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082-α shifting

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler GH930L ("The numbers, Mason!") is to monitor internet forums for mentions of SCP-082-CS.

All radio transmissions in the area affected by SCP-082-CS are to be monitored. Potential witnesses of the radio communications by SCP-082-CS will undergo amnestic treatment.

All attempts at radio communication by SCP-082-CS are to be recorded for later analysis and archival purposes. Without the permission of the Project Lead, the assigned staff is not allowed to communicate with the anomaly.

Description: SCP-082-CS is a nonphysical conscious entity outside our space that is able to communicate in a limited area by a radio transmission.

SCP-082-CS transmissions can be received only in the affected area (referred to as 082-α), which has an approximate size of 0.035 km2 and is located on the northeast bank of the Lipno dam; since its discovery1 it has shifted roughly 70 meters East.

SCP-082-CS uses old radio recordings for communication, from which it extracts individual words and puts them into relatively meaningful sentences. These sentences are then broadcasted at 9.82 MHz. SCP-082-CS broadcasts wholly irregularly using multiple languages; it can receive radio broadcasts on the same frequency on which it transmits (9.82 MHz).

The anomaly was discovered on April 17, 2008 after the publication of an article on an online forum talking about the so-called "number stations" with attached coordinates and a sound recording. However, given the recorded transmissions it is estimated that the anomaly has existed since the 60's. Author of the original post has been found and underwent amnestic treatment.

It is not known how exactly SCP-082-CS originated.

    • _

    Below is a shortened list of recorded broadcasts.

    17. 4. 2008

    48 — 63971 — 14 — 21636 — [Incomprehensible]. Caution. Caution.

    Note: This recording is the original recording from the internet forum.

    6. 9. 2010

    We need — [Incomprehensible] away. I have to return. — There is no time.

    19. 11. 2013

    There is — Dark and — Far [Incomprehensible] — no space — We not alone — I will. Get outside.

    1. 2. 2018

    Please — Exists. Way away. Where is?

    7. 4. 2021

    I know. (that?) — Hear. — I hear you. — Respond.

    Note: This is the first time that SCP-082-CS expressed interest in communicating.

    174 recordings omitted. For more information contact your Site's archivist.

    • _

    April 8, 2021

    After receiving the message on April 7, 2021 the supervising researcher Tomáš Pecha received permission from the Project Lead to conduct an interview. The recording follows.

    Researcher: <clears throat> Hello? Do we hear each other?

    <SCP-082-CS does not respond>

    Researcher: Is anyone th—

    SCP-082-CS: We're here. Who are you.

    Researcher: I'm researcher Tomáš Pecha, I have a few q—

    SCP-082-CS: Finally. After — time. Please. I have to go.

    Researcher: Slowly, please. Do you know where you are?


    SCP-082-CS: I'm here. A long time. Long time. No — Space everything — Is here. Nothing. And everything.

    Researcher: What do you mean? Are you outside space?

    SCP-082-CS: Yes. I hear radio. Feel radio. Speak radio.

    Researcher: Uh, okay. Do you have any idea how you got to this state?

    SCP-082-CS: The plane is not perfect — I was home. I can get out. I need to get out.

    Researcher: Why can't you get out? What's keeping you?

    SCP-082-CS: Don't know how. There is no time.

    Researcher: Time for what?

    SCP-082-CS: To try. They — will know.

    Researcher: They? You aren't alone there?

    SCP-082-CS: I know them. Far — don't want. Please.

    Researcher: What are you talking about?

    SCP-082-CS: They know about me. End, end.


    Researcher: Hello?

    <END LOG>

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