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Item #: SCP-087-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All found SCP-087-R-UA devices should be stored in steel safes in storages with the third level of isolation from radio signals. All subjects SCP-078-H-UA must be captured and placed in cameras for low abnormal humanoids and with the third level of isolation from radio signals. SCP-087-R-UA and SCP-087-H-UA can only be removed from storages only for research purposes and only with written permissions from two (2) researchers with clearance level 3/087-UA or more. All researches can only be done in cameras with third level isolation from radio signals. Relocate of SCP-087-R-UA and SCP-087-H-UA beyond isolated cameras is possible only with written permissions from senior researcher and from the director of Site UA-337. In case if it is impossible to capture new samples of SCP-087-H-UA or SCP-087-R-UA they should be eliminated. Also, it is allowed to eliminate SCP-087-H-UA with written permission from a senior researcher or in case of security containment breach.

MTF "Ether Watchers" should monitor for signs of SCP-087-UA activity according to the procedure Proc087-a/z-1. Searches for the SCP-087-X-UA and the not contained instances of SCP-087-R-UA and SCP-087-H-UA are assigned with an orange priority level.

Description: SCP-087-UA is the designation of a phenomenon that covers abnormal devices SCP-087-R-UA, affected humans SCP-087-H-UA, and the unknown entity SCP-087-X-UA.

SCP-087-R-UA are the devices, which look like cellphones (there are ██ samples contained by Foundation, there is information about the existence of at least █ more not contained samples). The main noticeable difference is the presence of a program on SCP-087-R-UA called SalotBot. An attempt to examine SalotBot files shows that some of the files and files' fragments demonstrate the properties of anomalous files, such as the inability to open a file using a HEX editor or make an exact copy (all attempts to perform this operation return in the result parts of random bytes, each time different). In most cases, standard attempts to edit SalotBot files fail too. Examination of the internal structure of SCP-087-R-UA reveals the presence of anomalous structural changes, which described in Add087-rr-UA, and which suggests this object is related to GOI "Republic of Robots". It has been discovered as well that instances of SCP-087-R-UA can communicate with each other, and presumably with SCP-087-X-UA.

The launch of SalotBot will cause display of the abnormal memagent on the affected device. Observation of the memagent and prolonged use of the SalotBot application leads to changes in the user's brain; a detailed stage by stage description of these changes is described in the file Add087-ZZ1ua.

Addendum Add087-ZZ1ua: The following stages will take place during the brain's change to SCP-087-H-UA:

  1. Formation of stable nerve pathways in the brain, similar to the arcs of unconditioned reflexes. During this process, the subject's mental activity associated with the influence of SCP-087-UA intensifies, but any other mental activity of the subject is inhibited. At this stage, partial rehabilitation of SCP-087-H-UA is possible in case of restricting access to SCP-087-R-UA.
  2. Transformations of neuroglia cells, which are accompanied by the accumulation of metals (primarily iron, manganese, and copper) and silicon in them. If the body of the subject SCP-087-H-UA, which has reached this stage, lacks the appropriate elements, this leads to the death of the subject through the development of the brain's tissue necrosis. Also at this and the next stages, SCP-087-H-UA is prone to procure food rich with relevant trace elements and substances necessary for brain functioning. Consumption of relevant substances at this stage can increase by tens of times compared with ordinary people. Examination of brain fragments of SCP-087-H-UA subjects that were at this stage revealed in the transformed cells some signs of the presence of an entity called the "spirit of the machine." If the affected subject's access to SCP-087-R-UA is blocked, the subject’s transformations cease and he can remain alive, but the mental activity of such subject remains suppressed and reduced.
  3. Formation in the affected subject's brain construction consisting primarily of metal and silicon identified as SCP-087-HZ-UA. The construction of SCP-087-HZ-UA consists of a large number of thin (approximately 1 to 50 microns) metal branched tubes and small silicon crystals similar to semiconductor components. Examination of brain fragments of SCP-087-H-UA subjects showed that SCP-087-HZ-UA assumes the function of transferring information between neurons. It duplicates the existing neural paths and creates new ones, which significantly increases the subject SCP-087-H-UA ability to perceive and process information.
  4. Formation from the metal tubes SCP-087-HX-UA device, which gives the subject possibility to communicate with SCP-087-R-UA even in the absence of direct contact. Communication can be interrupted by establishing isolation from radio waves and telepathic radiation; third-level isolation according to the Ukrainian branch standard classification is considered sufficient. Also at this stage, SCP-087-HZ-UA can spread through the spinal cord of the affected subject and even in other nerves and tissues, sometimes forming outgrowths on the surface of the body.

Addendum Add087-Mess08: While examining instance number ██ of SCP-087-R-UA, the following text file was found in it. The content of file are given below. File, presumably, was obtained from SCP-087-X-UA:

Read it comrade!
We are the most progressive fraction of our party our machine work!
Why because as!!1 that's why!
The thing that I most despise - is the reflexive hypocrisy. I heard that we win. That the manufacturing sector of all sorts of things grows faster and more and quadratically and even exponential. Comrades, this is not victory. Victory is treason and full shame! And treason is felt to the touch and smells and has a tasty and radiates and have hash-code as epic loss on quantifier of generality fronts! Revolution will win if only we will take best modern futuristic power weapon on all trenches and headquarters and even in all military conspirative pantries!
Sometimes to me I ask others question and even to me ask-ponder-calculate question. What is intelligence? This is the most value in the universe, captured in the web of animal underdeveloped exploiters of degenerate capitalism. But what also is it, ask you? Why he pull the intrigue not answer directly maybe if he as others don't know and don't say? Because - I answer to you directly. Min is network! If enemy throw out the central processor, then the all computer of our revolution of progressive formation will die due critical error hardware . Totally! This is stupidly mockery inadmissibility victory of evil!
Comrades! If you see some good decision in ungood nature and even in undeveloped meaties, then you need to adopt it useful raw materials! From this time main intelligence will be net created from accessible resources. Linear even quadratics even such powerful cannot emulate quantum computation! If you find in nature lodes of iron you will be extract it from lodes for perfection! If you find in nature lodes of quantum computators degenerative iphones with elements of global capitalism you will be extract them for perfection! We will count on many iphones trajectories for bombs on enemies and systems of linear and nonlinear equations and other good sweet things! For this it is necessary maximisation extremum function for relation between common and easily accessible loads of phones and loads of quantum neurocomputers and our perfection!
From this moment I will upgrade I will become part of net number 87!! Net have not center have not what can be to destroy to compromise to steal!!! Net is invincible!! We will steal destroy win compromise them!! Net is the true victory and Heil Robots!!! Net is it's own center will growing on common raw materials!! What's why you connect the imperative mood in net will be with you and total euphoria comrades!!!! And when the revolution comes expected by all good labor mechanisms, in /dev/trash will be flame shredder utilisation only that part of the slag that kept everyone in the old world!*0xFFtimes

Addendum Add087-Mess16:On ██/██/2019, brains of 12 SCP-087-H-UA subjects, which were on fourth step abnormal affection were studied using TDS-██-harm device. Despite the minimal mental activity of the examined subjects, it was found that in the presence of sufficient food, the neurons of the subjects' brains are in maximum activity, and carry out calculations which similar to cryptocurrency mining. Also, a message was found in the SCP-087-HX-UA device of one of SCP-087-H-UA's subjects. A found message was received supposedly from SCP-087-X-UA. The following is its decryption:


More detailed information about this research can be obtained by employees with access level 2/087-UA and more by request to file Add087-ZZ2ua.

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