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Exposure of SCP-088-FR-3 to SCP-088-FR.

Item #: SCP-088-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The one and only known access to SCP-088-FR, located in ███████, deep within the natural park of ██████████, is obscured by Site-██ known by the general public as a professional caving facility. Only personnel with Level 3 clearance, as well as Class D personnel with a written waiver from Dr. Carter, are allowed access to SCP-088-FR for the purpose of testing. No attempt to directly discover the source of SCP-088-FR should be undertaken due to its properties. The SCP-088-FR location is classified as a protected area; no excavation is to be expected. Researchers are required to keep a safe distance of 10 m from the SCP-088-FR location.

Description: SCP-088-FR is a ray of light, of unknown origin, whose beam measures 48 m in diameter; it is located in an underground cavity of approximately 240 m in height, situated at 580 m of depth. The origin of this source of light is unknown, but it illuminates continuously the cave, day and night, without that the diameter of the luminous circle does not increase or decrease. Surface investigations carried out above the location of SCP-088-FR have shown that it could not be an artificial or natural light.

Stairs, carved into the rock, lead up to SCP-088-FR. In addition, characters in Hebrew, Latin, Greek and ancient Egyptian are inscribed along the wall next to the steps (see Addendum 088-A). These works are several centuries old, and do not seem to have been affected by time to any significant degree.

If an individual, whose past is loaded with one or more crimes such as murder or torture of a human being, is placed in the area of the SCP-088-FR beam, they will be designated as SCP-088-FR-1. The partial or full exposure of the SCP-088-FR-1 body to the light will then instantly cause a 3th degree burn, whose intensity seems to grow every second, until it reaches the 4th degree. The skin will first redden, then turn black and crack, the muscle mass of the individual will melt, and their bones will be charred. The event thus described occurs in about ten seconds. Once SCP-088-FR-1 is exposed to SCP-088-FR, they will seem unable to move out of the light beam, and will generally fall to their knees while trying to protect their face with their hands, as if they were blinded. The exposure of a single limb to the light will first ignite that same part of the body, before spreading and consuming the entire individual leaving no chance of survival for SCP-088-FR-1 in 100% of the cases.

If an individual is guilty of several crimes such as theft, adultery, hypocrisy, damage to property, and any other act that harms others, then that person will be designated as SCP-088-FR-2. SCP-088-FR-2's exposure to SCP-088-FR will dry out his body in a few moments by intense heat, which will result in the subject's fainting (in 24% of the observed cases) or will be fatal due to the considerable dehydration it causes.

Note: Impurity by thought also seems to be a motive that guides the fate of SCP-088-FR subjects.

In the case of a human individual who has never committed any crimes or misdemeanors, of little blame, or who has shown themselves to be particularly benevolent to others on many occasions during their lives, whether through forgiveness, generosity, love, or other virtues, they are designated as SCP-088-FR-3. This individual, if they place themselves in the beam, will immediately be surrounded by a white light, described by the subjects as "soft" and "pleasant", and will be immersed at the same time in a state of quietude and extreme serenity. After about fifteen seconds, SCP-088-FR-3 will be changed themselves in pure light, and will be immediately attracted in the direction of the SCP-088-FR source in a fraction of seconds, leaving no trace of their passage.

Note: Only Class-D employees who were political prisoners or refugees (recruited under Protocol-12) were affected by the 3rd scenario.

Notes: "Some inscriptions refer to a group of individuals who would have settled in this place several centuries ago, named "The Order of the Light". Their members would have used it as a sanctuary or a base of operations. I would like to see more in-depth research into this organization." - Dr. H. Carter

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