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SCP-069-FR contained.

Item #: SCP-069-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The residence in which SCP-069-FR is currently located must be sealed off and the area guarded by two undercover agents. Although no previous incidents have occurred, no civilians are allowed to enter the compound under penalty of a Class A amnestic.

SCP-069-FR is contained in the north wall of a Site-He-0312 cell, 50 m away from the only access door, covered with 15 mm of anti-acoustic foam. As its anomalous effects are known, no one is authorized to access it. Violators of this policy are subject to termination.

Description: SCP-069-FR is an invisible spatial anomaly. It has no fixed height, length or width, but adapts its dimensions to those of the empty space in which it systematically takes place. SCP-069-FR also makes the material of the surface on which it is located indestructible if this one is inert, and thus prohibits any demolition in order to make the expansion of the anomaly, or to widen its cavity.

SCP-069-FR is perfectly undetectable as long as it is not approached by a human being within 30 m of its location. When this occurs, subjects report hearing a familiar voice, most often described as that of a relative, calling for help, begging them to help them get out of a cavity in which they are trapped. This voice always seems to come from the hole in which SCP-069-FR is located, although a close inspection of it always reveals that it is perfectly empty, and/or that it is physically impossible for a human being to enter and fit inside. When SCP-069-FR is visible to the subject, the subject reports seeing a limb — most often the hand — of the person to whom the voice belongs, flailing and trying to extricate itself from the cavity in which it is "trapped". The fact that some of the fingers of the hand are described as being banded, and that this is also the case of the real person imitated, confirm that this manifestation takes on the characteristics of the individual whose presence it simulates. The voice continues to be heard in parallel, its accent of panic and fear being reported, by those exposed to SCP-069-FR, as increasing in intensity and distress as time goes on. When the subject moves closer to within 3 m of SCP-069-FR, the voice abruptly silences, and the limb that was coming out of it immediately reenters the cavity. Physical contact with the exposed body part was therefore impossible. If several individuals are in the vicinity of SCP-069-FR, only one will hear the voice or see the limb of someone they know.

The first minutes spent near SCP-069-FR intrigue the subject present on the scene, who gradually shows signs of anxiety and seeks to observe SCP-069-FR more closely, going so far as to pass their hand in the hollow surface or to illuminate the interior with a light source, but also to try to establish a communication with the one they have seen and heard, without success. It is possible to speak briefly with the entity, provided that one is more than 10 feet away from SCP-069-FR, and promises to help the individual if they reveal any details of their private life, or any other request that only the real person could answer. The entity usually ignores the question, which would be justified in light of its emotional stress, but has shown that it is capable of providing precisely the answer the subject expects. As long as they are more than 3 m away from SCP-069-FR, the intonation of the voice heard by the subject will oscillate between several emotions, including: despair, anger, sadness, and, if waiting in its presence is too long and does not result in a rapprochement between the subject and the entity, [DATA EXPUNGED].

The subject exposed to SCP-069-FR progressively models their emotions on those they witness. They seem to be tormented, looking for an urgent way to rescue their loved one. The longer the subject is exposed to SCP-069-FR, the more reluctant they become to leave the scene. At first they show signs of doubt about the possibility that someone they know is actually trapped in the hole, which evolve into the persuasion that this person is in danger because they are in danger of suffocating because of the cramped space, of inflicting fractures on themselves while trying to move, or, according to the statements of some of the subjects, that "they are threatening to commit suicide by [DATA EXPUNGED] because of intolerable suffering".

A subject confronted with SCP-069-FR for at most 7 minutes tries, in 100% of the observed cases, to enter the hollow of the surface in order — still according to them — "to help [name of the person they associate with the entity]". Only the use of force is effective to evacuate the subject, this one then showing an inflexible will to release this same person out of SCP-069-FR. The free space being too narrow to allow the subject to introduce himself inside without a flexibility out of the ordinary or violent contortions; when they realize that they cannot return inside in the state, they will be attached to dislocate each of the articulations of their limbs in order to twist these in an angle normally impossible, to be able to reach SCP-069-FR, and to sink into the cavity. SCP-069-FR seems to be able to extend indefinitely its depth, and, by tightening its walls or by transforming progressively its passage (for example, in a continuous spiral) reduces more and more the free space available for the progression of the subject, forcing them to deform their organism more and more to adapt to it and to continue, as best they can, their advance. Unable to get out of it, they will show, as time goes by, the symptoms of an aggravated claustrophobia and achluophobia to the point of probably dying from the hemorrhage resulting from the wounds dehydration or asphyxia. To this day, in spite of the extreme gravity of the engendered corporal deformities, the lethality of the distortions has never been proved.

Once the affected individual is no longer visible, the anomaly relocates to a nearby empty space. If the individual was in the space resulting from the depth expansion generated by the anomaly, then they will disappear along with it they will temporarily no longer exist on the physical plane, but will continue to move in a straight line until they reach the end of the tunnel, which is located in a second cavity linked to the first by the anomaly, although its shape does not allow a human being to enter or exit unharmed either.

SCP-069-FR was discovered in Family ███ ███████' s house in Colorado, USA. The house is known to have hosted the rites of a Satanist cult called "The Church of the Elders".

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