaly is difficult to perceive through the blizzard. Thermal vision indicates an area of very low temperature (-70 ° C) at the location of SCP-059-FR-1.

D-5248: Fuck, it was right there this time!

Dr. Adrian: Can you describe it ?

D-5248: I can't see very well … it was a big transparent snake that flies.

Dr. Adrian: Is-

D-5248 turns his head. An SCP-059-FR-1 passes a few inches from him. This time, the anomaly is very easily recognizable. It flies leaving its forelimbs to float behind it and appears to be watching D-5248.

D-5248: (scream)

Dr. Adrian: D-5248, could you try to touch the anomaly?

D-5248: It's horrible. Shit, there are two now …

A second SCP-059-FR-1 does appear on the screen. D-5248 reaches out to him and tries to touch it, then suddenly retracts.

D-5248: (scream)

Dr. Adrian: How was it ?

D-5248: My hand … went through … it was cold … I felt it even with my glove on…

SCP-059-FR-1 suddenly changes direction and rushes towards D-5248, claws forward. D-5248 starts running, screaming. The front camera detaches and falls in the snow.

Dr. Adrian: D-5248, answer, I don't have you on the screen anymore.

D-5248: (scream)

<End of Recording>

The body of D-5248 was found two days later. Causes of death: hypothermia, multiple hemorrhages and frostbite in exposed areas.

Addendum 2: Additional experiences

Experiment 1
Subject: Non-living lure
Results: SCP-059-FR-1 completely ignore the lure.

Experiment 2
Subject: Normal dog.
Results: The subject shows signs of fear, then is killed.

Experiment 3
Subject: D-2914 fitted with full chain mail over winter clothing.
Results: Subject killed. No damage to the chain mail: the claws are just passed through. The subject below was found in the same state as if he had not had protection.

Experiment 4
Subject: D-3715 fitted with heated clothing.
Results: SCP-059-FR-1 revolve around the subject without attacking it, then disappear at the end of the storm.

Addendum 3: An instance of SCP-059-FR appeared in the town of [REDACTED] on ██ / ██ / ████ at ██: ██, causing the death of ██ civilians. The city was normally outside the risk zone and the personnel on site were insufficiently prepared.
If such an event occurs again, a Keter reclassification and a change in the threat level are possible.

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