Item#: 069-vn
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SCP-069-VN before gaining anomalous properties.

Special Containment Procedure: A parameter has been established around ██████ Village, U Minh Province, Vietnam. Any civilian outside the village who encountered SCP-069-VN must be monitored and administered amnestics. Due to the relationship between the local people and SCP-069-VN, protocols regarding amnestics are currently unnecessary.

Description: SCP-069-VN is a spectral entity, formerly known as Richard Alfred Hill (1942 - 1967), a US Army veteran who participated and KIA in the Vietnam War. The subject is dressed in an OG-107 military uniform and armed with a standard, unloaded M1911A1 pistol.

SCP-069-VN possesses no discernable anomalous trait except for the ability to communicate and physically interact with its surrounding. The entity would manifest in the area1 from 0:00 to 1:00 AM every day. Once manifested, SCP-069-VN would perform the following activities:

  • Patrolling the area.
  • Tending to the area’s plants.
  • Intimidating individuals who entered the area2.

Discovery: SCP-069-VN was first brought to the attention of the Foundation in July 2015, when a video recording of a “ghost” appearing in ██████ Village is reported. Initially, it is considered to be a hoax and classified as low-priority. However, after further reports from local newspapers and video recordings of the entity, the containment of SCP-069-VN is deemed necessary. An exploration team has been mobilized to the area and has confirmed its existence. A cover story of a hoax has been implemented for all public information regarding the entity, and individuals involved have been administered amnestics.

After arriving at the destination, the exploration team is disguised as military personnel in marching. At 00:23, Agent Gerald Ford encountered the entity while on monitoring duty. With knowledge about the entity beforehand, the agent quickly approached and communicated with it. The following transcript is taken from an audio recording by Agent Ford’s body recorder.

<BEGIN LOG, 2005/07/24, 00:24 PM>

[SCP-069-VN seemed to be “patrolling’’ the surrounding area and encountered Agent Ford.]

SCP-069-VN: (Pointing firearm at Agent Ford) Hold it. What are you doing here?

Agent Ford: Private First Class Gerald Ford, of the US Army 131st Reconnaissance Brigade. How about you?

SCP-069-VN: (put the firearm back in its holster, saluted) Greeting soldier! Private Richard Alfred Hill of 311st Intelligence Brigade, Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Surprised to see a fellow American soldier here. Sorry for threatening you, I usually act like this toward strangers coming here.

Agent Ford: It’s fine, actually. But… Why are you here, and as some kind of ghost even?

[Agent Ford brought two plastic chairs and handed one for SCP-069-VN. They then sat down.]

SCP-069-VN: Thanks. It’s been so long, I hardly remember why. And about how I was here, well—it’s the Vietnam War, y’know. I, along with six other guys about my age, was drafted into a squad and sent here in 1964. At first, I had no intention of joining after what I’ve known about the recent World War, but my teacher often talked about our victories and got us pumped up, so we signed up to make our mom and dad proud. Youngsters, y’know.


SCP-069-VN: We were ordered to gather intel and send them to HQ, so while others were on the field, we did the brainwork. We got to go to quite a few places too, but it was only fun when it was traveling, and back then…

Agent Ford: I get it, it’s war. But how did you… become like this? Like, I thought you had gone for a long time?

SCP-069-VN: Maybe it’s God’s will. In my two years here, I’ve seen so many innocent people fall from the barrel of our people. At first, I felt nothing for them, just trying to follow orders and all. Until that day…

Agent Ford: The day you were gone?

SCP-069-VN: Yeah. I couldn’t recall the dates, just that we entered this area. Usually, intel folks like us don’t have to go first, but this was a remote region and others were busy fighting nearby. It used to be pretty secluded, took us almost two weeks to get in. Gotta admit, the Viet Cong has nature on their side.

Agent Ford: I wonder if there was anyone here before? Last time I checked, this village was only built in '70.

SCP-069-VN: (sigh) There were. It was also called ██████ Village back then. But when we… (SCP-069-VN paused).

[30 seconds later.]

Agent Ford: You're okay?

SCP-069-VN: I’m fine, I’m fine. Just… (sigh) You may have guessed what I was about to say, right? What hurt soldiers like us the most wasn’t sickness, famine, or death. But that we have to kill. We are simply tools of government – those who invade in the name of enlightenment. (snorted) I despise them, but I’m not better than them. I killed people— yes, my squad and I had to lay waste to the village by the higher-up's order. And by that, I mean complete extermination… the elderly, the children, and even the newborns.


SCP-069-VN: Since then, I started to feel guilty. But who’s to blame? My hands are drenched in innocent blood. And you know what, the moment I fell down—I felt relieved. Probably my squadmates well.

Agent Ford: Which reminds me, why is there only you now?

SCP-069-VN: How ironic that they were found and returned to their home, but not me. But what do I care, a killer like me isn’t fit to be called a “hero”. If God wants me to stay here, then I’ll try my best to make up for all the lives I’ve taken, and for their children.

Agent Ford: So the “ghost” in those videos is you. We thought there were some Y-Class in Vietnam. So how exactly did you make up for what you’ve done?

SCP-069-VN: Well, just minor things really, patrolling around for suspicious people like you, for example. Seems like the folks here know me and even call me a “good ghost”. At least I can still protect them in this way.

[Agent Ford offered SCP-069-VN a cigarette. SCP-069-VN put its firearm down, received it, and smoked.]

SCP-069-VN: What time is it?

Agent Ford: (looked at his watch) 8 minutes till 1 AM.

SCP-069-VN: (stopped smoking) Hey, can I ask you for a favor?

Agent Ford: Sure.

SCP-069-VN: I know this sounds weird, but can you help me do this?

[SCP-069-VN pulled out from its pouch a black-and-white photo of a woman carrying a baby. SCP-069-VN handed it to Agent Ford.]

SCP-069-VN: Gerald, this is my mom — she sure is pretty right? And that baby is me. Hope you can do this. I’ve been gone for over 50 years, and I think she… is watching me up there. My dad left us from tuberculosis when I was a kid, so mom is the only one who took care of me.

(SCP-069-VN teared up.)

Agent Ford: Where’re you from?

SCP-069-VN: Tennessee, a remote countryside with those green fields and the Great Smoky. If you could, find the tomb with the name Margaret Hill at Nolensville Cemetery — I think they let her rest beside my dad. When you’re there, please clean it up and put some coneflowers there. (smile) I recall she liked them.

Agent Ford: I promise.

[Agent Ford’s watch struck 1:00 AM.]

SCP-069-VN: (smile) Thank you.

[SCP-069-VN slowly demanifested. The cigarette in SCP-069-VN’s hand fell to the ground.]

<END LOG, 2005/07/25, 1:00 AM>

Addendum 069-VN-1: SCP-069-VN no longer manifested after this interaction. Therefore, it has been reclassified as Neutralized.

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