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SCP-081-UA in quiescence.

Item #: SCP-081-UA

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object should be stored in a dedicated drawer of Site ██'s morgue, at the temperature from +2 °C to +4 °C. For the purpose of conducting experiments and responding to the possible containment breaches, the inventory of Site ██ must contain a set of field or everyday officer uniform of the Russian Airborne Forces, model 2014, decorated with appropriate insignia and badges. Under no circumstances may the bag covering of the object be opened.

Description: Externally, the object constitutes an unmarked black body bag made of high-pressure polyethylene; several fusion spots may be observed, indicating previously damaged areas. Although currently there is no safe way to confirm this by direct visual observation, but tactile examination, as well as computer tomography data, indicate that the body bag contains a partially decomposed male corpse. Application of radiological examination methods is complicated by a significant number of small, irregularly-shaped metal objects residing inside the body. Nevertheless, their location, as well as the fragmentation of particular bones and ruptures of internal organs, indicate a violent death (see Post-mortem examination report PM-A- 081-UA).

Manifestation of the object's anomalous properties depends on its temperature. At temperatures below +8 °C, SCP-081-UA is quiescent and cannot be distinguished from similar non-anomalous specimens. When the temperature exceeds the aforementioned mark, the object gradually acquires mobility, starting from its upper part and reaching the area of the lower extremities within ten minutes.

Upon reaching full mobility, SCP-081-UA will attempt to assume an upright position; on success, the object will immediately begin moving east. The principle behind the faultless determination of the correct direction of movement is currently unknown; large-scale outdoor testing, including such in local magnetic anomalies, could not be conducted due to the security situation. Experiments conducted on the outskirts of Kyiv indicate minor (up to a millisecond) changes in its trajectory, depending on the location. It is believed that, by projecting the object's trajectory, it will be possible to determine its destination point; proper conditions for carrying out the necessary research are awaited.

Usually, SCP-081-UA will attempt to move eastward regardless of obstructions in its path, bypassing land obstacles by the shortest route available and crossing the water ones. Due to the physical inability of the object to make the movements necessary for swimming, this normally ends with SCP-081-UA drifting downstream, followed by re-establishment of the trajectory upon reaching land. When encountering an obstacle that cannot be circumvented — ex., when entering the active state in an enclosed space — the object will stop moving in its normal direction. Instead, it will start chaotically moving within the accessible area, pushing things over, and headbutting windows and doors. It is believed that by doing so the object is trying to draw attention to itself, in order to enable the change of its dislocation and return to its route.

Although under normal conditions SCP-081-UA will ignore humans and other living beings in its path, two significant exceptions exist. The first one is the object's aggressive reaction to any active attempts to prevent its movement. When provoked, the object will pursue the triggering subject until tactile contact is made, which in all recorded cases has resulted in the breach of the covering bag, followed by ████████████████████████████; in the light of the above, experiments of this kind are currently prohibited. The second exception is the object's reaction to persons in the officer's uniform of the Russian Airborne Forces. This reaction occurs most stably on the everyday and field uniform of the model, which has been adopted since 2014. In the presence of a person dressed in such, SCP-081-UA immediately stops moving and straightens its frontal part towards it. If there are several such persons, it will react on the person bearing the insignia of the highest rank; in the case of equal ranks — to the visually oldest. The object will then try to fulfill all commands of such person, regardless of their nature, danger to itself or the principle possibility of their completion. A particular experiment is noteworthy in this regard: agent Appel, dressed as a colonel of the Russian Airborne Forces, ordered the object to "disappear", while being in a closed room. Unable to leave the premises, it fell to the floor; after receiving criticism from agent Appel for failure to complete the task, SCP-081-UA huddled under the radiator, becoming increasingly agitated under the further comments, until the experiment was aborted due to the risk of breaching the integrity of the object's covering bag.

Circumstances of discovery: SCP-081-UA was discovered on 31 March 2022, in a dead-end siding of the Primysky terminal of the Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi Railway Station, after the section lost power due to the damaging of a high-voltage transmission line by a fragment of a downed Russian missile. Due to the lack of electricity, the temperature inside the refrigerated wagons, storing unidentified corpses from the Buchan district of the Kyiv region, neared +10 °C, leading to the transition of the object to its active state. A detachment of the National Guard of Ukraine encountered it on duty, when the object was already following the sleepers to the public railway. After an attempt to stop the object resulted in ████████████████████████████████████████████████, the incident was communicated to Site ██. Its specialists cleaned and decontaminated the affected area, isolating the anomaly in a freight wagon along the object's trajectory. On the night of 1 April, the air temperature dropped to +6 °C, which subsequently led to the object's return to quiescence. The wagon with the object was then transported to Area ██/5, where, after a week of monitoring, the initial containment procedures were established.

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