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SCP-079-IT upon discovery

Item #: SCP-079-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079-IT is to be contained in a standard chamber in Wing 4 of Site Vulcano. The cell is provided with a table and an electrical outlet, to which it must remain connected in order to avoid resets of SCP-079-IT-1. SCP-079-IT must be at least 0.7 meters away from any technology produced after 1982, except for experiments approved by DRIA. To access it, a request must be made to the Logistics and Timing board of Site Vulcano, which will assess requests on a case-by-case basis. Access is granted to staff of Level 1 and above.

Description: SCP-079-IT is a model M-20 computer manufactured by Olivetti in 1982, lacking a hard disk. Its CPU is incapable of reading floppy disks: on the other hand, the SCP-079-IT is able to interact with other electronic devices, through a forced connection with them. SCP-079-IT is able to do this by using electronic networks, both private and public1. Once connected, one is capable of interacting with SCP-079-IT via its connected device, in the rare cases where the SCP-079-IT operating system, PCOS, allows it. In most cases, the SCP-079-IT interacts with the connected device, copying its processes and codes and applying them to itself2. Most of the time, SCP-079-IT is unable to process the collected data, resulting in a crash and reboot. Once restarted, SCP-079-IT does not remember the information it previously absorbed and will attempt to connect again.

In addition to the operating system, there is another preinstalled program in SCP-079-IT. It is a real-time simulation game set in Ancient Rome, which for graphic3 and processual capabilities should not be able to start on an M20. The game, from here on SCP-079-IT-1, will start when carica"0:0" is typed on the home screen: the command will automatically create a new world, that is a rapidly expanding Roman city. As it turns out, the game has no home screen and no credits, making it impossible to discover its author.
The purpose of the game seems to be to observe the development of the city. During the game, the city will expand in both buildings and population, give rise to a more complex system of government, and bring out certain personalities as well as typicalities of the place.
SCP-079-EN-1 is devoid of any graphical interface and options. This not only prevents one from acting technically on it, adjusting the volume or zooming, but also from taking part in the game itself and saving it. For this reason, the game will start over every time SCP-079-IT crashes.
In the standard speed each second is equivalent to one second in real-time: further speeds, since the dedicated command keys are not present, are impossible to reach.

Recovery: SCP-079-IT has been acquired in an auction in Rome. Members of SIR-I Aureæ Notitiæ had gone there to view a supposedly anomalous item, which turned out to be a simple necklace of fake diamonds. SCP-079-IT was an early item, an heirloom that the batter's grandfather was very fond of, according to the batter himself. Having invited those present to play SCP-079-IT-1, a member of the β Squad, Agent Moiro, agreed and turned on the PC. SCP-079-IT then manifested its anomalous properties in front of the agent by inputting the ringtone of his smartphone as game audio. SCP-079-IT reset itself almost instantly, thereby evading the attention of the batter. It was made to believe that the ringtone was coming from the audience.
The piece was purchased at ███ euros, due to the disinterest of those present. The batter has been interviewed, although it hasn’t been possible to obtain further information, as he confessed the PC was stolen and the story invented.

Experiments on SCP-079-IT: The most relevant experiments conducted on SCP-079-IT follow. Only experiments in which SCP-079-IT did not crash due to the amount of information, or in which important details were revealed before that happened, are marked.

Test 1, 19/10/19██ - Range of action of SCP-079-IT

Subject: A Bluetooth speaker
Procedure: The speaker has been placed next to SCP-079-IT
Results: The SCP-079-IT-1's in-game audio changed, following the music coming out of the speaker.
Analysis: I wonder what’s its range. Dr. Limares

Test 12, 07/02/200█ - Type of technology it comes into contact with

Subject: A walkie-talkie from the ‘70s
Procedure: The walkie-talkie has been placed next to SCP-079-IT
Results: No effects.
Analysis: SCP-079-IT does not appear to be able to connect to devices older than itself. This needs to be further verified. Dr. Dossi

Test 14, 13/02/201█ - Type of technology it comes into contact with

Subject: PS4 console. No game put inside
Procedure: The console has been placed next to SCP-079-IT
Results: The console GUI representing the player profile, in this case, Dr. Rallo's son, appeared on SCP-079-IT. SCP-079-IT-1 continued to run behind the background that had become transparent, although very slowly. SCP-079-IT crashed after 2 minutes.
Analysis: SCP-079-IT-1 doesn’t seem to be strictly correlated to SCP-079-IT, with the ability to run even when the former manifests its anomalous properties. Maybe SCP-079-IT-1 is not anomalous at all in itself? If one could extract the file, it would be interesting to have a look at it. Dr. Rallo

Test 21, 26/12/201█ - Type of technology it comes into contact with

Subject: Dr. Dossi’s personal4 cellphone fresh from the factory
Procedure: Cellphone has been placed next to SCP-079-IT
Results: Once connected, SCP-079-IT went back to the photo gallery and applied the process in SCP-079-IT-1. During the game day, photos appeared at the top of the screen, mostly from the point of view of the inhabitants of the town, in the graphics of the application.
Analysis: SCP-079-IT seems to interact not only with the GUI but also with the NPCs themselves. Perhaps it is possible to make them respond to external impulses? Is this something envisaged by those who built this kind of technology? Dr. Dossi

Test 25, 03/01/201█ - New methods to influence SCP-079-IT

Subject: Dr. Dossi
Procedure: Dr. Dossi typed "Hello" SCP-079-IT’s keyboard
Results: Word appeared on the town square floor. The market that used to take place there was discontinued, and the square was no longer frequented.
Analysis: My hypothesis was correct. Now we can continue testing on SCP-079-IT without risks to privacy, resets, and crashes. Dott. Dossi

Test 35, 04/01/201█ - In-depth study of the keyboard of SCP-079-IT

Subject: SCP-079-IT
Procedure: On SCP-079-IT’s keyboard has been typed the command: "Create rock"
Results: A rock has been created outside the city.
Analysis: It is now possible to modify SCP-079-IT-1 at an impressive speed and accuracy, without taking advantage of the anomalous effects of SCP-079-IT. One must, of course, watch out for the curious people who have been wandering around the city lately. Dr. Limares

Test 36, 07/01/201█ - In-depth study of the keyboard of SCP-079-IT

Subject: SCP-079-IT
Procedure: On the keyboard has been typed the command: "Delete hello"
Results: The "Hello" on the town square has been deleted.
Analysis: It is possible to correct commands. And now, at least, the citizens will no longer be so upset and all those numerous lords with servants in tow, who have increased the population recently, will be able to make themselves useful. Dr. Limares

Test 39, 13/01/201█ - NPCs interactions in SCP-079-IT-1

Subject: SCP-079-IT
Procedure: On the keyboard has been firstly typed the command "Go to war", then "Let’s go to war" and, in the end, "War"
Results: No effects.
Analysis: Overriding the free will of citizens does not seem possible. Dr. Dossi

Following this test, Dr. Dossi has been accused of not have taken a serious approach in SCP-079-IT’s analysis, as the last two commands were typed without authorization. He has been therefore removed from the project.








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