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Item #: SCP-082-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-082-IT has to be contained inside of a standard containment safe at Site Minerva, in the wing that hosts the Mind and Memetic Studies Division. The element can be used only for testing purposes, with prior authorization needed from the research coordinator. Knowing the hypothetical risks related to the use of the object, SCP-082-IT can be worn only by D-Class personnel. Given the absence of anomalous activity when not used, its containment doesn't require any additional safety measures.

Description: SCP-082-IT is a bronze helm of corinthian design; although its creator and origins are still unknown, thermoluminescent dating1 traces the origin near the 8th-century BCE., in Ancient Greece. As shown by repeated experiments, SCP-082-IT seems to have no anomalous properties; once worn, however, it will enter an active state.

An inscription written in Greek will appear on the front of the helm, which reads: "Και o σοφός και o δυνατός" ("Both the wise and the powerful", which can be interpreted as "The one who knows is the one who holds power"). The individual wearing SCP-082-IT will experience a hyperfunction of their cognitive processes, borne by the vigilance, the ideation, the memory and the intellect. The nature and intensity of these alterations vary according to the time spent on the head.

  • From the start of the test to 6 hours (the "maniacal" phase): the subjects show hyperactivity, rapid speech and low attention span; when given the freedom of choice they'll prefer to dedicate themselves to activities that require the use of creativity (i.e.: writing or drawing), switching from one to the other in a disorganized manner.
  • From 6 to 48 hours (the "performative" phase): the subject behaves more coherently and is now capable of focusing on specific activities. Standardized tests reveal an improvement in logical-mathematical, linguistic, visuospatial, and procedural intelligence performances, with every score over the average. 3-4 hours of sleep seem to be enough for adequate rest.
  • From 48 hours to 5 days (the "wise" phase): the subject reaches intellectual levels no longer measurable via tests conceived for normal human beings, being capable of learning enormous quantities of information in a very short time period and executing any task with maximum efficiency (i.e.: learning from scratch to play an instrument or solving complex mathematical equations); they also develop an eidetic memory, allowing them to remember even the most insignificant detail. The need to sleep is abolished altogether.
  • From 5 to 7 days (the "encyclopedic" phase): the subject is capable of "remembering" notions of which they have never come to know before, which are virtually the entirety of human knowledge; notions are verbalized in response to specific questions but are also capable of emerging spontaneously, in the form of intrusive thoughts that interfere with the normal flow of thoughts.
  • For information about longer duration tests see Incident 082/1971.

The EEG highlights an uninterrupted and increasingly higher Beta and Gamma2 wave brain activity, even with closed eyes; sedative and hypnotic drugs have little or no effect. Part of the waves are originated from SCP-082-IT itself as if it "overwrites" those of the host; it's therefore not clear whether SCP-082-IT merely influences the minds of others or whether it possesses some form of consciousness. The moment when SCP-082-IT is removed, these alterations will cease and the individual will appear confused and disoriented, reporting memory loss related to the period of use.

Addendum 082-IT (Recovery): SCP-082-IT has been for years part of the private collection of [REDACTED], a rich and well-known collector of ancient artifacts, who purchased it at the black market from an unknown seller. Its anomalous properties have been unobserved for a long period of time, until the man's child, of 9 years old, decided to casually wear the helm to a play; it was later found by the parents after several hours, the child began to manifest signs of an IQ far above the norm. The rumors about the "little genius" and the "miraculous helmet" reached the Foundation's agents, who then proceeded to cover up the news and confiscate SCP-082-IT.

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