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SCP-084-FR projected on a wall of the city of ████.

Item #: SCP-084-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-084-FR is contained in a cell for humanoids divided into two furnished rooms. SCP-084-FR must never be exposed to sunlight or moonlight (with the exception of experiments), and for this reason, no windows must be installed in its personal space. Because of its willingness to cooperate and its full knowledge of the rules of the Site, SCP-084-FR is allowed to walk freely for 2 hours inside Site-Beth at a frequency of three times a week, after nightfall, and in the company of two security officers.

Description: SCP-084-FR is a Caucasian female currently 24 years old, 5'10" tall and weighing 59kg. It claims to be named "Luna". In appearance, SCP-084-FR shows no anomalous properties, except for the extreme whiteness of its complexion and the numerous tattoos that adorn its arms. SCP-084-FR suffers from sun hypersensitivity and prolonged exposure to daylight can severely burn its skin and leave scars. It generally enjoys living in semi-darkness, except when it manifests its anomalous effects. It is relatively reserved, but readily exchanges with the few personnel whom it considers friends. SCP-084-FR has already expressed a desire to be reunited with "██████", although no one by that name is yet known to the Foundation's intelligence services. It recognizes French as its native language. SCP-084-FR was discovered in the church of ████████, at █████, where it was worshipped by the █████ ██ ██████ sect (now disbanded, Class C amnestics having been injected into its surviving members and witnesses to SCP-084-FR) as a "goddess of the night" due to its anomaly. According to its statement, it was 18 years old at the time.

SCP-084-FR instantly transfers its physical envelope onto any of the nearest supports placed behind it, provided that they are both illuminated by a ray of lunar light. During the attraction, its size changes to adapt to the dimensions of the surface which exerts this force on it. This exposure allows it to "enter" the illuminated material, while maintaining an appearance similar to its own, but whose details vary according to the material concerned. SCP-084-FR is thus able to penetrate any surface in a very short time (it is projected towards the material at a speed impossible to calculate due to its quasi-instantaneousness, but without the slightest shock on impact due to its absorption). SCP-084-FR can only recover its "original" form when it comes into contact with a ray of sunlight (which extracts it from its support, making it fall out of it). SCP-084-FR is no longer affected by its vulnerability to the Sun when it is placed on a material, regardless of its nature. It cannot move on the surface, like a "normal" illustration, but is fully capable of seeing, hearing and feeling what is within its range (within a radius usual to any human being). SCP-084-FR thus adopts a definitive appearance as soon as it is placed on a support, and interacting with it by scribbling notes or reproducing drawings over its own image does not affect it, except that it declares that it "feels ticklish".

SCP-084-FR is initially extremely suspicious of the personnel, so the Foundation has made a promise to it that it will never attempt to tear or otherwise destroy the material on which it is sitting, which it claims could be fatal. Nevertheless, crumpling the sheet of paper that serves as its shelter would have no effect on it, although the personnel in charge of SCP-084-FR's study refuse to do so, as a safety measure. The works produced by SCP-180-FR are deeply disliked by SCP-084-FR, and for this reason the two entities should never be brought into contact.

At the time of its entry on a new flat surface, SCP-084-FR is "contained" there as long as the light of the Sun, even directed on it with the help of reflecting surfaces, does not illuminate its support. The (de)materialization of its body from a material is described "without pain, although it must be impressive, even frightening to observe". SCP-084-FR claims to have the sensation of "existing in 2D" depending on the chosen support, although it is not able to describe it with words. The nature of the support is likely to influence the quality of its depiction.

Attached is a list of the various supports tested and the details of the depiction that SCP-084-FR adopts on each of them

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