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Photograph of Site-27 hallway taken with SCP-073-KO.

Item #: SCP-073-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-073-KO is to be stored in a standard small anomalous object locker. Personnel with Security Clearance Level 1 and above may freely use the object after filling out the details in the usage ledger. Use of the object is prohibited unless authorized by Security Clearance Level 4 or higher personnel.

Description: SCP-073-KO is a ██ company ████-type digital camera. With the exception of a few scratches on the bottom of the object, it is indistinguishable from other products of the same model. The object can be disassembled and reassembled normally, but no anomalous properties were observed when some of its parts were replaced.

SCP-073-KO's anomalous properties manifest when a photograph is taken with the object. Photographs taken through the object do not show the subject as it is, and exhibit several differences compared to standard photographs:

  • Humans and animals in the photographed space are not captured.
  • Plants with short life spans are not captured in the photographed space, whereas plants with long life spans are captured as they are or have grown further.
  • Small artifacts in the photographed space are infrequently captured, and occasionally other small artifacts are captured within the space.
  • Large artifacts in the space photographed often appear to be much older and are often photographed as partially or entirely covered by vegetation.

Due to their differences, photographs taken via SCP-073-KO are usually described as "ruined". The object's anomalous properties are innocuous and can be determined to be of no value, allowing free use by Foundation personnel.

SCP-073-KO was found in the home of a photographer in Daegu, Republic of Korea. After his death, the anomaly of the object became known in the process of arranging the artifacts by relatives. Attempts to trace the origin of the object have been unsuccessful.

Addendum: On 5/9/2017, Researcher ██ with Security Clearance Level 1 died after using SCP-073-KO to photograph an empty anomalous object containment chamber. It was later determined that Researcher ██'s cause of death was a cognitohazard included in the photograph taken.

Following reexamination of SCP-073-KO, several additional features were revealed in photographs taken over the object:

  • All photographs taken in the same space at the same location are identical.
  • All time indicators (e.g., shadows, constellations, etc.) shown in the photographs; point to the same date and time, which is inferred to be ██:██ on ██/██/2███ GMT.

Special Containment Procedures have been revised as of 6/1/2017.

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