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Item #: SCP-086-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-086-JP is cryopreserved in a dual-locked containment chamber in Biological Site-8102. All personnel entering the containment chamber are required to wear protective suits and undergo sterilization upon leaving the chamber. Individuals who entered the chamber are to be quarantined for 7 days to ensure that there is no infection.

One instance of SCP-086-JP-1 is currently contained for a long-term experiment. Food and other supplies are to be provided via robotic arms. Psychological evaluation is to be conducted once a week. Considering the influence on the psychological evaluation, this instance is allowed to request for a few entertainment materials and amenities, which are to be provided accordingly.

In preparation for a possible new outbreak and epidemic of SCP-086-JP, electroencephalography screenings are to be conducted on randomly selected civilians (see document 086-B for details). In the event that an instance of SCP-086-JP-1 is detected, the surrounding area is to be closed and Mobile Task Force れ-6 "The Morticians" is to recover all SCP-086-JP infected individuals and SCP-086-JP-1 instances. Following the recovery, SCP-086-JP-1 instances are to be euthanized and their bodies are to be incinerated.


Note that a fundamental part of our research may have been influenced by SCP-086-JP. — Dr. ████████

SCP-086-JP is a strain of rhinovirus. Like other rhinoviruses, it causes mild common cold symptoms such as headache, nasal congestion, and cough in the early stages of infection. Although it is curable at this stage, more than 90% of infected individuals progress to the next stage.

Approximately one week after infection, the multiplying SCP-086-JP enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain, where it begins to destroy brain tissue. The symptoms consistent with common cold have mostly improved at this stage, and the infected subject may experience only a mild headache. Over about one more week, SCP-086-JP completely destroys the brain tissue. While the subject is no longer symptomatic after this stage, SCP-086-JP remains in their body and can be transmitted to others through their body fluids. Subjects in this condition are designated as SCP-086-JP-1 instances.

Despite the fact that SCP-086-JP-1's brain has been destroyed and has completely lost its functions1, it has retained all of its previous memories, personality, motor skills, and other characteristics. No differences between SCP-086-JP-1 and the pre-infected personality have been noted in any tests, and SCP-086-JP-1 has been determined to respond normally to substances acting on the brain and to physical injuries. A long-term experiment with a D-Class personnel is in progress, and no change has been observed at the time of this writing, even ██ years after their infection. This may be a result of mimicry by SCP-086-JP proliferating in the infected individual's body, especially in the cranium, but it has not been confirmed.

SCP-086-JP was discovered in ████████ when an instance of SCP-086-JP-1 underwent an electroencephalogram test following a traffic accident. Subsequent investigations revealed that ███ residents in the vicinity of ████████ were also SCP-086-JP-1 instances, leading to their containment by the Foundation; all instances were euthanized after the containment. In addition, euthanasia requests were accepted for █ Foundation personnel, including Head Researcher ████████, who were infected with SCP-086-JP in the early stages of their containment, as well as their family members who were confirmed to be infected.

I have no awareness and cannot prove it, but I probably am no longer myself. I appreciate your acceptance of my request. …I'm just sorry for what I did to my family. — Dr. ████████

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