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Item #: SCP-061-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-061-FR is to be contained in a cell of 25 m² minimum and modified to make it similar to the natural habitat of SCP-061-FR. There must be no place where SCP-061-FR could lay an egg without the latter being observed. SCP-061-FR should be fed twice a day with worms, insects, or fruit.

SCP-061-FR is a female bird of the genus Apteryx more commonly known as Kiwi. SCP-061-FR is capable even without a male of laying an egg (named SCP-061-FR-A) having an incubation period ranging from 70 to 80 days. When layed, SCP-061-FR-A has a standard size for an Apteryx egg, but during the incubation period, size may increase or decrease to a maximum of four (4) meters and a minimum of five (5) centimeters.

The animal hatching from SCP-061-FR-A (now named SCP-061-FR-B) can be any oviparous animal1. Once born, SCP-061-FR-B will consider SCP-061-FR as its mother regardless of physical differences. Note that SCP-061-FR-B is always born at its adult size.

It is important to note that despite the fact that children regard SCP-061-FR as their mother, the mother pays no special attention to them. Thus, animals requiring a learning phase with their mother are most of the time unable to survive alone due to the lack of education from SCP-061-FR.

Following incident 061-FR-01, it was been noted that SCP-061-FR could survive any accident as follows: when SCP-061-FR is killed, it fills its abdomen with large amount of nitrogen. Once the minimum pressure of 6 bar is reached, an instance of SCP-061-FR-A is expelled from SCP-061-FR. Unlike other instances of SCP-061-FR-A, this one breaks instantly and SCP-061-FR comes out (it is probably the same individual, since the physical characteristics that were specific to it are always present). It is some sort of self-cloning ability.

Addendum: SCP-061-FR was captured in the town of ████-██████ following abnormal events such as the presence of a great white shark in a swimming pool, the hatching of a python from a resident who is used to collecting chicks, or the presence of a Nile crocodile. The element that really attracted the attention of the Foundation was a four (4) meters high egg of an unknown species.

NOTE: Who knows what kind of creature might have been in there. - Dr. Zap.

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