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Item #: SCP-082-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-082-JP is stored in a standard hazardous object containment storage at Site-8181. Testing with SCP-082-JP requires the approval of a personnel with Security Clearance Level 4 or higher.

Description: SCP-082-JP is a traveling carry bag manufactured by █████ Co., measuring 46cm x 30cm x 9cm. Its material is generic and non-anomalous; no other products from █████ Co. have shown unusual properties.

SCP-082-JP' s anomalous properties manifest when it is used for international travel purposes. The user of SCP-082-JP disappears without warning before they reach their destination1. The contents of the SCP-082-JP or lack thereof, as well as the means of transportation, have no influence on the phenomenon. This anomalous properties manifest only when the user is aware that they are using the SCP-082-JP for international travel.

After the disappearance, a vast, extra-dimensional space is generated inside SCP-082-JP. The details of extra-dimension change with each occurrence, but it is always a desolate land such as wilderness, desert and uninhabited jungle, none of which are not exist in reality. This space can be accessed freely through the apertures of SCP-082-JP. The locations where the SCP-082-JP aperture is connected vary; it appears on the ground in about 80% probability, but some have been confirmed to occur in the air. Based on explorations by unmanned drones, it is presumed that the size of this extra-dimension is infinite.

A humanoid entity with the same appearance as the disappeared user, hereafter SCP-082-JP-1, is wandering around in the extra-dimensional space in search of an accommodation. When asked about information regarding SCP-082-JP and its memories before appearing within the extra-dimensional space, SCP-082-JP-1 either has forgotten them or answers vaguely. No creatures other than SCP-082-JP-1 have been found in the extra-dimensional space. SCP-082-JP-1 fiercely resists against any attempts for bringing it back to the reality. When SCP-082-JP-1 is restrained and forcibly taken to the real world, it dissipates with an unknown, high-temperature vapor upon passing through SCP-082-JP aperture. SCP-082-JP-1 then reappears in the extra-dimensional space within SCP-082-JP and continues to search for accommodation as if nothing had happened.

24 hours after the disappearance of the user, SCP-082-JP-1 begins to walk in a certain direction. Ultimately, SCP-082-JP-1 arrives at a highly deteriorated, six-story structure; a decaying signboard on the rooftop is barely legible with the words 'HOTEL SMILEY FACE' painted on it. This building appears to be the same as in any event caused by SCP-082-JP. All windows have been observed to have lights on, and some rooms also show figures moving behind the windows; it is not clear whether these figures are living organisms or not. The entrance is a revolving glass door, which cannot be opened due to the lack of power supply. SCP-082-JP-1 vanishes at the moment it touches the door, and a shadow in the building is added at the same time. Infiltration attempts by non-anomalous humans, unmanned drones and trained dogs have all failed because a direct attack (e.g., breaking through a window to gain entry, crushing a wall) would cause the building to disappear.

If a new user intending on international travel touches SCP-082-JP, the extra-dimensional space disappears and SCP-082-JP returns to the inactive state. At this point, the humans in the extra-dimensional space will be unable to exit and all communications will be lost. In case the subject is passing through the SCP-082-JP aperture during this time, their body will be bisected. For this reason, all personnel (including those on exploration missions) are required to have no physical contact with SCP-082-JP itself.

SCP-082-JP was purchased by a civilian at a flea market held at ████ Municipal ██████ Junior High School on 20██/██/██. The purchaser's eldest daughter (16 years old) then used SCP-082-JP to visit America for a short-term homestay. Following her disappearance and the emergence of the extra-dimensional space, a Foundation agent embedded in the airline company investigated and recovered SCP-082-JP. Class-B Amnestics were administered to all involved, and the incident itself was treated as an unfortunate accident during the trip. The original owner of SCP-082-JP has not yet been identified.

Addendum: Analysis of the noise in Interview Log 082-3 revealed that the following words were spoken at high speed and in high pitched tones.

Get out get out just get the fuck out I really really want to go tooooooooooo

Investigation into the source of this noise is ongoing.

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