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SCP-071-IT-1-A on SCP-071-IT during the first recording log

Item #: SCP-071-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-071-IT must be contained within a standard containment room at Vesta Site.
The room must be well-lit at all times and surveillance cameras must record the front and back of SCP-071-IT 24/7, audio included.
To allow easier filming, SCP-071-IT must be lifted vertically into the air by steel cables passed through the four holes in the corners of the object.
Personnel have free access to the containment room of SCP-071-IT, and a polarized glass window was inserted for free observation.

Note from Dr. Simone Cortesi: Please, for all junior researchers assigned to viewing SCP-071-IT recordings, I ask you not to save recordings of your colleagues/peers visiting the aforementioned containment room for personal purposes. The Server only has a certain capacity, and if there are any problems you will receive a disciplinary notice and we will deduct the cost of the technical maintenance from your paycheck. You have been warned.

Description: SCP-071-IT is a deer hide later identified as that of a Cervus elaphus from the Bronze Age1, measuring 250x150 centimeters and in perfect condition, with a variegated brown and gray fur.
SCP-071-IT previously belonged to the clothing found with the Similaun Mummy "Ötzi", and it is assumed that the skin must have served as a cold weather cloak.

The anomalous properties of SCP-071-IT are randomly activated (even months or years apart), always followed by a very rough tribal rhythm that are usually audible within a 50-meter radius from the containment room.
On rare occasions, the voice of an unidentified woman may also be heard along with the background sound.
At the end of the music, the anomalous properties of SCP-071-IT will manifest, creating Bronze-colored incisions on the grain of the skin; these incisions will create "scenes" such as an animation consisting in 5 events2, which will occur at random dates and times, repeating continuously from first to last.

On ██/██/2015, the scenes began to play back in a distance of months, rather than years like during the beginning of the containment.

Recovery: Several reports of "disturbing noises" heard by some passers-by, who claimed they were coming from inside the Bolzano museum, alerted the SIR-I, which immediately got in action to conduct an inspection of the museum offices and to recover the surveillance tapes.

A cover-up process was then initiated, informations regarding the coat were removed from museum records and online databases. On ██/██/20██ SCP-071-IT was removed from the museum via a fictitious Foundation artifact restoration agency, and was replaced with an accurate reproduction plant fiber cloak.


The following documents are transcripts of SCP-071-IT recordings in its active state.

Supplementary Section

The following note was left in the office next to the SCP-071-IT containment room.

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