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Item #: SCP-083-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-083-DE is located within Site-DE17 and is secured in a locked metal box with identification of the object. The box is to be monitored by cameras at all times and the security staff is advised to check every hour whether the metal box is secured. The box is to be stored in an illuminated 2 m x 2 m room with two metal doors that measure 9 cm in diameter in thickness. Access to the room is only permitted to the associated security personnel or personnel with a security clearance higher than 3.

Description: SCP-083-DE is a badge of achievement from the Second World War, which was awarded to Germans who belonged to the SS and for extraordinary hard physical work to serve the Reich. Out of respect, the badge is similar to the German SS Sports badge, which was awarded to excellent athletes. The badge is a symbol of physical fitness and radiates this for each of its wearers.

Subjects that put on SCP-083-DE will be able to perform very hard physical tasks and experience only a small amount of pain usually experienced during these tasks. The badge loses its effectiveness 15 minutes after it is discarded by the subject. Tests showed that the badge made the wearer weaker and weaker, but encouraged them to do more work. The weakening of the person lead to the consequence of sudden aggression and violence and a beginning of shift in the behaviour of the wearer. SCP-083-DE should not be worn for more than 5 hours to not encourage the appearance of these symptoms. The badge also makes subjects appear stronger. They do not change physically but appear to be more assertive and trustworthy in the eyes of other surrounding subjects.

Discovery: SCP-083-DE was retrieved on ██/██/19██ by the Main Branch of the Foundation in a house in █████████, Germany. The house was uninhabited and the badge was found between a collection of other German awards. SCP-083-DE was the only anomalous object in the collection. In 19██, SCP-083-DE was given to the German Foundation and has been part of the German database since then.

Addendum: At the current state, the GPR (Germanic Proficiency Runes) badge is extremely rare in the world and can be found in bronze, silver and gold. It is very popular with collectors worldwide.

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