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Endoscopic image of anomalous traces inside the body of SCP-060-VN.

Item #: SCP-060-VN

Object Class: Euclid Pending1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-060-VN is to be kept in a standard containment chamber at Site-75-VN's Humanoid Entity Containment Wing. Researcher Thiên Tứ from the Department of Parahealth, who previously worked at the Foundation's [DATA EXPUNGED] front company, will be in charge of communicating with the subject.

Bodies of collected SCP-060-VN-C instances are currently being researched and preserved at the Anomaly Research Wing and Site-75-VN's Scientific Experiment Wing.

SCP-060-VN is continued to be monitored and documented.

Description: SCP-060-VN is the designation for a Vietnamese male subject in his 50s, skinny and dark skin tone in appearance. The subject is relatively non-hostile and sociable. Only a few signs of retaliation are recorded during the time the subject is under Foundation's containment.

The body of SCP-060-VN has a nest-like system of holes closely connected, with hole widths varying from 2mm to 5mm,2 It is currently unclear how these holes were formed and their exact locations.

The insect-like instances that exist inside SCP-060-VN are designated as SCP-060-VN-C. Research on the carcasses of SCP-060-VN-C showed that all of them belong to the family of Ant (Formicidae), with several abnormal biological characteristics, and seem incapable of surviving in the environment outside the body of SCP-060-VN.

Date: June 1st, 2021
From: Dir. Mary Vĩnh San
To: Dir. Thiệu Trị Nguyễn
Subject: Response to the Proposal for the Release of SCP-060-VN Subject from Containment

To the Containment Wing Director Thiệu Trị Nguyễn,

I have reviewed your Proposal for the Release of SCP-060-VN Subject and the Containment Wing, and through discussion with the Research Wing, I have decided to decline the proposal, as the subject is still under their research responsibility.

According to them, the subject is not dangerous or causing any damage to the Site's infrastructure. Regarding the value of research, this anomaly can be a potential danger, and it would be way more dangerous if we remove it from containment just because of stagnation in the progress of research.

They agreed that they will send you updates on the research from now on. Please cooperate and contact them if you have any further questions.

From, Mary Vĩnh San, Human Resources Director and Vice Administrator.

Secure, Contain, Protect

Addendum-1: SCP-060-VN Discovery and Interview Log

Foreword: The following is a recording of a conversation between researcher Thiên Tứ, who was working at the Foundation's front company, the [DATA EXPUNGED] Dental Clinic5 which provide service with affordable price, wih SCP-060-VN, on 1st of May, 2021.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Thiên Tứ: Alright it is on… Can you tell me, from start to end?

SCP-060-VN: Ya have to record it too eh, ya must give me a discount after this!

(SCP-060-VN laugh, researcher Thiên Tứ laugh along, SCP-060-VN continues)

SCP-060-VN: Well, long ago I used to do street performances, just mediocre tricks I learned from all over the place until the day I saw an old man who could spit bees out of his mouth.

SCP-060-VN: This's one hundred percent real I tell you, but also disgusting, just dead bee bodies, and as soft as flesh, I made him open his mouth for me to see, nothing. But then he threw up dozens of bee corpses, like he vomited his own flesh and blood, I thought to myself, "Damn, the old man ate the whole beehive or something."

Researcher Thiên Tứ: And then he taught you that?

SCP-060-VN: Old men like that aren't staying around so I didn't learn anything, what he did isn't even magic I am sure, It's like spitting into people's faces. But for the next few nights I kept struggling to sleep, my body was indescribably uncomfortable, I don't know if it was because I kept thinking about it, but a few days later I could do it!

Researcher Thiên Tứ: You could do it?

SCP-060-VN: Yeah, just like the old man, I spit out a bunch of ants, but gradually I got disgusted and I stopped doing it.

Researcher Thiên Tứ: Oh so you can control it?

SCP-060-VN: Not sure, I haven't tried it for decades, but all of a sudden I can do it again, ya afraid that I'm a swarm of ants or something! Hehe!

Researcher Thiên Tứ: Who knows, Vietnam is full of stories, just now when you spit it out, I was scared to death.

Researcher Thiên Tứ: Oh please wait here a moment, I have a call, I apologize in advance.

SCP-060-VN: Haha! Ya young nowadays is too polite.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-060-VN was transported to Site-75-VN right after and explained the situation, subject was initially disgruntled but later agreed. It seems that SCP-060-VN has no immediate relatives, so the process of forging information is not necessary.

Addendum-2: 060-75-VN Event of 2022

Minutes of the 060-75-VN-Y22 Event

Date: February 14th, 2022

Location: Site-75-VN, Cần Thơ facility

At 5:30 A.M. on February 14th, 2022, Researcher Thiên Tứ made an emergency trip to the Department of Parahealth to report on the status of SCP-060-VN, including:

  • Stroke
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Stomach effusion
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Convulsions and sweating

Anomaly observed: Unprecedentedly strong activity. Large numbers of instances of SCP-060-VN-C exited SCP-060-VN through all of the body's holes, causing severe blood loss. Notable include:

  • Subject's right eye has fallen out of its eye socket, both eye sockets bleed profusely
  • Subject's earlobes were torn, ear canals bleed profusely until sealed off by SCP-060-VN-C
  • The respiratory and gastrointestinal tract hemorrhages are continuous and deformed to the extent that they cannot be observed
  • All instances of SCP-060-VN-C survived until the arrival of the Medical team

At 5:33 A.M, the Medical team reached SCP-060-VN's chamber but were hampered by a large amount of SCP-060-VN-C which damaged the door hinges and covered the entire floor of the containment chamber. The team was commanded not to enter.

At 5:40 A.M, camera footage confirmed that all instances of SCP-060-VN-C were dead, the team was required to use biological protective gear.

At 6:00 A.M, SCP-060-VN was taken to the Medical Center, SCP-060-VN is still alive at this time but in a dying state from blood loss and shock.

Obituary and the Result of 060-75-VN-Y22 Event


Death of: SCP-060-VN, birth name: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Date of birth: N/A6

Location of birth: N/A7

Time of death: 6:05 A.M, February 14th, 2022

Location of Medical facility: Site-75-VN Medical Wing, Cần Thơ facility

Cause of Death: Hypovolemic shock. Severe injury to the head, face, neck, medial shoulder wall, anterior chest wall, and upper abdominal wall. Biologic anomaly.

Autopsy: SCP-060-VN's remains were promptly processed and examined by the Site-75-VN Medical team. Except for trauma and external manifestations, the subject's body bears notable features, whether or not associated with anomalies:

  • Subject's stomach, esophagus, bronchus, trachea, and nervous plexuses have a topology composed of numerous bristle, chitinous shells, giving them appearances similar to those of SCP-060-VN-C instances. Incomplete. Some have since been isolated and have been identified as instances of SCP-060-VN-C.
  • As previously known, the subject's muscles and tissues have a dense network of nest-like structures. However, all are almost not connected to the blood vessels in the body, but towards the brain.

Subject's brain anatomy revealed notable features including:

  • The cerebrospinal fluid has been depleted, replaced in the ventricles by a fluid, which contains genetic material similar to SCP-060-VN and has a chemical composition close to ant milk.8
  • At the subject's left hippocampus exists an anomaly similar to SCP-060-VN-C but significantly larger, displacing the entire organ.
  • Subject's brain is almost fixed to the skull through a soft layer of a material that examination shows similarities to ant eggshells.

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