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Logo of SCP-076-DE

Item #: SCP-076-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Whenever a app store is found to be distributing SCP-076-DE, it should be given low ratings and negative reviews by fake accounts, to keep the average rating as low as possible and ensure that users do not download or use the app.

Individuals who download SCP-076-DE are to be located by tracing cell phone data supplied by app store operators; when these individuals are located, the effects of SCP-076-DE are to be reversed, all affected individuals and witnesses are to be amnesticized, and SCP-076-DE should be deleted from the phones and app store accounts of affected individuals. If affected persons commonly use similar apps, non-anomalous versions should be installed.

Instances of SCP-076-DE-2a, -2b, and -3 are to be taken into custody and allowed to choose between permanent internment as E-class personnel and euthanasia. SCP-076-DE-2a instances that choose internment may interact freely with other Foundation personnel, as they pose no anomalous threat; they should receive regular psychological care. SCP-076-DE-2c instances are to be taken into Foundation custody, if possible, to be examined and put under observation; the head researcher for SCP-076-DE can order their termination at any time.

Description: SCP-076-DE is a free, advertisement-free "Face-Swap" app for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. It is regularly published on the most popular app stores for these operating systems via anomalous means and often appears at the top of search results in locations normally reserved for apps which have paid an extra fee to the app store. The databases of the app store providers contain no information regarding when or how the app was added to their stores, nor any record of payment for placement in search results. The app requires camera access and has multiple options to connect it to social media sites. As the app is re-uploaded within hours if it is removed from an app store, the current containment procedures are designed to reduce the app's exposure to the public, rather than delete it entirely. The author of the app is listed as "Dr. Chaos".

If two or more individuals use SCP-076-DE, their faces are, similar to other face-swap apps, exchanged live in the camera feed. If more than two individuals are on camera, it is possible to choose who exchanges face with whom. As soon as a photo is taken, SCP-076-DE's anomalous effect manifests: the faces are physically exchanged between the affected individuals. Consciousnesses are exchanged alongside faces. Affected individuals (designated SCP-076-DE-1) often suffer a heavy shock, and panic attacks are also common. Switching bodies with an individual of opposite sex usually results in nausea and emesis.

Affected individuals do not demonstrate any other physical anomalies, and the new face adapts to the skin color of the body without any visible blending. Facial features determined by sex hormones, including facial hair, are preserved. The rest of the body, including the brain, show no physical changes. The face and body are genetically different, but no rejection reaction will occur. The effect of the anomaly on SCP-076-DE-1 instances can be reverted by using the app again and does not result in any permanent damage. If the app is deleted after use, before the effect can be reversed, it is impossible to revert the effects by reinstalling the app or by using it on another device. In these cases, the app shows a non-specific error message. Individuals whose transformation cannot be reversed are designated SCP-076-DE-2a.

It is possible to use SCP-076-DE to exchange the faces of humans and animals. When it is used in this manner, affected individuals show, in addition to extreme shock, symptoms of panic, stress, and aggression. When these symptoms have subsided, both the entities with human consciousness (SCP-076-DE-2b) and those with the consciousness of animals (SCP-076-DE-2c) exhibit behavior that is a mix of behaviors of the two species. The ability of SCP-076-DE-2c instances to use human bodies depends on the intelligence of their original species rather than the larger capacity of the human brain; the intelligence of SCP-076-DE-2b instances is not decreased. Tests with D-class personnel and apes have shown that apes transplanted into human bodies adopted behavior patterns similar to less-intelligent human and were able to use rudimentary vocal communication. When the consciousness of a dog was transferred to a human body, the entity was unable to use a toilet and whined until it was allowed to relieve itself on an indoor lawn, enjoyed dog toys and disliked cats and wearing clothing, but was able to walk upright.

For humanitarian reasons, it was decided to grant SCP-076-DE-2a and -2b the choice between internment and euthanasia. Qualified SCP-076-DE-2a instances can be used as Level 1 personnel for technology, maintenance, and site management tasks which do not involve contact with other anomalies.

If the app is used to exchange a human face with an inanimate object depicting a face, such as a puppet or a portrait, the face is exchanged but the object remains inanimate and the human body quickly expires from asphyxiation.

If there is only one individual's face in the camera's field of view, the app usually displays an error message. In rare cases (<1.3% of recorded incidents), the face is exchanged with another, seemingly random person; the resulting entity is designated SCP-076-DE-3. This individual shows significant disorientation and often has massive memory gaps prior to their exchange of identity. Often these individuals are people of advanced age, although all age groups have been represented. Some faces show signs of disease or considerable injury. Responsive SCP-076-DE-3 instances report memories of long out-of-body experiences prior to the use of SCP-076-DE. Subjects also report that these memories are forgotten quickly, like memories of dreams, and have been unable to repeat descriptions of these experiences.

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