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Item#: 066-EL
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location and unknown size of SCP-066-EL, the item cannot be fully secured at this time. The subject is currently being tracked in Observatory-6, located in the Aegean Sea, in the form of a vessel. The Director of Observatory-6 must be informed of any activity of the entity. SCP-066-EL must be under 24-hour surveillance by 10 agents of Mobile Task Force Alpha-7 ('Sea Guards'). During the "Whale Event" the guards on the premises should be doubled.

Description: SCP-066-EL is a large organism found in the Aegean Sea. It is impossible to determine the size as well as the weight of the entity. No movement or feeding activity has been reported from SCP-066-EL. When MTF Alpha-7 sampled DNA from the entity, it was confirmed to be similar to the DNA of modern cetaceans. Surprisingly, SCP-066-EL DNA did not appear to belong to a single individual but to multiple cetacean samples.

SCP-066-EL's back is the only visible part of it's body. It is covered with various species of coral or smaller aquatic organisms. Through the information previously reported, Foundation researchers are unable to determine the exact appearance of SCP-066-EL.

SCP-066-EL's abnormal abilities were activated on June 22nd and ceased on September 23rd. During this period, the so-called "Whale Event" occurs, during which rapid growth of individuals of various cetacean species are recorded. All newborn individuals appear to emerge from underneath SCP-066-EL. From this event, SCP-066-EL is considered female.

Between July 16th and August 30th, a huge number of cetacean species and cetacean-like anomalies1 were recorded near SCP-066-EL, especially of the male sex. All individuals observed appeared to attach themselves to SCP-066-EL, with attachment times estimated between 30-120 minutes.

Addendum 066-EL-1: On 12-11-2016, Observatory-6 observed a bottle containing a letter2. The author of the letter remains unknown.

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