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An SCP-067-IT-1 instance, picture taken by SIR-I Agent Massimiliano Cocci.

Item #: SCP-067-IT

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Following the incident that occurred on 16/01/2020, Special Containment Procedures for SCP-067-IT are unnecessary. See addendum 067-IT-C for further details.

Description: SCP-067-IT has been, up until 23:48 of 16/01/2020 (Addendum 067-IT-C), lamppost 15920 of the Millelire wharf of Alghero. The lamppost exerted a compulsive influence in all birds capable of flight surrounding it, instilling in them the desire to reside on top of it, instilling in them the desire to reside on its top. Said compulsion initially manifested on 31/10/2019 in a specimen of Aquila chrysaetos1 in the form of a behavioral pattern that would later be common to all birds occupying the top of SCP-067-IT, referred to as SCP-067-IT-1 (see Addendum 067-IT-A for information about the emerging of the anomaly).

All the birds subject to the effects of SCP-067-IT but not present on its top were designated SCP-067-IT-2 and were primarily specimens of Columba livia or Larus michahellis2. From the emergence of SCP-067-IT's anomalous effects to its neutralization, the instances of SCP-067-IT-2 and the then present instance of SCP-067-IT-1 engaged in a continuous territorial struggle for the conquest of SCP-067-IT’s top, eventually ending with the elimination of SCP-067-IT-1 and its replacement by an instance of SCP-067-IT-2, which immediately became the object of attacks from the other instances.

The use of violence, as already mentioned, was common: during the estimated seventy-eight days of SCP-067-IT activity, it is believed that approximately six thousand SCP-067-IT-2 instances died, while almost all of the SCP-067-IT-1 instances, amounting to one hundred and seven, were recovered and sent to Site Cerere for examination.

There were several instances of civilian interference with SCP-067-IT’s containment, thanks to which the fortuitous discovery of the only proven method of interrupting the effects of SCP-067-IT was made, namely termination, a practice that never caught on since it was rendered effectively useless by the constant and immediate replacement of SCP-067-IT-1 by an instance of SCP-067-IT-2.

Addendum 067-IT-A — Discovery

SCP-067-IT’s activation is believed to coincide with the early afternoon of 31/10/2019 i.e. when, according to witnesses, a specimen of Aquila chrysaetos that had begun nesting on top of SCP-067-IT had mauled a pigeon that had perched beside it, throwing its carcass overboard. From 01/11 to 05/11 the specimen, to all intents and purposes the first SCP-067-IT-1, maintained the same behavior attracting attention and being filmed several times. When the first amateur videos emerged on the internet, the Foundation sent a squad of SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" agents to the site in order to elaborate Special Containment Procedures, if needed. After a prolonged observation of SCP-067-IT, the SIR-I established the Special Containment Procedures that were in use until 16/07/2020.

Addendum 067-IT-B — Disposal of deceased instances

As predicted by SIR-I, it soon became necessary to dispose of SCP-067-IT-1 and SCP-067-IT-2 instances. As agreed, the Foundation took charge of 90% of them, leaving the remaining 10% to the municipality of Alghero. Of the more than four thousand specimens taken care of by the Foundation, fifteen of the less damaged specimens were examined at Site Cerere together with the three instances of SCP-067-IT-1 that the Foundation staff and the police had managed to recover. The analysis revealed that both instances of SCP-067-IT-1 and SCP-067-IT-2 had not been physically/physiologically altered or, if they were altered by SCP-067-IT, the alterations disappeared with death.

Addendum 067-IT-C — Neutralization

On 16/01/2020 at 23:48, F████ S█████, a citizen of Sassari on vacation at Alghero, collided his own car with SCP-067-IT, knocking it down. S█████ was in an evident state of alteration when he was rescued by the Red Cross, but came out of the accident unharmed; the car was irreparably damaged by the fall of the lamppost that destroyed its right side. Investigations promptly conducted were able to ascertain that S█████ was not affiliated with any Group of Interest.

The lamppost used to replace the 15920 one, rendered unusable by the accident, was not and it is not, to this day, subject of the anomalous territorial dispute that involved its predecessor. As there have been no anomalous effects attributable to SCP-067-IT in the last six months, on 16/07/2020 the anomaly was declared neutralized.

Addendum 067-IT-D — The PoI-24243 case

After having paid his fine for driving under the influence of alcohol, F████ S█████ did not return immediately to Sassari but decided to continue his stay at the █████ hotel. Three days after the neutralization of SCP-067-IT, on 19/01/2020, the staff of the Foundation in charge, according to the protocol, of monitoring F████ S█████ put in arrest an individual who had tried to break into the accommodation of S█████ pretending to be a relative thanks to his extensive knowledge of details concerning S█████. Said individual, designed by the Foundation’s database as PoI-24243, refused in the first place and has repeatedly refused to give any means of identification; his fingerprints match those of 78-year-old Ignazio Mura, an individual already known to the Foundation but officially deceased in an accident on 25/12/1985 near Su Gologone, the causes of which have not yet been ascertained.
On the same day, PoI-24243 underwent an interview, the transcription of which follows.

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