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Item #: SCP-062-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-062-DE is housed at Outpost 8 of Site-DE4. Outpost 8 is disguised as a communications post of a signal battalion of the Bundeswehr. The containment cell is a concrete building, 20 × 20 m in size, and disguised as a warehouse, whose walls must be no thinner than 1 m. As soon as SCP-062-DE is dead, any damage to the walls is to be repaired with concrete and, if necessary, with provisional steel plates. The floor is to be covered with a 0.5 m thick layer of soil which is to be replaced whenever necessary. On all sides, at a height of 3 m from ground level, a total of twelve (12) externally operated MG3 machine guns are to be mounted, enclosed in armored ball casings. At least one unit on each side must be manned at all times. From one (1) hour before sunrise until confirmation of death, all machine guns are to be manned. The only access is an armored hatch in the roof, equipped with a free hanging elevator cage.

As soon as SCP-62-DE enters its active state, machine gunners are to open and maintain continuous fire upon each new instance. After movement has ceased, at least one (1) physician must enter the cell through the roof to ascertain that each instance has been terminated and to euthanize any surviving instances.

Should containment teams fail to terminate an instance of SCP-062-DE before the manifestation of a new one, police radio, local media, and social networks are to be searched for indicators of its new location. Once found, an MTF from the nearest Foundation facility is to be dispatched to terminate the instance, co-opting local military forces if necessary. The resulting corpse is to be transported back to the containment cell before the manifestation of a new instance, if possible.

Description: SCP-062-DE is the designation of the entirety of its instances. Save for three exemptions, all instances so far were male. Until recently, no instance has appeared twice. All instances have been wearing more or less worn-out uniforms, weapons, and equipment of dated to the second World War, from different campaigns and battlefields of the war in Europe. Verification of their identities, with the help of various identity documents, photographs and letters found on many instances, has revealed all of them to be soldiers and volunteers killed in action during the Second World War. Despite some instances showing wounds, none have shown fatal wounds not inflicted by the Foundation.

Every instance promptly manifests in the morning between 01:10 and 01:45 o'clock, within a 5 m radius of the location where the last instance perished. All instances manifest asleep. If any personnel are inside or accessing the containment cell at such a time, the instance enters its active state. Instances become active ten (10) minutes before sunrise, at the earliest, and no later than ten (10) minutes after.

The active phase begins with normal activities such as excretion, shaving and/or eating, in case the instance possesses the necessary equipment. Circa three hours after waking up, but not later than 09:00, or if interrupted, the instance becomes aware of its surroundings and will begin to attack personnel as well as the containment cell itself. It seems to know about weak spots like lenses, welded seams, overlaps and recently repaired concrete which has not fully hardened. The danger they pose depends on their armament. While most are equipped with normal infantry weapons and grenades particular to their respective nation, some are equipped with special weapons such as rocket launchers, grenade launchers, demolition charges or even [REDACTED]. Their ammunition appears to replenish itself over time. Their weapons never jam or malfunction, even if they are damaged.

Instances of SCP-062-DE can be wounded by normal means but require multiple normally fatal wounds to die. Furthermore, their wounds heal with extraordinary speed, they do not appear to suffer pain, and they continue fighting despite the loss of limbs whenever possible.

Once an instance has perished, it appears as a normal corpse and can be searched and autopsied, though it will promptly vanish upon the manifestation of a new instance.

Should an instance not be successfully terminated before the next manifestation event, the new instance will not appear near the former (which will vanish), but instead near the location of the template person's death. Such containment breaches usually result in hundreds of deaths, as the armaments carried by police forces (often being the ones to initially encounter a loose SCP-062-DE instance) are insufficient to kill it.

Addendum: Although they have been observed taunting and/or cursing their opponents in their mother tongues, or the language of the country whose uniform they are wearing, they are otherwise unwilling to communicate. Autopsy and genetic analysis have not uncovered any anomalies. All instances have, from a medical standpoint, been normal humans.

First containment: SCP-062-DE first appeared two months after the end of World War II in the region of Münster, Germany. It was assumed that they where German holdouts refusing to accept the capitulation of Nazi-Germany. Because of the random appearance of new instances across Europe, the anomalous nature of SCP-062-DE was only realized after a few weeks. Its effect was only recognized after multiple failed attempts to contain it when clearance was granted for SCP-062-DE to be neutralized.

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