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SCP-073-CS SCP-073-CS-1 inside its enclosure.

Item #: SCP-073-CS

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Note: SCP-073-CS is collectively used for all instances of SCP-073-CS.

Description: SCP-073-CS is a grizzly bear, which has instead of its normal mouth a bear trap made out steel with a step on mechanism connected to elastic tissue. SCP-073-CS kills its prey by tackling it onto the ground, opening its mouth, extending the bear trap out of its mouth, biting into the neck of the prey and breaking it afterward. After SCP-073-CS terminates its prey it proceeds to eat it. Outline of the bear trap cannot be seen even though the trap is much larger than the mouth of SCP-073-CS, this has led the researchers to speculate there is a space anomaly within the mouth of SCP-073-CS.

Addendum 073-CS 1: During a veterinary checkup, which has been made due to SCP-073-CS being a non-anomalous Grizzly bear apart from its bear trap mouth, have been discovered bear trap wounds on its front left leg.

Addendum 073-CS 2: On 30.8.2032 3 bear cubs have been born with identical anomalous properties as SCP-073-CS. The mother is probably Ellie the bear. These cubs have been marked as SCP-073-CS-2 to -4. The father is now marked as SCP-073-CS-1. SCP have been updated.

Addendum 073-CS 3:
Incident 073-CS-1 a: On 10.3.2046 SCP-073-CS-1 died. The cause of death has been confirmed as a complete failure of organs due to the age of the subject. Immediately after the death of SCP-073-CS-1 all other instances of SCP-073-CS ran to the remains of SCP-073-CS-1 and started eating them. On-site security has been forced to tranquilize the instances and separate them into cages. SCP have been reworked.

Addendum 073-CS 4:
Incident 073-CS a: 47 days after the SCP have been reworked all instances of SCP-073-CS simutainlously vocalized loud roars and started biting the cage bars. All instances broke containment at the same time and escaped from the Site after terminating a large part of the on-site security personnel. The blood loss of all instances has been minimal. Due to an unknown reason, the tracking chips stopped working. The instances escaped into a nearby forest with a large bear population. Due to SCP-073-CS not having any special visual traits their re-containment is considered impossible. The documentation of SCP-073-CS has been reworked.

List of changes:

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-073-CS are currently uncontained. All media are to searched to detect any news about the instances of SCP-073-CS. The detected news is to be fact-checked and if confirmed MTF Hotel-08 - Bear Hunters is to be dispatched.
/\sending emergency signal/\ ERROR
Hm… interesting. Wouldn't it be a shame if someone got there before you and made everything public, wouldn't it Foundation? I'll be there.

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