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Item #: SCP-068-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-068-IT is currently contained in a 5 × 5 × 3 m reinforced concrete cell with walls not less than 8 cm thick; this cell is located in the medium containment section of Site Vittoria. In the event of a containment breach, SSM-VII ("Turmæ Angelorum") must be deployed to track and recapture SCP-068-IT: for this purpose, the use of thermal tracers and the monitoring of the satellite surveillance network must be considered essential, in order to prevent SCP-068-IT from reaching a populated center or becoming a threat to the local population.

To monitor the behavior of SCP-068-IT, every 3 weeks the research staff should place a Class-D staff member inside the containment cell to stimulate a reaction from the anomaly; it is imperative to tranquilize SCP-068-IT immediately after the attack, if necessary by electrifying the containment cell and, if possible, moving the victim away for rescue.

Description: SCP-068-IT is an entity similar in appearance to a specimen of Mantis religiosa1 but larger in size, approximately 1.50 meters long and weighing 45 kilograms. It does not have the characteristic front legs, in place of which there are 5 tentacles all located in the lower part of the body; these tentacles are able to exert, tightening, a force greater than 5 kN. On its back are 2 pairs of whitish wings, which have been recognized as those of a Tyria jacobaeae2, although they have a total wingspan of 4 meters, with which it is capable of reaching a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Attached to the head of SCP-068-IT is a metal plate with the word "Kaliperia" engraved on it3 and there is no opening for a mouth.

SCP-068-IT exhibits a predatory attitude in the wild, while in containment it spends most of its time inert, except for any external stimuli.
When SCP-068-IT spots a human being4, it exhibits different behaviors depending on the circumstances in which it finds itself:

  • If it has not been sighted by its victim, SCP-068-IT proceeds to follow it, remaining hidden as much as possible and gradually getting closer. Once its prey is isolated, SCP-068-IT will always proceeds to attack;
  • If it is sighted by its victim, SCP-068-IT will attempt to flee and then return to attack at a later time; if this is not possible (as in the current containment), SCP-068-IT will remain in a catatonic state until the prey exposes itself as it approaches.

When attacking, SCP-068-IT attempts to immobilize its victim by striking it from above and causing it to lose its balance; once on the ground, SCP-068-IT proceeds to insert its tentacles into the orifices of the subject's body (mainly nose, mouth, and anus) and then render the victim unconscious by unknown means. SCP-068-IT then proceeds to transport the prey to a further isolated location to feed and "break it down".
SCP-068-IT has been shown to be unable to feed itself except by predation; furthermore, the tentacles of SCP-068-IT represent the only means by which it is able to absorb nourishment, which occurs through cellular phagocytosis in the epithelial layer.

SCP-068-IT is also capable of defending itself in the event of an attack by using spiny formations protruding from its chest: these spines are extremely hot and equipped with small doses of an unknown substance5 with a paralyzing effect; however, these spines have proven incapable of penetrating most heavier clothing.

In light of the tests performed, it has been confirmed that SCP-068-IT possesses a strong self-regeneration ability, especially in the tissue that constitutes wings or tentacles. The regeneration process is quite rapid, but becomes significantly slower when SCP-068-IT feeds or has just successfully completed an attack.

Given its chimeric characteristics, SCP-068-IT was thought to be a creature created by the CFO, but reports from the SIR-II discredited this hypothesis.
Genetic analyses performed on tissue samples from SCP-068-IT have been inconclusive and contradictory, as the DNA analyzed does not appear to correspond to any living species; therefore, at the time of writing, it is currently impossible to determine whether SCP-068-IT was created by someone or is considered an autogenerated anomaly.

Recovery and Capture: SCP-068-IT was first spotted in Pianoro, Emilia-Romagna, after a civilian sighting of "a strange flying creature with tentacles".
Initially underestimated, SCP-068-IT came within a few months to abduct/attack up to eight individuals who were presumably isolated in the area.
When the SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" were assigned to investigate these events, they came into contact with SCP-068-IT who appeared intent on observing a stray dog feeding on the remains of one of its victims. SCP-068-IT, when sighted, began to emit disconnected vocalizations before fleeing into the forest; after about three hours of constant sightings and sporadic attacks, the intervention of SSM-VII allowed its capture.

SCP-068-IT was only lightly wounded by the agents and its anomalous regenerative ability became immediately apparent. Any witnesses connected to the SCP-068-IT sightings were given class A amnestics and the area where it was captured was briefly closed to the public. During the transport to the Victory Site, SCP-068-IT became extremely agitated and attempted to attack and break the temporary containment using everything at his disposal; all three escape attempts were unsuccessful and forced the security personnel to electrify the cell to stun him. For the rest of the transport SCP-068-IT did not attempt to escape further and became inert.

Incident 068-A: On ██/██/████, after a period of time of █ months in which SCP-068-IT was unable to attack new victims, the latter began to glow with a red light never before observed; the temperature around the SCP-068-IT cell increased significantly and about two minutes later it vanished from the containment cell.

SSM-VII and SSM-IV were immediately deployed and, after three days of searching, located SCP-068-IT near ██████, Veneto, following the thermal trail and the strange lack of caution exercised by the creature. Unable to intervene beyond the search for SCP-068-IT, given the impossibility of ground engagement, SSM-VII had to return to base, leaving SSM-IV to deal with the anomaly. When it made contact with the agents, SCP-068-IT exhibited a behavior never seen before, attacking on sight without first isolating its targets: despite this SCP-068-IT proved to be extremely agitated and managed to kill █ SSM members and wound █ before being stopped. After re-containment, it returned to its inert state.

Below is Captain Draghi's Incident Log:

Notes from Dr. Tr████: Makes it clear to me that there is a connection between SCP-068-IT's need to feed and its need to hunt in the wild. I am making application to subject class D individuals to regular exposure with SCP-068-IT so as to keep it under control and avoid containment violations far more serious than this one.

Addendum-1: Analysis of SCP-068-IT's skin and tissues when it is unconscious reveals inscriptions in the form of markings in an unintelligible language on the creature's wings, tentacles, and belly. Such markings, identified as a form of language similar to Kurukh6, have been successfully translated and are listed below. The name "Kaliperia" has also been translated as "Reconnaissance".

On the wings: Ashaba, translated as "Predator";

On the tentacles: Vitera, translated as "Prototype";

On the belly: Mo'Zera, translated as "Zero";

Addendum-2: Behavioral Variation in SCP-068-IT.

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