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Item #: SCP-080-IT

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The cave entrance through which SCP-080-IT-1 can be accessed is to be fenced and monitored via video surveillance. In the event of unauthorized access, a team from SPeV-I has to intervene and apprehend the violators. Following questioning, they will need to be given an appropriate dose of amnestics. The interior of SCP-080-IT-1 is to be similarly remotely monitored and a SPeV-I team has to perform a patrol tour of SCP-080-IT-1 and the surrounding underground network once a month. During the study periods, the assigned team of scientists will reside in the purpose-built facility within SCP-080-IT-1 along with a SPeV-I team responsible for protecting the research personnel.

The remains of some instances of SCP-080-IT were transported to the Sito Plutone and are still being studied.

Description: SCP-080-IT is the collective classification given to a species of living things of a crystalline nature presumed to be extinct1. No instance of SCP-080-IT has ever been found alive.
Instances consist of a previously unknown crystalline material and are "spring green2" in color. The original organization of the civilization was that of a hive mind and the species had reached a high intellectual level, as evidenced by the building of SCP-080-IT-1. Physically, SCP-080-IT instances are formed of:

  • A squared central torso.
  • A "head" which presents itself as a direct continuation of the torso. It appears to be unable to move in respect of the latter, effectively making them a single block.
  • Three lower limbs articulated in a manner similar to a human leg.
  • Two upper limbs articulated in three segments and ending with a prehensile apparatus of four “fingers” placed at right angles to each other.

The Foundation's scientific staff have not yet been able to understand how the SCP-080-IT instances could be considered living due to the complete lack of internal organs or any tissue diversification; in fact, no changes have been detected in the crystalline material of which the instances are composed, which appears to be inert. Given the species’ original hive-mind nature, which implies a complete sharing of consciousness and knowledge, there are no writings containing information on this subject.

SCP-080-IT-1 is a subterranean city previously inhabited by SCP-080-IT. The city is accessible from the surface through a cave in the Ligurian Apennine mountains in the province of Genoa. The structures inside have suffered minimal deterioration despite millennia of neglect. All the buildings have been excavated in the living rock with primitive tools. Their analysis revealed that most recent constructions date back to 6000 years ago. Many of the walls of these structures and parts of the cave itself are covered with inscriptions that were later identified as conversations of various kinds.

From the number of buildings and SCP-080-IT remains found, it is assumed that the species numbered between 700 and 800 individuals3. At the center of SCP-080-IT-1 is a huge crystal made of the same material as the SCP-080-IT instances and which, according to the recovered sources (see Addendum 2), was the central core of the species during the "hive" phase. This is supposed to have served as the seat of the shared consciousness of the species and was the source of the new bodies through an unknown process.

Addendum 1 - Recovery: The entrance to the cave was discovered accidentally in 1976 by two members of the C.A.I.4 who were in the area to identify the best route for a new hiking trail. They later reported the discovery to a local caving group who immediately prepared an expedition to explore it. After 4 days inside the cave, they found the huge room in which SCP-080-IT-1 had been built. The news soon spread through the caving community and soon attracted Foundation’s attention. Agents of SSM-VIII "Subterranea Materia" then took control of the site and to all witnesses were given amnestics. The mapping of the main cavern lasted until 1998 and that of the adjoining galleries until 2013.

Addendum 2 - Recovered History Report: Attached are the contents of a diary written on stone tablets by an instance of SCP-080-IT during the period when the species went extinct. The instance does not give itself a name but refers to the species as Cutrul and to SCP-080-IT-1 as Goliban or The City and claims to be the last surviving member of the species at the time of writing. The text was translated after Foundation staff managed to decipher the language used by SCP-080-IT instances in what is referred to as the "individual" phase.

This language appears to be unarticulated and simplistic, which would seem to confirm that it was invented in a short time to meet the practical needs of the species. The translation of this language was successfully completed in 2019, partly due to the strong similarities with languages of the Tyrrhenian family, such as Etruscan and Rhaetian. The reason for these similarities remains unknown and one can only speculate about them. Apparently, it was the norm to write on city walls for conversations, while other writings were engraved on stone tablets. It is thought that this was done for reasons of order and to enable the transportation of these writings.

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