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Item #: SCP-079-PT

Threat Level: Yellow Red

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079-PT must be kept in a normal research room in the Research Sector of the Intelligence Department, using regular safety measures agaisnt radioactive activity so that further research into its operation can be carried out, conducted by Dr. Aurora.

SCP-079-PT must be kept in an isolated room with lead walls in Area PT15, managed by the Research Sector of the Intelligence Department, with constant surveillance through cameras and radiation meters.

Experiments involving SCP-079-PT must be carried out using nuclear protective suits, with only the individual who will open the box in the room. Instances within SCP-079-PT must be watched for at least 15 seconds per week, and recordings containing the box open must censor the box to prevent its effects from affecting the viewer. Experiments involving SCP-079-PT must be managed by Dr. Aurora, including the administration of Class-D personnel.


Photograph of SCP-079-PT from the Historiographic Archive of the Lusophone Foundation "JS Photography".

Description: SCP-079-PT is a box that has an appearence similar to ordinary cardboard and has the feel of a metallic material to the touch. Analyzes done on the material that makes up the box proved inconclusive. Any individual within 5 meters will begin to hear whispers coming from SCP-079-PT, with the voice of someone the individual considers to have a high level of affection asking to "get out of the box". If the individual does not have someone they consider to be close with, the whispers will turn into screams of an unknown male voice.

Inside SCP-079-PT is contained a small planet, denominated as SCP-079-PT-1. The planet constantly maintains itself at the center of SCP-079-PT, performing a basic rotational movement around its own axis. SCP-079-PT-1 shows two configurations, called SCP-079-PT-1-A and SCP-079-PT-1-B, depending on the individual who is interacting with the object. To avoid overkilling Class-D personnel, tests to understand the planet's functionality were done using common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). These tests resulted in the conclusion that each configuration of SCP-079-PT-1 has approximately a 50% chance of appearing to the individual.

SCP-079-PT-1-A is a planet with human symbolism for death, such as tombs, goat skulls, among other minor ones. Individuals who observe this configuration for more than 5 seconds will start to undergo rapid mutations in their body, which will start from the extremities of the body until they consume it completely, transforming it into pieces of uranium in the shape of the individual. Usando a Geiger counter, it has been discovered that exposure to SCP-079-PT-1 will cause exponential emission of radiation from SCP-079-PT.

SCP-079-PT-1-B is a planet similar in appearence to Earth, having trees, undergrowth and water, with all vegetation identified as natively Brazilian. Individuals who observe this configuration for more than 5 seconds, similar to the first configuration, will undergo rapid mutation from the back, expanding to the extremities and consuming the entire body, transforming it into pieces of thorium in the shape of the individual. This configuration has been shown to make SCP-079-PT emit less radiation compared to SCP-079-PT-1-A.

SCP-079-PT was discovered in the Angra 2 nuclear power plant, in the office of the employee █████ ███████████ during a security inspection on 14/12/20██. The employee's whereabouts are currently unknown. A written note to ███████ ███████, ex-wife of the missing employee, who was found dead on 07/11/20██, was found with SCP-079-PT. The note follows below.

Addendum-079-PT-A (29/12/20██): In a test conducted by Dr. Aurora two weeks after the containment of SCP-079-PT to verify if the effects of SCP-079-PT worked on the blind, which resulted in two Class-D personnel who had cataracts and hyphema turning to uranium and thorium, SCP-079-PT began to emit levels of radiation unusual to those previously reported. When opening the box, respecting the special containment procedures, the radiation stopped being produced by SCP-079-PT and disappeared. It is estimated that there were ███ casualties among personnel. Research into what caused this behavior are being conducted.

Addendum-079-PT-B (30/01/20██): One month after the events of Addendum-079-PT-A (29/12/20██), during an experiment to verify if recordings of SCP-079-PT-1 would have the same effects as face-to-face viewing, SCP-079-PT began to exhibit the same behavior, but intensified. The resolution of the problem was the same as in Addendum-079-PT-A, with an estimated ████ possible casualties. "From what was reported and personally seen, the accumulation of radiation can happen at any time, and can cause serious consequences, as the amount of energy that can be released at one time is unpredictable. I request a class change to Euclid, Threat Level of Red and a review of the containment procedures." - Dr. Aurora

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