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A civilian parasitized by SCP-076-JP

Item #: SCP-076-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-076-JP instances, except for research specimens, are to be incinerated. All instances for research purposes are to be marked with their item number in paint and be fitted with a GPS transmitter. SCP-076-JP instances are to be stored in item storage containers, not in standard biological containment chambers. They are to be inspected annually, and should be fed the corpses of D-class personnel if they show signs of emaciation; attempts at other feeding methods have not been successful. After feeding, the corpses are to be promptly incinerated.

Description: SCP-076-JP is a species of presumed terrestrial shellfish that mimics a plastic safety helmet. Its helmet component consists of a calcium-based shell, which is similar in weight and texture to plastic. Its main body mimics the internal buffer material. Although SCP-076-JP can crawl with tentacles resembling chin straps, it is inefficient and not capable of agile movements.

Because of this, SCP-076-JP prefers to inhabit enclosed areas such as residential buildings. Its metabolism is extremely slow and it can tolerate long periods of fasting, although it seems to need to feed once every few years.

A needle several centimeters long is hidden in the main body of SCP-076-JP, which is disguised as buffer material, and any individual carelessly wearing SCP-076-JP is immediately subjected to predation. The needle penetrates the cranial cavity and reaches the victim's brain, where it exerts its influence through secreted chemical substances.

The victim's cognitive decline leads to a false belief that they are experiencing a catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster. On rare occasions, they may falsely perceive that a war, a terrorist attack, or an occupation of the town by a zombie horde is in progress. In all cases, the victim would never attempt to take off their SCP-076-JP. They also begin to seek a safe shelter to protect themselves, flee to an enclosed area, where they remain indefinitely.

Thereafter, the victim is continuously absorbed body fluids and brain tissue from the needle, eventually leading to a gradual death. The corpse is then used as a food source for SCP-076-JP, as well as a safe spawning ground. The hatched larvae ingest calcium and protein from the corpse and eventually become adult instances of SCP-076-JP.

When others attempt to remove SCP-076-JP from the victim, they resist as best they can. At the same time, large amounts of stimulant substances are injected from the needle, which makes the victim unable to feel pain, and their personality undergoes a drastic change and becomes violent. The only way to rescue the victim is to physically destroy SCP-076-JP before removing it. It should be noted, however, that the victim's brain still has needles in it. See the Experiment Log for further details.

Addendum: SCP-076-JP instances had colonized a warehouse in a chemical plant, and caused mass casualties when they were accidentally worn during an emergency drill. █ employees died while ██ others were permanently disabled to varying degrees, █ of whom have not recovered consciousness to date.

The incident was covered up as a major industrial accident. Since all victims were falsely convinced that an actual explosion occurred during the evacuation drill, it was deemed unnecessary to administer amnestics to them. The chemical plant was properly rendered consistent with the victims' memories.

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