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Item #: SCP-079-UA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079-UA should be stored in the standard safe-objects containment chamber at Section 197 in Site UA-80. Permission for experiments may be received from personnel with 3 access level and higher. Reading of SCP-079-UA is only permitted to D-class personnel that are involved in the experiment. All SCP-079-2-UA must be kept under surveillance while the effects of SCP-079-1-UA take place. SCP-079-0-UA's physical existence is currently deemed impossible. MTF "Creators of Legends" must track mentions of SCP-079-0-UA and check the existence of SCP-079-UA duplicates.

Description: SCP-079-UA is a copy of "The No-Sided Professor" by Martin Gardner, published in Ukrainian. Its cover mentions "██████ █████" as the publisher1. ██ grammatical errors were found in the text. Also "€", the Euro sign, is used throughout the text instead of "є"2.

SCP-079-1-UA is an anomalous effect that affects subjects who read at least 80% of SCP-079-UA; the subjects under the influence of SCP-079-1-UA are further mentioned as SCP-079-2-UA. Under the influence of SCP-079-1-UA effect, the subject (SCP-079-2-UA) becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a surface that has zero (0) sides (further: SCP-079-0-UA). Some of SCP-079-2-UA report that they "hardly imagine how it should look and how to create SCP-079-0-UA". At almost 90% of cases, the effect of SCP-079-1-UA will manifest through the subject's attempt to create SCP-079-0-UA from paper, cloth and other materials, or try to explain the theoretical possibility of SCP-079-0-UA creating. In about 10% of cases, the subject will attempt to prove the impossibility of the creation and existence of SCP-079-0-UA.

Also detected that subjects, who were influenced by SCP-079-1-UA, gained knowledge about the existence and possibility of creating surfaces such as the Möbius strip, Klein bottle, and Projective plane3. Sometimes, subjects called SCP-079-0-UA as "Sheet of Slyapіnarsky", where Professor Slyapіnarsky (further: SCP-079-W-UA) is the protagonist of the story "The Null-Sided Professor", who, according to the SCP-079-UA, was the discoverer and first creator of SCP-079-0-UA. Also, it was noted that some SCP-079-2-UA subjects, that are under the influence of SCP-079-1-UA, attempt to clarify or correct definitions of terms such as "surface", "surface side", and "number of sides".

Experiments show that the SCP-079-1-UA's effect lasts from 7 to 10 days, after then it disappears may disappear or go into the latent phase (see Incident INC-079-000X). Applying Class-A amnestics to the subject and erasure of any information about SCP-079-UA results in a premature complete cessation of the SCP-079-1-UA's effect.

The following are protocols for selected experiments with SCP-079-UA.

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