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Item #: SCP-077-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-077-KO is stored in compartment 2 in the unimportant items storage facility of Site-██. No special security monitoring is needed. The subject is to stay in the compartment, except when it is moved to a research facility. Experiments regarding the item are to be done with the approval of Class 3 personnel or higher.

Description: SCP-077-KO refers to a hundred white cotton briefs. No notable features exist, except for a black triangle drawn in front of the briefs. Testing has shown that the strength of the subject does not differ from regular cotton. The subject was found where Venture Capitalist ██████, who actively participated in events such as ███ forum, or ██████ technology display held by ███ city, killed himself, where it was stored in multiple boxes labelled "incomplete".

SCP-077-KO anomaly shows when human body parts touch the inside of the subject. The body parts that touch SCP-077-KO's inside goes through the side into another dimension, making it look as it disappeared from the outside. Machinery and prosthetic body parts can also go through the inside. Analyses showed the texture and composition of the inside are no different from regular cotton.

The body parts disappeared due to SCP-077-KO's effects does not return to where it was, even when the subject is taken off. Only the parts that directly come in contact with disappear and the remaining parts look like it is covered with skin. Even if the remaining parts contact SCP-077-KO again, it is not connected to the original parts. However, personnel report no discomfort in moving the parts removed by SCP-077-KO.

SCP-077-KO does not affect the subject's anomaly even if it is contaminated, but if the inside is contaminated or cut, the subject loses its original anomaly. However, sewing multiple subjects together did not affect the anomaly. Following that, putting body parts that were originally too big to fit in briefs in the subject was conducted.(Refer to test log 077-1)

Test log 077-1

Subject: D-259542
Researcher: Dr. Olivia
Test contents: Put D-259542's head inside SCP-077-KO's sown together.

<Start of Log>

D-259542: So, should I put my head in here?
Dr. Olivia: That is correct, D-259542.
D-259542: I don't want to put my head in this thing, even if it's new…
Dr. Olivia: I understand, but you have to.
D-259542: Oh well… Here goes nothing… (He picks up SCP-077-KO and slowly moves it to his head.)
Dr. Olivia: (Typing Noises) That's about a third in its way. Anything peculiar?
D-259542: Nothing peculiar except for the fact I'm about to put a piece of underwear on my head, doctor.
Dr. Olivia: Then please proceed.
D-259542 (Pulls SCP-077-KO deeper on his head. His head is half inside the subject, its waistline on D-259542's eyes.) I can open my eyes now, right?
Dr. Olivia: Of course.
D-259542: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (Pulls SCP-077-KO away from his head and throws it away.)
Dr. Olivia: What's the matter, D-259542?
D-259542 Fuck!!! Oh lord!!! Too many dicks… AAAHHH!!!
Dr. Olivia: Calm down, D-259542. What do you see?
D-259542: Dicks! Fucking dicks!! All I see is dicks!!!!!!

<End of Log>

Conclusion: D-259542 requested for any form of help, but as there is no means to help D-259542, the Foundation suggested to terminate D-259542 at his will, which D-259542 declined. D-259542 is currently running other duties with his head half gone.

Note: Other experiments are considered unnecessary, and thus are cancelled.

Addendum 077-2: The following document is found along with the subject at ██████'s suicide site. How ██████ gained the technology to develop the subject is unknown.

I wanted a world where pants are not divided by gender.
But I was not enough.
Even if I die, I wish someone will continue to finish my work.

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