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Item #: SCP-087-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-087-DE is to be contained in a cell measuring 3 m x 3 m x 3 m, that can act as a completely shielding Faraday cage and must be capable of withstanding impacts with at least 30 N of force. In the chamber a security claw ist to be installed in the floor and the ceiling respectively. Those claws must be capable of withstanding at least 30 N of force without bending. They have to hold SCP-087-DE in an alternating pattern but without any interruption for a month. If SCP-087-DE is held by one claw, the other one is to be maintained and inspected for damages

Should SCP-087-DE free itself, it is to be recaptured with steel nets and recontained. Personnel is advised to not stand directly in front of a wall to prevent bruises by SCP-087-DE.

Description: SCP-087-DE is an orb measuring 75 cm in diameter, made of an unknown material. Its weight is unknown because of its unwillingness to be weighed. It is glowing from the inside and possesses an continually changing fog-pattern. Examinations regarding SCP-087-DE's composition were unsuccessful because no method is know with which the object can be damaged. Non-destructive testing methods delivered inconclusive results. How SCP-087-DE generates light and its anomalous effects is unknown.

The object has the ability to glow as well as to float and can exert forces of up to 17 N upon obstacles. It moves relatively slow with maximum velocities of 14 km/h. The object possesses a currently not completely comprehended intelligence and apparently can perceive its surroundings optically and via radar waves.

SCP-087-DE can send out a beam of light that passes through all materials tested until this point and can seemingly only be stopped by SCP-087-DE's intended target. The nature of this beam is unknown as the object could not be compelled to use it on radiation sensors for research. Attempts to simply hold such sensors into the beam path yielded no results, indicating, that the energy of the beam passes solid as well as liquid matter not intended as a target without interaction. It is currently presumed that SCP-087-DE in doing so emits a at the moment unknown kind of radiation that excites air molecules so that they start producing light. The object only uses this beam if it encounters objects and lifeforms it has never seen before. Radiated objects and lifeforms are not harmed by the exposure.

The object can communicate via radio waves and seemingly only reacts to communication attempts via radio, since communication approaches with writing and different sign languages were ignored. Additionally, SCP-087-DE is capable of emitting a concentrated, omnidirectional impulse of neutrinos. It demonstrated this property only during Incident 087-DE-2.

Discovery: SCP-087-DE was found in 1993 during the mining of obsidian in the Garsebacher Schweiz in Saxony, German. According to testimonies the object first flew through the air in erratic patterns, then "screened" all objects and persons in the near vicinity and then ascended towards the sky were it remained in a height of around 2000 m. Die Foundation became aware of the object because of the following coverage by the news and enacted a censoring of the media and the amnestication of witnesses before information of the incident could spread beyond the county of Meißen. With the aid of a helicopter, SCP-087-DE could then be driven towards the ground and into an armored vehicle, fixated with extensive use of duct tape and taken into custody.

Incident 087-DE-1: The object had been stored in the sector for Safe anomalies, which was about to be renovated in 2010. Therefore, the object had to be temporarily moved to another containment cell. Because SCP-087-DE had never reacted on attempts at communication until this point despite emitting radio waves, and was therefore not capable of communication according to to the general opinion of that time, it was unknowingly stored in the reception range of a WLAN router and connected to it after two weeks. The AI KIRA, responsible for IT security, noted this intrusion immediately and tried to remove the object from the network.

Incident 087-DE-2: Incident 087-DE-2 also happened in 2010, when SCP-087-DE was interviewed after the re-establishment of its containment.

"We have to assume that SCP-087-DE radioed its homeworld. Sadly, the message couldn't be deciphered in the slightest because our neutrino detectors can only absorb a very small number of neutrinos. That we are aware of this transmission despite this shows us that the message was gigantic. I am hoping that SCP-087-DE didn't articulate itself correctly, but we should prepare for an visit that is coming somewhen."
Dr. Reinhardt, specialist for cryptography und AIs

Addendum 087-DE-1: Only a few days after Incident 087-DE-2, unusual activities were observed in the asteroid belt of the solar system. Some of the bigger asteroids have started to heat up considerately and radio waves were received which indicate encoded information. The preparations for a space mission to investigate these events are still ongoing. A transfer of SCP-087-DE to Site-DE23 is being considered.

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