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Item #: SCP-066-IT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-066-IT is contained in a state of partial inactivity in the seventh underground level (advanced containment) of Site Vittoria, in a 7 × 7 × 7 m structure sealed by a tempered steel gate, and constructed in reinforced concrete housing a Gamma-type Reality Cell, and with a Sariel1 seal engraved in the roof.

SCP-066-IT has been partly buried in cement during the construction of the cell, in order to limit to a minimum its activities and mobility. Despite this, because of the high risks posed by SCP-066-IT, the installation of camera systems has been deemed a non-negligible risk, therefore a team of no less than four agents is stationed outside the structure and must report immediately to the Direction unusual sounds or structural damage of any entity.

In case of a containment breach, SSM-III ("Para Bellum") and -IV ("Pugnus Ferri") must engage SCP-066-IT with high caliber or explosive weaponry, with the support of portable Reality Cell Systems; in case of a catastrophic containment breach, SSM-I ("Sagitta Iovis") and -IX ("Machinamenta") must engage SCP-066-IT and are allowed the usage of anomalous weaponry.

Description: SCP-066-IT is the designation given to the remains of a Tartareous2 type mechanic-thaumaturgical entity partially destroyed during containment operations. Its first form encountered by the Foundation appeared as a disorganized mass of prosthetic limbs, electrical cables, and electronic components measuring 2,5 m in length; because of its state, SCP-066-IT was slow and relatively ungainly.

After two months of growth, SCP-066-IT took on a more regular and uniform appearance, with metallic plaques covering its body from which emerged four pairs of segmented limbs and countless cables equipped with hooks and manipulator structures; in addition, it possessed a cephalic structure provided with toothed jaws apt in strongly grasping objects. This form measured 5 m in length, but was faster and nimbler than the previous because of its optimized frame.

At the peak of its development, SCP-066-IT measured approximately 48 m in length and possessed an humanoid bust with three pairs of upper arms, emerging from an ovoid shaped abdomen pulled by a great number of segmented limbs and cables with hooks or primitive claws; the latter could be also used as weapons or to grab objects, with a maximum reach of 60 m. SCP-066-IT's head was 1,6 m long and possessed well developed jaws which could exert pressures over 1500 kg/cm2, a system of sensors with a 360° field of view and sensitive beyond the visible spectrum (both in the infrared and the ultraviolet), and six curved horns placed in the posterior region of the cranium. After the containment operations, SCP-066-IT was almost completely destroyed, with only its bust, two upper right arms, and the head left relatively integer. Currently, these remains measure 5,6 m in length and weigh approximately 2700 kg.

In all its forms, SCP-066-IT is highly hostile and inimical to humans but displayed a different degree of intelligence during its development. At first, it preferred to ambush its preys and knew how to hide efficiently to remain unseen until the decisive moment, but at the same time it avoided confrontations with individuals who knew of its presence and fled when spotted by the Foundation's agents. In its second stage, SCP-066-IT became less cautious but also more crafty, learning how to simulate sounds to isolate its prey or preparing traps to wound them, disarm them and/or separating them from their group. Finally, in its mature form, SCP-066-IT became intentionally malevolent and destructive and, at the same time, displayed noteworthy cognitive capabilities: during the final clash against the Foundation's forces, it adapted to the various tactics adopted by the SSMs and created countermeasures to respond to their assaults.

SCP-066-IT is capable of generating a deformation field (usually of 8 milliNortia3/s) which is used to integrate metallic objects to its frame and model them to uniform them to itself, and to manipulate its cables and use them as weapons, limbs, and manipulator limbs. Also, in its mature form, it showed the capability of overheating regions of its body without negative effects to generate streams of burning plasma and masses of molten metal capable of autonomous movement.

Recovery Log: The first news regarding SCP-066-IT date back to February 2015, after a series of brutal murders in Ferrara, in Emilia Romagna, whose victims were found viciously slaughtered and with missing body parts, often hidden in closets, storage rooms, or corners of their homes. In all cases, the authorities reported the disappearance of the victims' computers, cell phones, and most of their domestic appliances. The increase in cases attracted the Foundation's attention, which sent a team of SIR-I (""Aureæ Notitiæ") to investigate under cover.

The agents analysed the profiles of the victims and discovered that all of them had contacts among themselves or through common acquaintances in the last six months, so they believed that the culprit of the murders was acting with very specific targets; however, they weren't capable of locating it until the month of April and, in that time span, there were at least other 34 cases attributable to SCP-066-IT.

At 22:32 of the 24 of April, four agents escorting one of the families at risk spotted SCP-066-IT while it was climbing the wall of the building where the targets resided. The team tried to capture the entity, but it managed to flee and make them lose track.

