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Item #: SCP-079-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area with a radius of ten (10) kilometers around SCP-079-FR must be declared as rare bison species reserve and banned from entering. The area must be fenced and remain under radar surveillance, warning signs must be set up along with security to escort any civilian who would choose to ignore the alerts. The flight over the area is prohibited.

Causing physical harm to residents of SCP-079-FR, whether using firearms or cold weapons, is forbidden.

Description: SCP-079-FR is a small village located in the ██████████ forest, Poland, at ██████°N, ██████°E.

SCP-079-FR includes a number of buildings such as wooden houses, shops, stables, blacksmith shop, laundromat, water wells, etc. Despite their old appearance, they do not match any particular era and are often stylistically similar to various structures around the world.

Furthermore, many architectural anomalies indicate that these buildings are unfit for habitation, craft or trade. Doors can't be shut and are devoid of any locks; windows are unglazed, and chimneys and gutters are closed from the ends. Houses occasionally lack "vital" rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens, and there are no signs of habitation (food, leftovers, household items, etc.).

The village and its inhabitants seem to exist independently of each other.



SCP-079-FR is inhabited by thirty-four (34) thirty-five (35) entities.

Although these entities look like average people, they always remain inert. Neither the weather, threat, nor the pain had yet caused them to react. They do not appear to need food or air, and their immobility does not cause them to have cramps, damage, or a loss of muscle mass, that one would expect from such a condition. However, the analysis of their organic tissues showed that they were alive and are subjects of aging.

The entities show no signs of a heartbeat. Their blood, however, seems to continue to circulate slowly, but continuously.

Electroencephalography research (EEG) showed that their brain activity is close to that of a person in a coma.

In absence of interactions with humans, these entities stand completely static. It looks like no external force is capable to transport them. Towing SCP-079-FR-15 with a 4x4 Hawkai quad bike (with a thrust force greater than 4500 N) did not bring any results.

Nevertheless, entities are susceptible to wounding using firearms or cold weapons. The wound thus inflicted can be infected, which leads to gangrene and to the detachment of the decomposing parts. This, however, does not affect the bodily integrity of the wounded in any way: SCP-079-FR-03, that was accidentally cut in the thigh area by Agent ██████, currently has lost both of its legs and the lower abdomen due to lack of medical attention. Nevertheless, it retains his position in space ("floating" above the ground) and continues to act and speak in the same way as it did before.

In the case of human interaction, the inhabitants of SCP-079-FR will respond by initiating a dialogue and performing pre-determined actions. During the dialogue they seem to know only a limited selection of predefined sentences that will utter if they match the words of the interlocutor. If the interlocutor raises the topics that are unrelated or too complex, the entity declares with a predetermined phrase that it does not understand or will ask to repeat the question.

A detailed diagram of the possible questions and answers that may be asked to an entity can be obtained from Dr. Ambrozy.

Once the dialogue begins, the entities will start proposing objectives to the interlocutor. Currently, only three of these objectives have been completed, the others remain impossible, either the request was too impractical (fetching an object that does not exist or is not present at the specified location) or because [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the objective requires to obtain an object from another instance, it will mimic an act of presenting the object to the interlocutor while keeping its hands empty. It is assumed that the initial object exists only in one copy and has already been given to someone else. Replacing the object with a similar one did not work.

Tasks that involve entering the forest should never be executed. Although entering the forest without obtaining an objective does not represent any risk.

An inspection revealed the forest around the village did not contain any animal life form larger than an insect. However, footprints and excrement have been discovered, indicating the existence of white wolves, wild boars, abnormally large birds, gigantic insects or arachnids as well as [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: All the inhabitants of SCP-079-FR seem to match the profiles of various people reported missing in Poland or Belarus. Eight (8) of them were employees of a [DATA DELETED] video game publisher. The others were also reported missing in a period of time from the company shut down (in 20██) to the present day.


SCP-079-FR-18 during a dialogue. Note her wrist.

Incident 079-18:

██/██/20██, SCP-079-FR-18 was observed partially regaining control of herself. While her body remained perfectly still and acted as usual during an interaction, her right hand began shaking and scratching her left wrist until it started to bleed. This action lasted one minute and eight seconds (1min 08), after which SCP-079-FR-18's arm returned to its habitual state.

Since this, SCP-079-FR-18 has been constantly scratching her arm, at a rate of approximately one (1) scratch every twenty-four (24) days. It turned out that she was trying to write "pomóż mi" on her wrist, which means "help me" in Polish.

On-site personnel must disinfect self-inflicted scratches on SCP-079-FR-18 to avoid gangrene that can repeat SCP-079-FR-03's incident.

Incident 079-34:

██/██/20██, SCP-079-FR-34 was observed partially regaining control of himself. While his body remained perfectly still and acted as usual during an interaction, he started displaying the signs of intense agitation with one eye, looking around in panic and fixedly staring at the Foundation agents who were trying to make contact with him. In the course of two hours and thirty-six minutes (2h 36), SCP-079-FR-34 was experiencing extreme lacrimation, after which it returned to its habitual state. There have been no similar cases since.

Incident 079-21:

In ██/██/20██, SCP-079-FR-21 partially regained control of his speech during the dialogue with the Agent ████████. The incident lasted two minutes and twenty seconds (2min 20) before SCP-079-FR-21 returned to its habitual state.

Incident 079-00:


The best available photograph of "the man in black."

An individual in a black medieval robe has been seen errant in the forest around the village and observing the troops of the Foundation in ██/██/20██, ██/██/20██, le██/██/20██ and ██/██/20██. This entity has still not been captured and its identity, as well as its nature, remains unknown.

The research continues. Although it may be an external element, it must be considered that this individual can be an integral part of, or even instigator of, SCP-079-FR, and therefore may be particularly dangerous.

In case of an encounter, it should be captured alive.

Incident 079-01:

In ██.██.20██, a graffiti was found on the wall of the village entrance guard post. It reads "0.7.6, poprawione błędy" in Polish, which means "0.7.6, bugs fixed". During the night, numerous of objects appeared all over the village, including "consumables," or items suitable for certain objectives, such as SCP-079-FR-06's twenty (20) bottles of the "Miracle Elixir." The red substance that was applied to the wall has not been identified. The security also did not detect anyone entering the village.

Incident 079-02:

In ██.██.20██, three weeks after the Incident-079-Epsilon-15, a new graffiti was discovered, on the wall of the forge. It reads "1.0.0, Twoja księżniczka jest w innym zamku" in Polish, which means [DATA EXPUNGED].

To all personnel that can to read Polish: I ask you not to interpret this message. Everyone is concerned and there are already pernicious rumors causing our agents to panic. Yes, SCP-079-FR exists in a single exemplar. No, there is no 'contamination' or a reason to worry. The Safe class will remain.

- Dr. Ambrozy

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