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Item #: SCP-062-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-062-FR is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m humanoid cell of Site-Yod with 40 cm thick steel walls . The cell must remain constantly at a temperature of 7 ° C.
SCP-062-FR is to be fed three times a day on a regular basis.
In order to avoid an unpredictable evolution scenario, the daily environment of the entity must avoid any unnecessary changes. Its food must remain the same (at this time, 3 kg of beef) and must always be brought to it in the same manner (by a 5 cm by 10 cm hatch on the ceiling ). Any changes in the environment of the entity must be studied beforehand, then validated by the Director of Site-Yod. Under no circumstances should the entity see members of personnel. If the entity sees a member of staff, class A amnesics must be hidden in their food. Amnesiacs used should never be the same in order to prevent the entity from developing immunity to them.

Description: SCP-062-FR is a living being that currently has characteristics similar to that of a humanoid. However, it is difficult to make a fixed description of SCP-062-FR. The entity was captured in the middle of the Amazon jungle by the Foundation, following numerous indigenous reports of the emergence of a "demon".

SCP-062-FR is capable of mutating its DNA extremely quickly to adapt to its environment. Following its capture and the changes observed on the creature since, it has been estimated that SCP-062-FR could evolve as much in a day as any species in a million years could.

Currently, SCP-062-FR possesses the following features:

- Almost perfect bipedalism. The subject however very often moves on all fours. Attribute acquired before capture of the entity.
- Two lower limbs, 1m40 long, ending by what looks like talons. Attributes acquired before capture of the entity.
- Two upper limbs, 1m30 long, ending with 5 fingers (including an opposable thumb) at the end of which are 5cm long extremely resistant bony formations. Only the opposable thumb was acquired in captivity, which suggests that the entity is trying to find a way other than brute force to escape.
- Camouflage by pigmentation of the skin and scales (similar to a cuttlefish). Attribute acquired during Incident 062-01-FR
- Nyctalopia. Attribute acquired during the Incident 062-01-FR)
- Skin covered with scales around the torso, thighs, face and biceps. Attribute acquired in captivity.
- Two hearts. Attribute acquired during the Incident 062-01-FR).
- [REDACTED], apparently, this attribute is the only fixed characteristic of the entity.
- Back covered with 10 cm long bone darts. This spikes are apparently ejectable and venomous. The venom has an LD50 of [REDACTED] which makes it more lethal than most known venoms. Attributes acquired when SCP-062-FR was captured, possibly for defensive purposes as the entity felt endangered during capture.
- 72 teeth, divided into two rows, each 3 cm long. Attribute acquired before capture of the entity.
- Disjointed and prominent jaw to facilitate biting. Attribute acquired before capture of the entity.
- A total height of 2.30 m. Attribute changed during containment of the entity.
- A top speed of up to 50 km / h. Attribute acquired before capture of the entity.
- A vaguely human face. The creature's eyes are relatively small, and covered by two layers of eyelids, the first being transparent, and the second extremely solid. The subject does not seem to have a nose, like some reptiles. However, during the few tests carried on the subject, it was revealed that the entity's nose had Lorenzini bulbs, just like sharks, which allows it to detect the electromagnetic fields as well as the gradients in temperature. Attribute acquired before capture of the entity. The presence of Lorenzini's bulbs leads to the assumption that the entity was initially a creature living only in water, which would also explain its relatively recent discovery by the Foundation.

The subject does not seem to be the origin of these changes: if its environment remains unchanged, it will not evolve.
In the first days after SCP-062-FR's arrival at the Foundation, certain elements of its environment were modified in order to understand how SCP-062-FR adapted.
The modified elements were as follows:

- The size of the cell (increased)
- The amount of food (decreased)
- Room temperature (decreased)

SCP-062-FR reacted by adapting its size to that of the room, growing 20cm in a few days. In addition, it had adopted scales on the areas containing its vital organs to protect it from the cold. The samples taken from the scales showed that they were [DATA EXPUNGED], the use of these results to improve the equipment of MTF operatives is in progress.
The entity also changed its metabolism when the amount of food decreased to consume less energy. The subject even entered a comatose state qualifyed as hibernation.

Stop your bullshit right away. Who launched these experiments without telling me about them? If you deprive it of food, do you really think it will stay idle? Hurry up to give it its daily ration of meat as at intended, before we get a breach on our ass by the end of the month. - Dr. Grym

Following a decision from Dr. Grym, the entity should be re-fed as previously indicated in the Special Containment Procedures. However, the temperature and the size of the room should no longer change.

So far, all of the changes adopted by SCP-062-FR have been made to ensure its survival, including its effectiveness in killing possible prey.

Seriously, this thing adapts according to its target and its environment. Fortunately, it only kills for food, we can trap it thanks to that. That said, it is its only weak point at the moment. Apparently these changes are involuntary: It is not aware of what it can do and its intelligence is of the level of a great ape. Above all, it must not frequent human beings, if it were to behave like us, it would end up becoming the perfect predator. It is up to us to prevent it from becoming so. - Dr. Benji

Some samples were able to be taken from the entity in order to understand what increased its speed of adaptation. These samples are still being studied.
However, it is now impossible to obtain additional direct debits. See Incident 062-01-FR.

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