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Item #: SCP-064-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation proxy company Seoul Cinematic Production offices will be placed around eight DVD sellers where the subject appears and retrieves said subjects monthly when new DVDs are brought in. Retrieved copies are to be ripped and saved on SCiPNEt, while the discs are stored in a designated section of Seoul Cinematic Production main building's underground DVD view room.

Description: SCP-064-KO-A is a series of movies about SCP instances under Foundation containment. New episodes appear monthly in eight different DVD sellers. The Foundation retrieved ██ instances since its initial discovery. Individual copies are designated as 064-KO-[Number of subject item]. Their main title is always "The Foundation", but each instance has subtitles appropriate to the subject SCP item. Each movie usually depicts one SCP instance, but 064-KO-001 exceptionally depicts eight instances [DATA EXPUNGED].

The depiction is accurate. For instance, It was unknown that SCP-███ can [DATA EXPUNGED], but Foundation personnel in the movie acted naturally about it. SCP-███ was later confirmed to have the property, resulting in its redesignation as Keter, and updated containment procedures. After this incident, 064-KO instances are uploaded to SCiPNET, where different sites' personnel can download and research their content under O5-██ approval.

Instances commonly depict actual Foundation personnel, but depicted personnel denied appearing in the movie.

Below is an abridged list of 064-KO-A instances.

Item # Subtitle Contents
001 The Beginning [DATA EXPUNGED]
008 Walking Dead Movie depicts Foundation personnel saving the post-apocalyptic world after a worldwide proliferation of SCP-008.
073 The First Blood The story shows how the instance was contained by the Foundation. A later interview confirmed the move mostly accurate, excluding some exaggeration for dramatic effects.
231 [DATA EXPUNGED] Includes implications of protocol 110-Montalk. To prevent information leakage, all 064-KO-231 instances were incinerated, and viewers of the video were treated with A-class amnestics.

SCP-064-KO-B is the 'Christmas Special' which appears only on Christmas season. They also depict Foundation personnel or SCP instances, but unlike 064-KO-A instances, -B instances depict fictional events.

Foundation personnel also answered that they never appeared in the movies.

Below is an abridged table of 064-B instances. 064-B instances are transcribed on the SCiPNET for personnel to read as texts. Links to the transcription attached below.

Subtitle Content
Doctor Doctor Doctor Foundation inobservance leads everyone on Earth to have Jack Bright's soul.
For Elise Story depicts SCP-084's creation. Not factually confirmed.
One Bad Mother [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum: In 064-KO-001's occatsion, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Requesting additional search of unretrieved instances for preparation. - Site Director ████

Fuck, who thought to [REDACTED]. Get amnestics hooked up. I feel sick. - Dr Mann.

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