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An SCP-075-INT instance manufactured by an unknown Group of Interest.

Item #: SCP-075-INT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-075-INT instances controlled by the Foundation are currently being researched at Site-Kybian and Site-DE10. Under no circumstances should the instances be powered, revived or otherwise activated. Instead, a fail-safe copy of every instance is under construction by Foundation researchers and must be used if testing is required.

Items retrieved during Event-075-INT-1 are currently being analyzed and documented. Any information about Event-075-INT-1 leaked to the general public must be made to appear unbelievable using Foundation Webcrawler 360-Ψ ("The Tin Foil Hat") in conjunction with Protocol-075 ("It's True. No Fake News.").

Description: SCP-075-INT is a collection of massive, highly advanced robots and/or vehicles comprised of diverse anomalous technologies and cooking utensils. Their appearance, size and inner workings are highly variable, but all SCP-075-INT instances appear to be designed for retrieving fragile items from dangerous locations, storing them and transporting them back to a base of operations. While some instances require the presence of a pilot or pilots, others are remote controlled or entirely autonomous. Most of these contraptions have a roughly humanoid appearance, but others have a more unique design. Seven were built by the SCP Foundation itself, as detailed thereafter.

Recorded non-Foundation instances include, non-exhaustively:

  • A steam-powered robot representing a fox hunter with a shotgun. The eyes are two red spotlights. The name "Artemis" is engraved on the chest plate.
  • An android modeled after a samurai in full armour with a range of deployable kitchen utensils on the inside and a traditional Hachimaki headband.
  • A black robot with the appearance of an upright-walking aurochs or minotaur with an apron, bearing an insignia which depicts a V-shaped bird against a blue-grey background.
  • A completely mechanical giant octopus primarily made of brass. On the upper side of the mantle is a windshield behind which the pilot, an individual wearing a standard diving suit, could be seen.
  • A nuclear-powered, mushroom-shaped vehicle mounted on caterpillars, featuring upwards of 20 separate controllable mechanical arms hidden in the mushroom cap.
  • An organism with a purple exoskeleton consisting of chitin and keratin, roughly human-shaped, but with four arms and multiple eyes and noses. How it was controlled is unclear.
  • An antique-looking, oversized toy robot painted purple, yellow and violet with a large "W" painted in white on the chest. It was apparently powered by a group of three unnaturally muscular English bulldogs and five similarly modified corgis in running wheels. It was piloted by a young woman in a top hat, an older woman in a sky-blue dress and a man of indeterminable age.
  • A six-legged vehicle welded together from various parts, which resembles a miniature castle. Closer examination revealed that it was barely held together by thaumaturgic seals and would have required constant patching by the pilots. A number of magically inclined subjects have been sighted in its vicinity.
  • An ornate humanoid robot with four arms, two horn-like antennae and with a permanent smile. The "hairs" were flexible, prehensile fleshy tentacles. This instance had exceptionally advanced mechanics and seemed to hover at all times. A logo depicting a laughing, horned being could be seen on the "armour."
  • A vehicle resembling a white Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1) painted with polka dots, with four oversized tyres in a style evocative of monster trucks. The inscription "Fun-Lover Rodeo" was spray-painted on the left side. On the sides were two oversized mittens mounted on springs. Of the three pilots, two were dressed in clown costumes while the third individual was an unidentifiable life form.

The items were constructed by several Groups of Interest in order to compete in Event-075-INT-1, informally known as the "Grand esoteric cooking tournament". Event-075-INT-1 is scheduled to occur on 7 May 2022 in an extra-dimensional space in the outskirts of Paris, France. According to recovered information, teams of contestants will be given an imparted time to prepare a dish with anomalous ingredients that they will have collected using SCP-075-INT instances; the winning prize is described by the organizers as an "esoteric artifact of immeasurable value." The event was advertised on various internet forums pertaining to the anomalous as well as in brochures and through word-of-mouth. The organizers of the event are so far unidentified. Although it is advertised as "annual," no past occurrences are known to the Foundation.

The event will be monitored by MTF 20-Rena ("Seers"), who will insure that there persist no visible consequences outside of the extra-dimensional space and block access to civilians. In order to study the behavior and technology of the attending Groups of Interest, the event will be allowed to occur without interference from Foundation forces. In addition, a delegation of Foundation agents fitted with video cameras, microphones and abnormality measuring instruments is to participate to the event undercover. To this end, an instance of SCP-075-INT has been assembled by Foundation researchers. Meanwhile, MTF Mu-12 ("The Rummagers") is to search the premises and locate the aforementioned prize in order to identify it and retrieve it. They will receive support from MTF 9-Alice ("Deep in Reineke's Burrow") in case difficulties arise during navigation. Any outgoing radio signals will be jammed in order to obscure potential live footage of the event. As many People of Interest and Group of Interest members as possible must be detained when the event finishes.

Addendum 1: Recovered brochure for Event 075-INT-1

Due to a memetic effect, this document can be understood by any subject regardless of what languages they speak. The address has been redacted.

Addendum 2: Event 075-INT-1 transcript


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