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Item #: SCP-060-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-060-FR must be contained inside a modified Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber in Containment Unit-04, Sector-E8 of Armed Research and Containment Area-Avanaa. The cell must not possess any windows or ventilation ducts and must be hermetically sealed. In addition, it must remain permanently illuminated and its temperature must be maintained above twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius at all times. The sole entrance point of the cell is to be sealed with a reinforced steel door, the inwardly facing side of which must be covered by an electrum1 plate five (5) centimetres thick.

A minimum of two (2) guards armed with M2 flamethrowers must be present in the vicinity of SCP-060-FR's containment chamber at all times. Any and all instances of SCP-060-FR-1 and SCP-060-FR-2 must immediately be destroyed with fire and their remains disposed of using the incinerator specially provided for this purpose.
Under no circumstances may the remains of any living being be allowed to come within a twenty (20) metres radius of SCP-060-FR.2

Following Incident 060-EV-1, a fifteen (15) metres long airlock is to be fitted to the entrance to SCP-060-FR's containment chamber, with the aim of decreasing the risk of further containment breaches. One (1) Dragon-Class Robotic Combat Unit must always be present inside the airlock. This Robotic Combat Unit is to receive maintenance once per week and be replaced if necessary.
A microphone connected to Guard Post-E8-04 has been installed inside the chamber.

The chanting that can be heard coming from inside SCP-060-FR's containment chamber is to be considered perfectly normal. Should this stop, it means that the entity has either managed to escape or that an EV-060-α Event is imminent. - Dr. Reid

Description: SCP-060-FR is a humanoid entity, measuring 1.75 metre, covered in a black monk's habit made from an unknown fabric with a "foggy" consistency. As of now, it is impossible to distinguish its face due to the black veil it constantly covers itself with. The entity also wears a pair of gauntlets and a pair of boots, both made from an unknown metal. Initial tests3 performed after its capture have made it possible to determine that SCP-060-FR does indeed possess a physical body, despite not displaying any vital signs.

SCP-060-FR possesses the ability to alter the temperature of air at will to anywhere from zero (0) to -2██ degrees Celsius within a five (5) metres radius around itself. It has also been observed that SCP-060-FR possesses the ability to worm its way through any type of aperture, no matter the height or width thereof. It's important to note that the entity's control of these two abilities is significantly diminished if the ambient temperature exceeds twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius.

Gold and silver are proven to have a strong negative effect upon SCP-060-FR, which is unable to approach less that ██ metres away from anything containing between ██ and ██ percent of any of these two metals without [REDACTED].

The entity's primary anomalous ability manifests whenever the remains of a living entity4 occupies a space less than twenty (20) metres from it. When these conditions are met, SCP-060-FR launches five (5) small chains at the remains, attaching them to the corpse's head and limbs. From this point on, the remains are designated SCP-060-FR-1. The instant the chains have embedded themselves, SCP-060-FR is able to control SCP-060-FR-1 like a puppet up until the instance has been completely destroyed. The maximum number of corpses that SCP-060-FR is able to control simultaneously is currently unknown. Notably, instances of SCP-060-FR-1 display the same weakness to gold and silver as the prime entity.

The best way to repulse SCP-060-FR and destroy SCP-060-FR-1 instances is by flame. When any other type of damage is inflicted upon them, instances of SCP-060-FR-1 become [REDACTED].

Note: Ever since it was contained, on [REDACTED], SCP-060-FR has been sitting in a Burmese position, ceaselessly chanting in Latin. Perhaps it has resigned itself to its fate? - Dr. Reid

Transcript of chant:

Latin lyrics:
Audite vocem meam
quia repleta est malis anima mea et vita mea in inferno adpropinquavit
Aestimatus sum cum descendentibus in lacum
Furor est infinitum et aeternum
inter mortuos liber sicut vulnerati dormientes in sepulchris
Inter in conspectu tuo oratio mea inclina aurem tuam ad precem meam
Praecipitate inimicis meis in lacum tolle vita et anima eorum
Sanguis eorum et desperatio eorum me dimittere ex claustra meum
Quod eorum timore et dolorem augeret mihi potestatem
Effunde super eos indignationem tuam et ira furoris tui conprehendat eos
Fiat habitatio eorum deserta et in tabernaculis eorum non sit qui inhabitet
Vos autem estis tibi audisti
Venite ad me et devoratum peccatores

[SCP-060-FR repeats the chant.]

English translation:
Hear my voice
for my soul is replete with evil, and my life soon to come upon the Gates of Hell
Counted am I among those descending into the pit
Fury is infinite and eternal
among the dead, like the slain sleeping in their graves
As I pray to thee, incline thine ear unto my cry
Cast mine enemies into the pit, take their life and soul
That their blood and their despair free me from my chains
And their fear and pain empower me
Shower them with your anger and make known unto them your furious rage
Make their dwellings desolate and their tents uninhabited
Now have you heard my voice
Come to me and devour the sinful

[SCP-060-FR repeats the chant]

Addendum 060-FR-01-1: Following the experiences gained from Experiments 060-01-1-B2 and -B3, it is henceforth officially forbidden for SCP-060-FR to come into contact with SCP-008 or any personnel infected with SCP-008.

Addendum 060-FR-01-2: Is it henceforth forbidden to allow for SCP-060-FR to come into contact with any entity capable of reanimating deceased lifeforms or any lifeform thus reanimated by any such entity.

Addendum 060-FR-02-1: Requesting reclassification to Keter. - Dr. Reid

Addendum 060-FR-02-2: Request for reclassification denied with regards to the efficacy of the updated special containment procedures. - O5-█

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