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Photograph of SCP-072-TH taken by a drone prior to Event 072-TH-B

Item # SCP-072-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As it is impossible to relocate and contain SCP-072-TH in the Foundation's facility, current containment procedures is focus on isolating ███████ Island. Outpost Site 72-TH has been established on a nearby island. Security personnel are to turn away any civilians approaching the area within 2 km. radius from the island. At least one combat team with heavy weaponry must be stationed on Outpost Site 72-TH all the time in the case of SCP-072-TH's attack. Seabed vibration sensors have been installed around the island. Any personnel wish to approach the island within 100 m required a written permission from the project director.

Description: SCP-072-TH are a group of animated full plate armors similar to 13th century knight armor. As the Foundation is unable to subdue or neutralize SCP-072-TH, as well as the objects' hostility, currently there is no sample of SCP-072-TH in the Foundation's possession. Although all instances of SCP-072-TH appear to be empty, they can move on their own with surprisingly high agility and speed, consistence to a human of similar size who practice athletic activities on regular basis. They also has higher strength than human. SCP-072-TH is much more durable when compared to non-anomalous steel armor of same design. Although high explosive and heavy bludgeoning can cause a armor to badly dented, and firearm can penetrate them, so far the Foundation is unable to cause enough damage to break even a small part out of the armor and they can move with full efficiency regardless of the damage. There is a hypothesis that each instance of SCP-072-TH is a unique entity, their current numbers is unconfirmed but estimated to be at least 40 instances. It was initially believe that SCP-072-TH can restore damage on their own, but after tracking a damaged suit with a remote device suggest that they keep reserved armors within the castle and SCP-072-TH can transfer its anomalous properties from the damaged armor to a reserved. It is unknown what happen the damaged armor.


Non-anomalous helmet of similar model with SCP-072-TH's

SCP-072-TH is capable of speak in an unknown language. All attempt to communicate with them ended in failure. It is noted that SCP-072-TH never use vocal method to communicate with each other, yet they display ability to work as a team. There is a hypothesis that SCP-072-TH are not sentient and their speech is merely a automatic warning message. SCP-072-TH has combat skill comparable to a trained soldier and known to use tactic include using trap, set up ambush, and guerrilla tactics by take advantage of the environment. SCP-072-TH were armed with only a broadsword initially, but are found using other medieval weapons since Incident 072-TH-B. A weapon used by SCP-072-TH has hardness anomaly similar to the armor itself. Prior to Incident 072-TH-B it was possible to make limited exploration using aerial drone as SCP-072-TH would ignore it unless the drone would attempt to get in the castle, at which point SCP-072-Th would chase it off. This make it effective to survey most of the island including the outer wall of the castle. However, SCP-072-TH has aggressively attack aerial drone since Incident 072-TH-B, as well as destroy all remote survey devices. There is no report of SCP-072-TH get in the body of water surrounding the island, although they were observed to patrol or stand guard near the coast.

Discovery: SCP-072-TH was first discovered in Castle ██████████████, a tourist attraction on the ███████ Island after report of missing tourists during a tour trip. The local officers proceed tos search the location and discovered an undocumented secret passage. The search team encounter SCP-072-TH afterward, result in █ casualties among the castle's staffs and officers. An embedded agent within the police department informed the Foundation with the report of how they were attacked by animated armors. After a investigate team has confirmed of the anomaly, ███████ Island has been declare a dangerous area in cooperation with the government, with cover story of unstable underground rock formation and toxic gas leak. All casualties were suffered from the gas's hallucination effect and kill themselves. All witnesses have been administered amnestics and released.

According to official records, the ███████ Island was used to imprison persons with significant status during the period of Middle Age, including individuals accused for practice black magic. It was abandoned until recently renovated for tourism purpose less than a year before the incident. There is no record of anomalous activity prior to the discovery.

Incident 072-TH-B
██/██/████: MTF-ค "Don Quixote" leaded by Agent ███████ was assigned for exploration of Castle ██████████████. The team was supposed to enter from the of castle keep by drop down from helicopter as it's deem to be safe from SCP-072-TH. However,the helicopter was shot down by a group of SCP-072-TH using heavy crossbow1. Three members of MTF-ค are rescued afterward, and they confirm that other personnel are killed either by the clash or SCP-072-TH2. During the escape, the Foundation rescue craft were hit by several bolts from SCP-072-TH's heavy crossbow. Analysis of these bolts reveal that they're made from non-anomalous steel which is inconsistent to the damage upon the craft. There is a hypothesis that the anomalous effect of SCP-072-TH is either limited to the area around ███████ Island or SCP-072-TH themselves. The full report of Incident 072-TH-B is still in compiling and review process.

Afterward, an aerial survey reveal that the wreckage of the Foundation's helicopter has disappear although the clashing damage is still visible. The possibility of SCP-072-TH utilizing heavy equipment such as siege weapon or get out from the island by walking underwater is being considered. The containment procedures has been updated and proposals to reclassify as Euclid is currently under review.

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