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Item #: SCP-087-CS

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of SCP-087-CS, the Outpost-████-81, a part of Site ██, was built around it. SCP-087-CS is enclosed in a windowless concrete chamber with dimensions of 5m x 5m x 3m. Due to the unexpected growth of SCP-087-CS the dimensions have been changed to 8m x 8m x 8m. The chamber is equipped with 4 automatically darkening security cameras and an opaque security door guarded by 2 guards.

The chamber is to be continuously monitored, for possible damage in the structure, which, in case of discovery, must be reported and repaired immediately. In case this happens too frequently, the dimensions of the chamber must be extended again. No testing on SCP-087-CS or entry to it's chamber is allowed, without permission of the Site Director. All internal repairs are to be done using drones or other remotely controlled devices. Subjects which accidentally see SCP-087-CS must be immediately taken away from the object and locked in quarantine for 1-7 days (according to the length of exposure), until the effects caused by the object pass.

It is strictly forbidden to shine on SCP-087-CS with any light that has a luminous intensity higher than 5 cd (see Experiment Log 087-CS-X). Disobeying this order will lead to immediate termination.

Description: SCP-087-CS is a bright light with a luminous intensity approximately 1███ cd, emitted by an unknown source, levitating roughly 1 meter above the ground, located in Brazil, near [REDACTED]. What the source is, or how it gains energy for emitting this light is currently unknown. Attempts to further examine the source failed because it also emits repulsive energy, which gets exponentially stronger when the source is being approached. Currently, the shortest distance to the source was 0.13 meters, using [REDACTED]. No one was injured during the experiment.

Testing of the light has shown it is a normal, although highly concentrated photon stream with no visible abnormal properties. However, subjects that have directly seen this light reported indescribable happiness and pleasure and they suddenly felt a strong need of approaching the object. Subjects affected are apparently immune to the repulsive energy emitted by SCP-087-CS, as they were able to get parts of their bodies to such proximity of the object, that the body parts couldn’t be seen. At this moment SCP-087-CS emits a flash of light which blinds all onlookers and overloads all present camera systems for the duration of 2-6 seconds. Then the subject disappears, including all records of them. This includes all logs and documents in all forms. People who never met the subject directly will forget him, but people that have known them closely are still going to remember them. It is impossible to nonviolently remove affected subjects from the object. Seeing photographs and recordings of SCP-087-CS doesn’t cause these effects, however, these recordings are to be strongly darkened due to the extremely light intensity of the object. This effect only works on humans.

Prolonged exposure to SCP-087-CS affects materials as well. Materials exposed to it will start to melt away with the speed depending on the light intensity. This process takes hours and in the current state of SCP-087-CS, an object 2 meters away will melt with a speed of approximately 0.1 dm3 per hour. SCP-087-CS stops affecting materials at an approximate distance of 50 meters away from the source. Using current dimensions of the containment chamber the meltaway speed at the closest point of the walls to the source is approximately 0.0025 dm3 per hour.

The most hazardous property of SCP-087-CS is however the ability to "delete" people. When a person is "deleted" by SCP-087-CS, the object will start growing for a duration of approximately 5 hours. According to measurements, the light intensity is increased by 10 % after "deleting" a person. As of writing this document there were █ "deleted" subjects, the light intensity has increased by ██% since the initial discovery.

Suggestions for getting rid of certain SCP objects using SCP-087-CS are currently being rejected due to its unpredictability.

Experiment Log 087-CS-X:
D-215286 was equipped with an 80-watt flood lamp. D-215286 was blindfolded and then entered the containment chamber of SCP-087-CS. The subject was directed towards the SCP-087-CS and was ordered to shine ahead with his flood lamp. Upon contact of the light from the flood lamp with SCP-087-CS, the SCP-087-CS [DATA EXPUNGED], resulted in 2█ casualties and massive damage to the Outpost-████-81. All lights were removed from the outer side of the entrance to the containment chamber.

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