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Cover of SCP-066-DE

Item #: SCP-066-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-066-DE is to be contained within a class S3-locker in Sector 11 of Site-DE4. The two keys of the containment locker are currently in possession of Dr. Baum, the current Chief of Security of Sector 11. Use of SCP-066-DE requires permission from Dr. Baum and may only take place in a testing chamber of safety class ER-2. Following Incident #066-DE-I1, the secure containment procedures have been changed as follows: SCP-066-DE is to be contained within a quadruple-locked Class S4-safe, upon a pedestal 1 m in height, in a 3×3×3 m Standard Containment Chamber. The safe is to always be in view of surveillance cameras from all angles. Sensors will recognize whether or not the safe has been opened by all four keys simultaneously. Failing to do so will result in SCP-066-DE being destroyed by a thermite charge. Personnel who attempt to gain unauthorized access to the containment chamber or to the safe are to be questioned, amnesticized, and either reclassified as D-Class personnel or terminated. Currently, any use of SCP-066-DE is prohibited. In the event that its use is allowed at a later time, it must take place in the dedicated Class EDR-4 test chamber attached to the containment chamber.

Should SCP-066-DE-1, SCP-066-DE-2, or anything similar manifest, the containment breach alarm is to be set off, the whole facility is to be put on lock down, and containment protocol 𝔐𝔞𝔤𝔲𝔰 shall be executed.

Description: SCP-066-DE is a book of approximately 300 pages titled "Das kleine Zauberbuch - Für Studenten und Absolventen der Magierakademie zu █████"1 It is composed of a red hardcover binding, an ISBN number on its back cover, and is written in numerous Fraktur, Antiqua and Symbol fonts, all of which are freely available on the Internet. It contains instructions for 115 spells, divided into the chapters of Battle Magic, Analysis, Healing, Protection, General Spells, Manipulation and Evocation, and an addendum with several runes, esoteric and alchemical symbols. The foreword contains a list of spells which "are taught at some other institutes" but are "not taught at ours and are not explained in this book", due to involving e.g. necromancy, the summoning of demons, or blood magic.


Spell: "Fire-Shield"

When a spell is performed exactly as described in the book, the effects will manifest within realty; a list of tested spells can be found in Experiment log #066-DE-P1. During casting, the conjurer has to be close to the book (circa 0.5 m, varying from person to person). Every spell has a cost, which is measured in the unspecified unit "T", and a level (Apprentice, Adept, Master, Grandmaster). Test subjects are only able to cast spells with low costs in the beginning. In case an inexperienced subject tries to cast a high cost spell, this may result in adverse effects, ranging from vertigo and/or nausea to death. With greater experience, spells of higher cost can be cast. Some spells contain warning notices about possible imponderables or instructions for members of the "Mages Academy of █████", such as an obligation to report any failed restorations of vampires and werewolves to the Principal's office.

Incident log #066-DE-I1 (Security clearance level 3/066-DE required)

SCP-066-DE was found near the remnants of an unidentifiable person, cause of death seemingly being implosion. The ISBN-number lead to a print-on-demand service in Germany, in whose database the entire order had been irrecoverably deleted.

The existence of a city or region named █████ is unknown. There is no information about a group called the "Mages Academy of █████". Their inclusion into the Groups of Interest list is suspended until their existence can be proven.


Not only was this the most serious breach in this facility ever, but it could and should have been avoided. Beginning with the mistakes of a project manager, whose security measures were utterly inappropriate for a reality-bending Euclid Class SCP, through the ignoring of warning signs, to and attempt to boost the career of said manager with a Thaumiel Class SCP, come hell (literally) or high water. Add to this the laxness and lack of discipline of the security personnel. How can it be that somebody manages to get from level 3 to 5 undetected, kill the guards, and cross half the level, before breach alarm is set off, because they are celebrating a birthday in the security center instead of watching the monitors?

Of course, we could demote those responsible to D-class or terminate them outright, but that would gain us nothing. Not including executions (and I'm intentionally not writing "terminations"!), we have already lost a project manager, an chief of security, almost 50 guards and MTF-members, an SCP, and a test-subject who should have been euthanized long ago. For what? Nothing! Nothing at all!

Let this be a learning experience, to never be careless, and always to think of security first, then about your career. There is more at stake here than just your life.

— O4-4

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