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Item#: SCP-072-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: All instances of SCP-072-TH are currently contained in Castle ██████████████, the site of their original discovery. As it has proved impossible to immobilize SCP-072-TH or to move the anomalies from their original location, containment has focused on limiting the anomalies' movement to the island on which the castle is located. A containment perimeter has been established around the island to prevent unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-072-TH is the collective designation for several sets of 13th century plate armor. The armor appears to be hollow, with engravings in an unidentified alphabet on the interior surface. Instances of SCP-072-TH are capable of independent motion and are universally hostile, attacking any person who enters Castle ██████████████. The armor that composes SCP-072-TH is significantly more durable than non-anomalous armor; if pieces of SCP-072-TH instances are damaged, they will be replaced with new pieces sourced from an unidentified location inside Castle ██████████████.

SCP-072-TH instances communicate with each other in an unidentified language with numerous loan words from 8th-century Vulgar Latin; due to the objects' hostility, however, communication has thus far been impossible.

Other anomalous properties of SCP-072-TH instances include:

  • Very fast running speed (Comparable to Olympic-level sprinters – Dr.████)
  • High resistance to physical damage (While concussive force from grenades and other explosives usually doesn't have much effect, bullets are still able to damage them. – Dr.████)
  • High strength (One instance was able to drag a fully-loaded transport van for 400 meters; fortunately, it was not able to pick it up and throw it, although it seemed to be trying.- Dr.████)
  • Ability to regenerate damaged armor (Actually, it appears that damaged instances are replacing their damaged parts with new pieces from somewhere inside the castle's keep.- Dr.████)
  • SCP-072-TH instances wield swords which are able to cut most materials (Not quite everything—it seems that SCP-072-TH instances are unable to damage their own armor. – Dr.████)

A helmet belonging to an instance of SCP-072-TH

All attempts to retrieve swords from SCP-072-TH instances have failed; while attempting to retrieve a sword, it was discovered that it was composed of anomalously durable gold and was engraved with the same alphabet as the engravings on the inner surface of SCP-072-TH instances.

Discovery: SCP-072-TH was discovered in Castle ██████████████—a fortified island continuously occupied for approximately 2,500 years—by a group of tourists; reports of a "ghost in armor" drew media attention, and ██ individuals were killed by SCP-072-TH instances before containment was established by Agent ██████.

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