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Item #: SCP-074-EL

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation must maintain an artificial field within the Site-40 data laboratory to activate the event SCP-074-EL at all times. The use of local cameras must be observed.

All unauthorized personnel attempting to approach SCP-074-EL will be forcibly withdrawn.

Description: SCP-074-EL is a hollow wooden structure that resembles the famous Trojan horse. SCP-074-EL averages 2m wide, 5.1m high and 17.1m long, and is known to vary widely in style and construction, occasionally including visual images of wood and rope. SCP-074-EL occurs only at night. Recording equipment or human presence is sufficient to avoid this. Therefore, there are no direct observations of its manifestation.

These cases will try to cause furniture damage, attacking the people around. Although no deaths have been reported as a result of SCP-074-EL activity1.

If the restriction is broken, SCP-074-EL must be apprehended by an available MTF who can apprehend it and no team with less than four (4) members is allowed to participate in the apprehension.

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