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A grove of SCP-071-KO

Item #: SCP-071-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: The foundation is keeping ten SCP-071-KO trees currently. As normal felling is impossible, if a specimen is found outside of the foundation, Sangrok Construction Planning Inc. which is paper company of foundation should remove it immediately, under disguise of roadwork or building maintenance or civil engineering.

It is hard for an unconditioned civilian to distinguish SCP-071-KO from normal streetlight. The foundation made a manual describing how to distinguish streetlight from SCP-071-KO. ten specimens kept in the foundation are to receive electric power and status checking twice a day. A seed or sapling produced from specimens is to be terminated.

Description: SCP-071-KO is a species of tree, botanically belongs to Cupressaceae. Height of small specimen is around 3 m, but it can grow to 12 m in the highest. And even higher growth can be possible according to condition. It is unquestionably plant botanically. Though it can be ensured by microscope observation, it seems very similar to standard streetlight. Mostly the tree grows upright, and the stems are hollow. The vessel resembles electric wire, and the tree absorbs electricity from root, through this vessel. On the top of tree, there is a translucent bioluminescent organ. This organ emits light to lure insects at low luminous intensity under 3-4 lux.

It is noted that it is totally lacking leaves structure, and it seems not to photosynthesize. Instead, SCP-071-KO grows up by absorbing electricity. CO and NOn, mainly from vehicle smoke help to boost the growth of SCP-071-KO. An insectivore also can help absorption of nutrients. It is unknown which organ performs insectivorous activity, though the corpses of insects often piles up in the translucent bioluminescent organ, this organ is presumed to be related with insectivore. For that reason, it is usually found in the urban environment, full of electric lines and vehicle smokes, it also can be found in unexpected location such as the middle of mountain or field.

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