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Item #: SCP-065-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-065-UA must be kept in a specialised drawer for Euclid-class objects of Site UA-21. Access to the object may be granted exclusively to personnel with Level 3 Security Clearance or above, subject to written permission from Dr. Weiman and/or Director Sabadyshyn. It is forbidden to remove the object from its drawer outside the Site UA-21 facilities, except based on a special permit from Dr. Murzei or the O5 Council.

It is prohibited to unfold SCP-065-UA, except as a part of a pre-agreed experiment. In such cases, all personnel not directly involved in the ritual must be pre-exposed to protective memagents. Initialisation of such experiments requires is subject to a permit signed by Dr. Wieman, Director Sabadyshyn, and the Commander of the MTF Ludie ("Creationists") or their deputy.1 Updated on 28.06.2020: Experiments with the object have been suspended by the Director of Site UA-21, Dr. Sabadyshyn, until further orders from the Director of the Ukrainian Branch of the Foundation, Dr. Murzei, and/or members of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-065-UA is a 1.5 meter long scroll made of an unknown material, outwardly similar to parchment, but strikingly different from it in molecular structure and properties. This material does not burn, does not rot, and cannot be damaged in any way by normal means. There are no inscriptions on the scroll, except for the image of Astra Lucerna2, 10 centimetres in diameter, right in the centre (hereafter — SCP-065-UA-SM).

The object carries a memetic threat that manifests itself if eye contact with the aforementioned symbol lasts more than 1.3 seconds. Affected individuals first attempt to close the distance between themselves and SCP-065-UA to approximately 1 meter, then fall to their knees and begin muttering incoherent words in Latin (even without prior knowledge of the language)3. If the meme manages to affect 48 persons, then, after 13 minutes of the aforementioned actions, the affected begin to perform the following ritual:

  • Affected line up in the form of Astra Lucerna:
      • 26 persons form two rows of the outer circle.
      • 11 persons form one row of the middle circle.
      • 7 persons form one row of the inner circle.
      • 3 persons form a triangle around the object.
      • 1 person moves between the inner and the middle circles (hereafter SCP-065-UA-S-1).
  • SCP-065-UA-S-1 walks 9 circles counter-clockwise.
  • SCP-065-UA-S-1 walks a half circle clockwise, turns around and does the same in the opposite direction.
  • SCP-065-UA-S-1 walks 7 circles clockwise.
  • SCP-065-UA-S-1 stops and turns around.
  • After this, SCP-065-UA-S-1 walks a circle counter-clockwise, stopping near each person forming the middle circle, except for the eleventh.
  • Before reaching the eleventh person of the middle circle, SCP-065-UA-S-1 abruptly bursts into the inner circle, while the three persons standing inside fall to the right.
  • SCP-065-UA-S-1 picks up the scroll, fully unfolds it and, looking at Astra Lucerna, says the following phrase: "Vade retro, Satana!4".
  • This completes the ritual and those affected lose consciousness, except for SCP-065-UA-S-1, who folds and places the scroll in the place where it was at the beginning of the ritual and instantly disappears, without any visual or auditory accompaniment.

The object cannot affect more than 48 persons at once and requires to "recharge" after use for 10 days for the restoration of memetic effect. The memetic threat only manifests when there is visual contact with SCP-065-UA-SM, so simply folding the scroll is enough to prevent exposure.

It has not been possible to establish where SCP-065-UA-S-1 disappears, as any devices immediately cease their signals after the disappearance. It has not been possible to find out the principle by which the place of persons in the line-up is determined: in 3 experiments no connection could be established between the places taken in the symbol and the biography of the affected subjects.

The rest of the persons affected by the object, upon regaining consciousness, do not remember anything from the moment of making visual contact with SCP-065-UA-SM and do not have any injuries. However, it is worth noting that individuals who participated in the ritual become invulnerable to the memetic influence of SCP-065-UA for a while. The term of this protection varies: the shortest lasted 27 days, the longest recorded — 3 years5. No changes in the behavior of the affected subjects have been detected. (see Incident IUCA-065-UA-E-3).

The object has been transferred into the Foundation's custody by the Department of Abnormal Threats of the Security Service of Ukraine. DAT SSU discovered the object in private housing, where O.V. ████████, a serial killer, was hiding. Since at the time of discovery, all 48 people killed in the yard made up the Astra Lucerna symbol, DAT initiated a joint investigation, resulting in the transfer of SCP-065-UA was transferred to the Organisation's custody. █████████ himself was found hanged inside the house. The investigation established suicide.

The object itself was fixed with and adhesive tape, unfolded, to a board stuck in the ground.

Based on the information above and after analysing the physical evidence from the place of discovery of the anomaly, I can assume that its creators are a yet unknown Annihilistic cult of the Third branch. Extreme care is needed when interacting with the object, as we do not know the methods of this specific cult. While we still know very little about this branch, the consequences of their actions are terrible and, most often, discovered too late. Remember [DATA EXPUNGED BY AN ORDER OF THE ETHICS COMMITTEE].

Another thing interesting about them is that, while the cult appears to belong to the Third branch, which usually covers ancient cults, they employ modern symbols. Thus, the group may be relatively "young"…

Dr. Weiman

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