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Item #: SCP-070-DE


SCP-070-DE inside a formicarium

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-070-DE must be kept in a regular Formicarium at Site-DE-19. They are to be fed, on a daily basis, ten (10) drops of simple syrup, two (2) dead insects weighing approximately 20 mg each, and a quarter (1/4) piece of apple. Any remaining foodstuffs must be removed after two (2) days to prevent mildew growth. The following procedures must be observed during feeding:

  • Feeding personnel must be wearing encapsulating, gas tight hazmat suits (Type 1/Level A) for protection against ants', particularly their venomous glands.
  • The fodder must be placed in small plastic bowls, at the upper left corner of the formicarium from the observer's point of view.
  • Feeding personnel must always watch the aperture of the formicarium to ensure that no member of SCP-070-DE manages to escape.

Description: SCP-070-DE is the designation given to an anomalous colony of ants of the genus Anoplolepis (pugnacious ants). They can be distinguished from regular species of Anoplolepis by slight physiological differences as well as in their abilities. Signs of genetic modification have been identified in all members of the colony, which accounts for their coloration, among other things.
All members of SCP-070-DE are pink in colour and highly aggressive. Tests have shown that the average weight of an SCP-070-DE member is approximately 14 mg, yet they are able to lift objects in excess of 20,000 times their own weight (ca 280 g).One SCP-070-DE member has been observed carrying a clipboard weighing 128 g (see Incident-██-██-01).

Discovery: SCP-070-DE was "accidentally" discovered by Dr. ████████ at a gay club. The proprietor had been using them as a form of decoration and had purchased them from a merchant out of Costa Rica. The person in question has since been located by the Foundation and subsequently drafted as a D-Class personnel member. He claimed to been breeding SCP-070-DE himself.

Incident-██-██-01: On ██/██/██, three members of SCP-070-DE managed to breach containment at Site-DE-19. An MTF was called in to perform a thorough search of the entire facility, until one of them was discovered in a desk drawer in Dr. Klark's office. Another one was found in Corridor-██, which led to the restricted area of SCP-████. The last one was found by a Level 3 staff member, who had noticed a moving black clipboard leaving the restrooms.

Addendum: Fodder quantity is to be increased from ten (10) to thirty (30) drops of sugar water, to account for SCP-070-DE's population increase.

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