What follows is an extract of the interview to team leader of SIR-I Osvaldo Bottone, present on the location of the first contact.

After the event, SCP-066-IT could not be found and the homicides ceased completely. Lieutenant Nadia Parlato, responsible of the operations, believed it appropriate to search the house of the individuals targeted by SCP-066-IT, who initially opposed resistance but were easily immobilized by the agents; the inspection revealed their ties to the Church of the Broken God, so they were brought to the base camp for interrogation.

During the interviews, one of the subjects declared himself a Prior of the Church and demanded a meeting with the Dictator, erroneously believing that the agents were part of the Fascist Council of the Occult; this information alarmed the Superintendents, who sent a representative in order to obtain further details on a possible involvement of the Council.

At the request of the Superintendency, the Prior also provided the message he mentioned during the interrogation, shown below:

In light of this new information, the Superintendency began diplomatic negotiations with the Italian Priors of the Church of the Broken God which led to the drafting of an agreement between the two parties.

Addendum: In October 2015, the Prior of the city of Bologna reported to the Foundation the murder of one of his followers, which occurred with the same modus operandi of those that occurred in Ferrara due to SCP-066-IT. Site Vittoria's direction ordered the immediate deployment of four teams of SIR-I, lead by Lt. Parlato, and of SSM-IV, commanded by Cpt. Draghi, which established a wide surveillance network and began the investigation. The 3rd of November, team 4 of SIR-I localized and engaged SCP-066-IT in a district in the outskirts of the city, alerting in the meantime the agents of SSM-IV. They reached the scene ten minutes later, however SCP-066-IT had already eliminated the entirety of team 4 and left the area.

In the following weeks, SCP-066-IT was sighted four times and moved progressively towards the city centre, complicating the operations of tracking and containment. Also, despite the surveillance network, the Foundation was unable to prevent other two assaults with fatal consequences; however, in 21/11/15, SCP-066-IT was spotted during the night while following a group of members of the Church of the Broken God. The agents informed the operation's command, which ordered them to use the subjects as a bait to lure the entity to an isolated place where it would be possible to ambush it; the plan succeeded and SCP-066-IT was severely damaged through the usage of high caliber and explosive armaments but, unexpectedly, it emitted streams of flames and overheated air that forced the agents to disengage and allowed the anomaly to flee.

After the event, data collected by the SSM-IV's Tactical and Strategic Robot Support System MINERVA revealed a slight reality distortion (approx. 4 milliNortia/s) in the presence of SCP-066-IT, with a net increment (approx. 0.1 Nortia/S) at the end of the confrontation. These readings were confirmed by the experts of Site Deus, who were able to locate SCP-066-IT beneath a local foundry; explorations conducted by drone showed that SCP-066-IT had killed all occupants and was integrating in its frame machinery and materials present in the structure.

Because of the extreme risk of an intervention in such conditions, the Superintendency ordered that no direct action should be taken against SCP-066-IT and announced a reunion with Site Vittoria's Military Command, Site Deus experts, and representatives from the CCSG and the Church of the Broken God, in which a common plan of action was decided.

Containment: The preliminary phase of the containment operations began on 23/11/15, with the evacuation of an area of 7 km2 around the building where SCP-066-IT had hidden, and the deployment of SSM-I, -III, -IV, and -VII. According to estimates from the researchers at Site Vulcano, SCP-066-IT had absorbed enough materials to grow beyond 25 m in length, so it was decided that the agents of SSM-I and -IV, and squadron Alpha of SSM-III would've engaged SCP-066-IT directly to prevent it from moving, while squadron Beta of SSM-III would've periodically opened fire with high power explosive artillery; finally, six helicopters of SSM-VII ("Turmæ Angelorum") would've offered aerial support during the fight.

On 26/11/15, numerous explosive charges were detonated around the building, causing its collapse and the emersion of SCP-066-IT in its mature form, which had reached a size much larger than predicted. The engagement lasted 70 minutes, during which SCP-066-IT displayed great adaptability and developed effective countermeasures to the tactics adopted by the Foundation's troops, forcing the usage of the anomalous item [DATA REDACTED] to destroy part of its body and leave it exposed to artillery fire.

SCP-066-IT's remains were rendered inert through the usage of Fifth Generation portable Reality Cells and moved to Site Vittoria for containment, whose procedures were developed thanks to the collaboration of the CCSG. In total, 37 agents died and 112 were wounded, 41 of which in a serious manner, and the operations costed to the Foundation over ███ millions of Euros.


The following data is reserved to personnel with authorization Level 4/066-IT and are protected with a Class XXI lethal memetic agent.


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