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Item #: SCP-077-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-077-DE is locked in a room with dimensions 12 x 1.5 x 2 m, containing several fans are located on the walls and ceiling. These fans must remain active around the clock, so as to prevent SCP-077-DE from attaching its threads to the walls and spinning a net. The door may only be opened if surveillance cameras have confirmed that SCP-077-DE is located at the far end of the room. Employees may enter the cell exclusively in groups of no less than four (4), two (2) of whom must be armed. Only heterosexual male as well as homosexual female employees have access.

Description: The appearance of SCP-077-DE is, most of the time, that of a ca. 25 year old white man. In this form he is described by most observers as extremely attractive, especially by homosexual men. When SCP-077-DE detects a homosexual man near him1, SCP-077-DE attempts to seduce this person and lure him into a suitable, secluded area, such as internally lockable rooms.

From this moment on, SCP-077-DE tries to initiate intimate body contact, most of the time sexually. During this process, SCP-077-DE injects a fast-acting, paralyzing venom, that makes it impossible for the victim to move or call for help, via a small stinger located on the tongue of SCP-077-DE2.

Following this, SCP-077-DE takes on its secondary form, which resembles a humanoid version of an arachnid from the famil Araneae (webspiders). The metamorphosis takes exactly twelve (12) seconds during which: SCP-077-DE's limbs are split, giving it the eight limbs characteristic for arachnids; the thorax takes on the form of an arachnid prosoma; the abdomen morphs into an arachnid opisthosoma. In this form SCP-077-DE can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Afterwards, SCP-077-DE spins its victim into a cocoon of a tear-resistant version of spider silk3 before it starts consuming the victim. For the complete consumption of an adult man of average size, SCP-077-DE needs about 7 minutes.

Studies have shown that SCP-077-DE in human form emits pheromones that, when inhaled by subjects4, activates certain areas of the brain associated with sexual arousal, causing the subjects to feel strongly attracted to SCP-077-DE, though not immediately infatuated, requiring SCP-077-DE to employ verbal seduction techniques.

SCP-077-DE seems to possess human intelligence. However, more accurate research suggests that it is guided by instincts and that its flirts are a reflexive hunting technique. Interrogation of SCP-077-DE has revealed neither anything about SCP-077-DE's origin nor the reasons behind its preference of homosexual men.

Addendum 30.07.20██: During incident ███-██, SCP-077-DE temporarily escaped from its cell, whereupon he wandered around Site-DE6 in its arachnid form, killed several employees (irrespective of gender and sexuality), and, seemingly by accident, fell into the cell of SCP-023-DE-01 before it could be immobilized by a task force. SCP-023-DE-01 later stated that it had seen a stylized number and a stylized letter on SCP-077-DE's abdomen. Site Manager Dr. ██████ allowed Dr. Klanic to examine SCP-077-DE by way of SCP-023-DE. Dr. Klanic confirmed the stylized symbols. It has yet to be confirmed whether these characters, recognized as <4R>, are a natural pattern which can only be seen by SCP-023-DE, or whether these characters indicate that SCP-077-DE was branded by somebody or something else.

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